The Flash’s Official Name For Restoring Pre-Crisis Memories

Team Flash’s pre-Crisis memories were restored following the multiverse reboot last year. A new device does the job and it finally has a name.

The Flash has given an official name to the device that is capable of restoring one’s pre-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” memories. In season 7’s fourth episode, called “Central City Strong,” Abra Kadabra returns to wreak havoc on Barry Allen’s home. However, the villain comes back from the 64th century with a device that can restore the memories that were lost when the multiverse was rebooted during the five-episode crossover. Now, this device has finally been given a name. 

Following the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Supergirl’s Earth-38 and Black Lightning’s world merged with The Flash, Arrow, and Batwoman’s earth to become Earth-Prime. While the rest of the population’s memories only reflected the changes that came along with their new lives, the Arrowverse superheroes and their respective teams’ memories were restored to pre- and post-”Crisis” mode with the help of Martian Manhunter’s powers. In the case of Abra Kadabra, the antagonist had stolen a device to reinstate the memories he lost from the life he had before “Crisis.” This device is officially called the Martian Memory Restorer. 

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While Abra Kadabra picked up the Martian Memory Restorer at The Flash museum in the future, it was actually designed by Cisco Ramon in the present, no doubt created to reflect the same powers employed by the Martian Manhunter himself. Abra Kadabra confirms the tech genius did, in fact, make the device he stole. The device more easily streamlines the memory restoration process without having to call upon the Supergirl hero every time. Notably, the Martian Memory Restorer was used in the “Green Arrow and the Canaries” backdoor pilot episode that aired during Arrow’s final season. At that point, however, the device hadn’t been given a name. 

the flash martian memory restorer

To be sure, the Martian Memory Restorer proved useful and Cisco probably created it as a way to help him document all the changes made to Earth-Prime following the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” In The Flash season 6, Cisco devoted himself to finding the anomalies in the world due to the Anti-Monitor’s tampering with the multiverse. He noted changes with regards to villains and other noteworthy differences, likely employing the Martian Memory Restorer while in Atlantis. That said, it’s unclear when exactly Cisco created the device as it’s only been recently confirmed that he did. The rest of Team Flash had no idea he’d done so and wondered why he needed to do it — Cisco cuts himself off from giving a full explanation, one that hints he gave the Martian Memory Restorer to Laurel, who restores Mia Queen’s memories in 2040.

The Flash and Arrow’s use of the Martian Memory Restorer suggests most people are probably better off not knowing what their lives were like before the multiverse collapsed and shortly rebooted thereafter. In the case of Abra Kadabra, knowing the family he’d had and lost made him more unhinged and angry, wanting to inflict the same pain on The Flash. Similarly, Mia was frustrated that Laurel would give her back such dark memories from a life she didn’t previously know about. While remembering something Abra Kadabra couldn’t bring back into existence was painful, it’s at least good to know the name of the Martian Memory Restorer, where it ended up, and the full extent of its capabilities.

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