The Fastest Ways to Collect Gold Bars (Week 5 Challenge)

A Fortnite Season 6 Week 5 Legendary Quest requires players to earn a total of 5,000 gold bars in one week. Some NPC quests can speed this up.

Gold bars are one of the last in-game currencies to add Fortnite, and they can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades and even hire NPCs as bodyguards during a match. Gold bars were added in Epic Games’ hugely popular Battle Royale Season 5, and they’ve since become a staple game mechanic. To earn gold bars faster, Fortnite fans will need to speak with one of the 46 NPCs found on the map and accept and complete quests for them. In week 5 of season 6, one of the legendary quests requires players to earn 5,000 gold bars in the week. While not particularly difficult to do, it can take some time. However, if players strategically select which NPC quests to complete, they should be able to complete the entire challenge within a few matches.

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To earn gold bars in Fortnite faster, players can prioritize NPC quests that require them to complete simple tasks, like gathering a certain number of materials or destroying a certain number of objects around the map. Quests like these typically pay between 80 and 120 gold bars each and only take a few seconds to surrender. The best NPCs to work with to farm Gold Bars in a single match are Kyle, Sash Sergeant, Power Chord, and Slurp Jonesy. Repeating certain quests in each match will allow players to quickly accumulate the required harvest of gold bars. Here’s how to earn Gold Bars fast and complete all levels of the Week 5 Legendary Challenge in Fortnite Season 6.

How to complete NPC quests for gold bars in Fortnite

Fortnite tarana

To earn gold bars faster in one Fortnite match, players can start either at the Apres Ski Lodge with the Power Chord quests, or outside Misty Meadows with the Kyle quests. Some players prefer to start with Kyle, as both of his quests can be completed at his location outside of Misty Meadows, but that largely depends on the player’s preferences. Since players do not need to return to the NPC whose quest they accepted to return, it is possible to accept multiple quests and travel to complete them and earn the associated gold bars.

At Apres Ski Lodge, players can accept the Emote on a disco platform Power Chord quest and complete it right in front of it for 120 gold bars. They can then accept it Collect mechanical parts quest. While they’re there, they should destroy sofas and other furniture to collect bonus gold bars. They will have to leave the lodge to complete the quest for mechanical parts.

At the Stumpy Ridge monument outside Misty Meadows, players can accept and complete both of Kyle’s quests, Harvest timber and Harvest building materials, the. the Harvest timber the quest rewards 120 gold bars and the Harvest building materials quest rewards 80. Upon completing Harvest building materials, if they hit the trucks near Kyle, they should find the mechanical part for Power Chord for another 80 gold bars. They can also accept the Destroy trees Kyle’s quest and complete it for another 120 gold bars as well, bringing their total to over 520 in a matter of minutes.

The Guardian of the Woods in Fortnite Season 6

Another easy gold bar quest comes from Sash Sergeant in Weeping Woods. Like Kyle, Sash Sergeant has a Destroy trees quest that rewards 120 bars.

There are other NPCs with simple quests that players can complete right away to earn gold bars quickly in one. Fortnite match. In Slurpy Swamp, Slurp Jonesy’s Destroy Slurp Barrels The quest also rewards 120 gold bars and only takes a few seconds. Tarana in Boney Burbs has two similar quests, Collect animal bones and Craft an item with animal bones. At its spawn location, players can find plenty of animal bones for both quests. the Collect animal bones the quest rewards 80 gold bars and the Craft an item with animal bones Quest rewards 120. Once they’ve crafted a Primal Weapon from Animal Bones, they can also complete Tarana. Primal weapon eliminations easily find 200 gold bars.

Players will want to watch the Eye of the Storm as they complete these NPC quests. Because each quest can be completed quickly, working with these particular NPCs can allow players to complete multiple high-reward quests in a single match, typically before the Eye of the Storm shrinks and becomes dangerous. They can then repeat these quests in more matches to reach the 5,000 gold bars needed to complete all five levels of the Week 5 Legendary Quest and earn the associated XP.

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