The Latest Trends In the Beer Industry

Latest Trends In the Beer Industry

The beer industry is always evolving. New things come about in the field every year. 2020 is no exception, as this list shows.

The Hazy IPA Grows

The hazy India pale ale or IPA is a mix of citrus hops that produces a slightly fruity tone. Such unfiltered beers have become increasingly popular.

The Focus on Craft Malt

Craft malt has become essential to the beer industry. Brewers are beginning to notice that while the hops produce a distinct tone to the beer, the malt is the main base. While the hops might have been the focal point of the beer industry for years, malt will become more critical to brewers in 2020 and beyond. Except to see an increase in craft malt production in the future.

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A Look At Non-Alcoholic and Low-Calories Choices

Not all people who enjoy beer these days are looking for ones that are overly filling. They want beers with fewer calories. Some people also want non-alcoholic beer products for various reasons, whether it entails medical concerns or people being designated drivers. With that in mind, more of these low-cal and NA beers will come about in the future.

What About Low-ABV?

Low-ABV or alcohol by volume beers will also grow in popularity. A low-ABV beer qualifies as having under 5 percent ABV. Such beer products are expected to be popular among people who have more active lifestyles. They want to partake in beer consumption, but they don’t want anything that has too much alcohol to where the body might wear out.

Don’t Forget High-ABV

The high-ABV industry is going to become more of specialized industry. Don’t expect to see lots of high-ABV beers in the future, although they may be more appealing products. These include high-end luxury beer products with ABV totals of 25 percent or greater. Of course, these beer products might not be available in all states, as there are limits on how much alcohol could be made available in certain forms.

CBD Is Rising

People have been hearing about CBD in recent years. CBD or cannabinoid is a compound from the cannabis plant that does not trigger psychotropic effects like THC does.

CBD is prominent for how it relaxes the body. But it has only been recently that people have discovered how useful CBD is, what with many forms of hemp being increasingly legal. CBD is getting into just about everything in today’s market. Don’t be surprised if CBD gets into the beer industry in the near future.

Enjoying Dessert Stouts

Dessert stouts could also be a vital part of the beer industry in the future. Dessert beers are appealing for being a little sweeter than other beers, not to mention they are stronger. These beers are reserved to the end of the day. Expect more dessert stouts to be made available, especially as people try to produce stouts with different flavor tones.

The stout would be the main form of these dessert beers thanks to its design. A stout features a thick body and a rich tone.

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