The Flash Adds Young Barry Allen Actor, Derry Girls Star & Internet Personality Rudy Mancuso

With production now underway, The Flash is slowly rounding out its supporting cast adding newcomer Ian Loh as the young version of the Scarlet Speedster, with Derry Girls star Saoirse-Monica Jackson and internet personality Rudy Mancuso cast in undisclosed roles. They join Office Space star Ron Livingston who will replace Billy Crudup as Barry Allen’s father.

The addition of Ian Loh as a young Barry Allen adds further weight to the idea that The Flash will take a lot of inspiration from the comic book arc The Flashpoint Paradox, which sees the Fastest Man Alive travel back in time in an attempt to save his mother, who was murdered during Barry Allen’s childhood.

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Of course, messing with timelines so rarely works out well, and Barry’s meddling finds him emerging in a much bleaker alternate universe in which the Amazons and Atlanteans are involved in an all-out war that has left the planet destroyed. This alternate version of the DC universe finds Bruce Wayne dead, killed at the hands of the same criminal who murders his parents in the original timeline, which leads to Thomas Wayne taking up the mantle of Batman, and applying his own, more violent tactics.

Not much is yet officially known about The Flash, but what we do know for sure is that it will explore the idea of the multiverse, with director Andy Muschietti confirming that The Flash is “inclusive in the sense that it is saying all that you’ve seen exists, and everything that you will see exists, in the same unified multiverse.”

Ezra Miller will reprise the title role alongside Kiersey Clemons, who was recently confirmed to be returning as Iris West. The Young and the Restless star Sasha Calle has also signed on to play Supergirl, with Maribel Verdú recently cast as Barry’s mother, Nora.

Much like The Flashpoint Paradox, The Flash will also reportedly feature several different iterations of Batman, with Ben Affleck reprising the role for the Bruce Wayne who exists in the main timeline. It was also previously reported that Michael Keaton would also return to the role of Batman after all these years, likely for the alternate version of The Dark Knight, but the actor has now sprinkled some cold water on the idea.

“I am needing a minute to think about it because I’m so fortunate and blessed, I got so much going on now,” Keaton said recently about his potential return for The Flash. “I’m really into work right now. I don’t know why, but I am, and so, yeah, I mean, you know, to tell you the truth, somewhere on my iPad is an iteration of the whole Flash thing that I haven’t had time yet…I called them and said, I have to be honest with you. I can’t look at anything right now. I’m so deep into this thing I’m doing.”

Ultimately, for Keaton to consider suiting up again, it will all depend on the quality of the script and scheduling. “Also, I’m prepping a thing I’m producing and getting ready to do down the road in the fall that I’ll be in, and I feel responsible to that,” he said. “So, yeah, there is that. I’m not being cute or coy. If I talked about it, I’ll be just bullsh*tting you. I don’t really know. I have to look at the last draft.”

The Flash is scheduled to hit screens on November 4th, 2022. This comes to us courtesy of Variety.

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