Largest Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet In The World Just Emptied Of Nearly $1B

Bitcoin Wallet: A digital Bitcoin wallet that was, until very recently, recognized as the largest wallet of its kind with an anonymous allocation is now nearly $ 1 billion empty of cryptocurrency after transferring that money to two other separate accounts – which, as it happens, are also anonymous, according to a recent Tech Radar story.

The first transfer was for 5,000 BTC, which, at the time it was made, had a total value of nearly $ 46 million, while the second, more significant, involved 96,857 BTC, with a value of just over $ 887 million. The second transfer recipient account is now the second richest in the world, anonymous or not, behind that controlled by the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange.

largest anonymous bitcoin wallet in the world just emptied of nearly $1b
largest anonymous bitcoin wallet in the world just emptied of nearly $1b

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Most of the wealthiest Bitcoin wallets are controlled by high-level crypto exchanges like Huobi, but when the sending wallet in question was created in April this year, it drew attention to the large transfer of funds. who made it among the richest on the planet. Due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, we may never know who sent or received these large amounts, or even whether the portfolios are controlled by larger individuals or groups. But some have speculated that notable Bitcoin investors like the Winklevoss twins could control the portfolio that recently transferred so much wealth to other accounts.

This speculation also includes the theory that the accounts of the sender and the recipient are controlled by the same person or the same people, but theories as to why they would want to transfer such large sums are rare.

An automated tracker of cryptocurrency transactions reported transfers in late June. In case you need another reason to be annoyed by your bank, the total costs and transfer fees related to the transactions amounted to 48 cents.

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