The Flash is Teaming Up With DC’s Newest Hybrid Hero

In The Flash #768, DC’s new hybrid hero from Future State returns to help Wally West, whose stuck in the body of Bart Allen aka Impulse!

Warning! Spoilers for The Flash #768 below!

In The Flash #768, Wally West meets DC’s newest hybrid hero Gold Beetle, in the future! In the issue, Wally is unexplainably transferred into a pre-historic speedster’s body. This occurred after he and Barry Allen, the Flash, attempted to sever his connection to the Speed Force. All readers know is it has something to do with the Speed Force, and that Wally is being sent on some form of a quest. The meaning behind the Speed Force’s actions remains shrouded in mystery.

However, one thing is certain by the end of the issue: Wally’s in a new body of a different speedster – none other than Bart Allen aka Impulse, in the far future. He’s at least happy that he’s in someone familiar, yet he remains confused about what’s happening. Barry suggests that he finds a way of time traveling back to the present so that they can figure out what’s happening in the same room.

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In The Flash #768 by Jeremy Adams, Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, and Luis Guerrero, Wally West meets the hybrid hero Gold Beetle. A mix of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, they are a descendant of the two heroes. Combining their legacy to create a newfound superhero persona, Gold Beetle is a time traveler from the future. She played a big part in DC’s recent Future State event, aiding Black Adam in their final bid to save the DC universe in the distant future.

It’s likely Bart, whose body is currently occupied by Wally, has an already established relationship with the new hybrid hero. This can be inferred by looking at the issue’s final page where Gold Beetle screams out his name, as the Dominators attack! The Dominators are a race of aliens with a somewhat wealthy history linked to the future and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Therefore, it’s a possibility that some Legion members might show up, consider their history. Additionally, there’s a chance that in this version of the future, Impulse and Gold Beetle are members too.

Ultimately, it’s exciting to see Gold Beetle being introduced into DC’s main continuity as they only recently debuted in Future State. Also, her status as a descendant of Booster Gold makes it likely that she could aid Wally West with his need to time travel. In the next issue of The Flash, we’ll get to explore the duo’s relationship more, whilst finding out about the reasoning for them being attacked by a Dominator. The Flash #768 is available in comic book shops and on digital platforms now.

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