The Flash Season 7 Travels Back to the ’90s in Episode 6

A trailer for The Flash season 7, episode 6, “The One With The Nineties” teases Cisco Ramon and Chester P. Runk getting stuck in the titular decade.

A trailer for the next episode of The Flash season 7 has been released — hilariously teasing that Cisco Ramon and Chester P. Runk will find themselves trapped in the 1990s. After appearing on episodes of Arrow, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen received a solo Arrowverse show in 2014. Played by Carlos Valdes, Cisco first appeared in the pilot episode. Despite frequent rumors regarding his departure, both character and actor have remained a firm presence on Team Flash ever since. Initially, a metahuman, Cisco gave up his innate powers and became Mecha-Vibe. Played by Brandon McKnight, Chester was a relatively new addition, with the technological whiz joining in The Flash season 6 before being upgraded to a regular.

After defeating Mirror Monarch (Efrat Dor) and concluding lingering threads, The Flash season 7 saw the emergence of several new threats. These included the Hulk-like Fuerza and the fear-based villain known as Psych (Ennis Esmer). The Flash season 7, episode 5, “Fear Me” also marked the arrival of the Speed Force in the guise of Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison). Severely weakened, she revealed that she had been attacked by Fuerza and Psych. Furthermore, it stated that they were “just like her“. As such, they were no doubt connected to the Arrowverse versions of the Still, Strength, and Sage Forces that had been unleashed.

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With two of them having sent forth physical manifestations, it was only a matter of time before the third emerged. Based on a new trailer from The CW, that will occur sooner rather than later. In the new footage, Cisco and Chester were seen caught up in a wave of mysterious energy. Soon after, they quickly realized that they had been transported to the 1990s. Based on a Blockbuster sign, they were specifically dropped in 1998. Amid Saved by the Bell-style symbols and a change of attire to blend in, Cisco and Chester resolve to return to the present and protect the returned Nora Allen version of the Speed Force. Check out the trailer below:

Ordinarily, such themes have been the domain of Legends of Tomorrow. Though it focused on being stuck in various recreated shows, Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 13, “The One Where We Are Trapped On TV” was even similarly titled. Both were obviously designed to evoke Friends — which can lend itself to parodies of both TV and the era. Still, The Flash will no doubt be different enough to be amusing in its own right. It has always been packed with pop culture references. The trailer already made clear that the upcoming episode will be no exception. Given the fondness for nostalgia-infused content recently, The Flash season 7, episode 6, “The One With The Nineties” will likely be extremely pleasing for fans.

The episode will also no doubt further The Flash in a number of interesting ways. Firstly, as teased by their brief Fortnite-based interaction in the past, the duo already had the makings of a fan-favorite dynamic. The new episode will evidently be a hilarious realization of that potential. Equally, it’ll be a surprisingly tense affair to see if and how they can return to the present — and without wrinkling the timeline. They won’t be able to simply rely on The Flash, who wouldn’t know where to find them and has consistently tried to avoid time travel after such events as Flashpoint. Furthermore, though technical geniuses, both Chester and Cisco will probably be hampered by the limited technology of the era. Between all of that and the closing tease of a startling new villain, the trailer has promised much to anticipate.

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The Flash season 7, episode 6, “The One With The Nineties” airs April 6, 2021, on The CW.

: The CW

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