The Final Elimination & A Top Four is Chosen

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the top four is chosen after the queens say which one of them should go home and why. Who misses the final four?

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race the top four is chosen, and Olivia Lux is left on the outside looking in. For a season that feels like it has been on since 2015, it is a shock to realize we are almost at the end. This week, the dolls perform a painstakingly long acting challenge and one last queen is eliminated before the finale.

There is no mini-challenge in this episode. Instead, the queens are visited by Scarlett Johansson via video call. There is truly nothing funnier than watching an A-List actress describe the craft of acting. It’s always something like, “Acting is playing pretend. There is a script and you have to say the lines and mean them. Do you guys get it?” This is the equivalent of the Natalie Portman Masterclass where she essentially just says “Try things! Be YOU. Throw things.”

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After getting some comically unhelpful advice from ScarJo, the dolls fight for their roles in the acting challenge. In a comedy sketch, some roles are better than others and this year Symone is not happy with the character she must play. She references the trajectory of the House of Avalon on this show. Symone’s sister Gigi Goode had a similar arc on Drag Race. Symone and Gigi both did well out the gate and then sputtered once the finish line was in view. Symone breaks down in the confessional booth about the amount of pressure she feels. It’s shocking to see because until recently she has completely dominated this season.

The producers of this show seem to have really taken the fan criticism into account when it comes to the make-up mirror section. The queens are expressing themselves in a way that does not feel like trauma porn. This episode’s make-up mirror has the queens referencing who they saw on TV as kids and Gottmik points out that he didn’t see anyone like him on TV. The few trans men he did see were very masculine and that didn’t reflect Gottmik’s experience. The whole vibe of this cast of queens feels very easy and authentic. Kudos to casting.

On the runway, Symone is perfection once again. To quote the Spice Girls, she is indeed giving us everything. Rosé looks awesome in a sixties mod pocket lewk. Olivia Lux looks pretty and predictable. The colors look good on her, but this is the same style Forever 21 dress we have seen on her several times before. And is that wig line a math question on the SAT test? Because it is hard! Earlier in the episode, Gottmik expresses how much Rosé has grown throughout the competition and this recapper would have to agree! Rosé started having m0re fun mid-season and it made her a stronger competitor. Kandy Muse looks like Kate Gosselin fell into her children’s pile of laundry if all eight of them had completely different styles. This lewk is truly hideous. Gottmik once again shuts it down with a fun reference and a stunning outfit. It is so silly and the construction of the dress made out of gold watches is inspired.

The acting challenge is so somehow longer than the season. It often feels as though there are four great jokes written into these sketches and for some reason, they spread them out over 36 pages.

RuPaul asks the fateful question “who should go home tonight and why?” Everyone says Olivia except for Olivia who says Kandy after the longest wait in herstory. Olivia is adorable but the cutesy act stopped being fun five episodes ago. Drag queens can be nice and fierce and exciting. Drag is one of the few staples of gay culture for grown people. We do not go to bars to see someone do a 12-year-old character.

Rosé wins the challenge this week which puts her at three total wins. Her runway was great and she did well in the challenge but this felt like Gottmik’s week. The bottom two are Kandy Muse and Olivia Lux. Neither of them deserves to be in the top four but Kandy delivers a much better lipsync than Olivia. Olivia tries to make this moment all about sisterhood and Kandy gives us drag. She is in it to win it. Olivia Lux sashays away. It should be a top-three this season and honestly every season, but alas we have a top-four and only one episode left.

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