The Flash Writer Confirms Wally West is Here To Stay

Wally West has had a rough go of it since returning in DC Rebirth, but new Flash writer Jeremy Adams says better days are ahead for Wally!

Spoilers for The Flash #768 ahead!

Ever since his return to the DC Universe at the dawn of the Rebirth era, Wally West has had a rough go of it, but new Flash writer Jeremy Adams has promised brighter days are ahead for Wally and his family. For West fans, this is the best possible news.

Wally began his career as Kid Flash, sidekick to Barry Allen. When Barry died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally assumed the mantle of the Flash, a position he held until Allen returned. This version of Wally was erased from the timeline at the start of the New 52, replaced by a younger version. Wally would make his proper return in DC Rebirth #1, where he warned the heroes that Doctor Manhattan had been the true architect of the New 52 Universe. From there, he would resume his career as the Flash, but found himself at the center of tragedy during Heroes in Crisis, which has led many of Wally’s heroic colleagues to view him as a murderer. After the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wally’s full existence has been restored, and it appears that Wally’s day of agony and angst is behind him.

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Fans who have been clamoring for Wally’s return to The Flash will not be disappointed, as Adams, a huge West fan himself, has stated (via GamesRadar) that after the initial arc is over, Barry will move onto bigger and better things, namely the Justice Incarnate. Barry’s absence will allow Wally to grow back into being the Flash again. Interestingly enough, Adams’ first issue–#768, begins with Wally quitting being the Flash, wanting to spend more time with his family – so it will be fascinating to see how that story unfolds. Adams understands that fans of West have not been happy with the character’s treatment over the last decade, but assures them the book will be fun, and that better day are on the horizon for Wally.

Barry Allen and Wally West Hug DC Rebirth

For a generation of Flash fans, Wally was their Flash. Part of Wally’s appeal for fans was watching him try to live up to his predecessor’s legacy, and ultimately succeeding, only to have that development completely wiped away. The character did return, only to go through hell and back. Fans of West are justified in being wary, but under Adams’ stewardship, it looks as if those days are behind him.

The Flash #768 is on sale now in print and digital.

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