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The letter from Pettenon Cosmetics

The letter from Pettenon Cosmetics

More than 20 Italian companies which are part of the excellence of the ‘professional products for hairdressers’ sector, have promptly reacted to the postponed announcement of the reopening of the salons with a joint statement addressed to President Conte sent in recent days. Between these Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A., a company subject to the direction and coordination of Agf88 Holding, which has been operating in the beauty market for over seventy years.

The communiqué expresses bewilderment at a decision that seems not to take into account the economic reality of a sector already hard hit by two months of total inactivity.

“The hairdressers on the Italian territory – reads the letter – also with the help and consultation of our companies, are get ready and ready to go scrupulously following the various protocols of disinfection of premises, maintenance of safety distances, reduction of workstations, supply and use of personal protective equipment also for customers, carrying out activities only by appointment, and so on … “

Review Federico Pegorin, CEO of Pettenon Cosmetics: “For some time now, the category of hairdressers was used touse of protective devices which gloves, which were worn for all technical services. Expanding its use in everyday life will be an almost natural step, as will all those actions that hairdressers will do for a correct approach to customers to ensure maximum safety. As a company we immediately worked on the development of sanitizing products: for some of our brands we offer turnkey packages consisting of hand sanitizer and dispenser for dispensing, sanitizing for surfaces and protective masks or visors. This is to give the Salone serenity to have a reliable partner at your side and aligned with the new situation “.

The over 20 signatory companies also present the alarming data that are already gripping the hairdressing sector which, from a further generalized closure, could receive a fatal blow with occupational consequences and social consequences easily imaginable.

“It is also good to remember that – continues the letter – thanks to the world of hair care and the beauty of people they manage to find work and livelihood over 250 thousand employees. And companies that, in addition to producing and marketing products and equipment, create many promotional and training initiatives; thanks also to a sales network made up of thousands of sales agents who are now facing a dramatic contingency “.

The final invitation to the government is therefore to “have a broader look and make a synthesis between public health needs and working needs, making it possible well before June to reopen the salons, at least in those areas where there is less pandemic danger … “

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