The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale Sneak Peek Teases Shield Fight & More Dora Milaje

Marvel Entertainment has released a new TV spot for the final two episodes of the Disney + series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And it looks like Sam Wilson is finally getting ready to be Captain America. The previous episode took a surprising turn, as we saw new Captain America John Walker use Steve Rogers’ shield, something that has been a symbol of hope and optimism, to brutally beat a Flag Smasher to dead. Humbled by defeat in battle and angered by the murder of his partner, Lemar Hoskins, the new super soldier bloodied Cap’s shield as he struck Nico in the head, ultimately killing the guy who once described himself as a fan and admirer of Captain America. Ironic isn’t it?

Well, this new turn of events and John Walker ultimately losing his ideals and values ​​of Captain America in this warped new world order, will now put the final two episodes on the path to a showdown according to the new teaser by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Entitled “ Hurt, ” the teaser shows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes confronting John Walker after what everyone thought was an anger-fueled breakdown that led him to murder Nico. Realizing that John isn’t ready to replace Cap and certainly not able to be pragmatic or control negative emotions, Sam politely asks John to give him the shield.

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Right now, he’s finally getting together to take up the torch to which he was initially reluctant. But after seeing Walker, he knows there was a reason Cap gave him the shield, not even his war buddy. Sam ditched the shield in the first episode thinking it would be best if the shield represented Steve alone and everything he’s done for the world. However, the authorities turned this into a representation of “American values” and made John Cap’s successor.

Sam now knows that Steve needed someone with the will to make the right decision at the right time, no matter how hard it might be, which is why he chose Sam to wield the shield. On the other hand, John, although a worthy man, a perfect soldier, is only motivated by force. And since he’s an undefeated war veteran, he can’t bear to lose. But, now his will to obsess over power and control has been amplified due to the effects of the Super Soldier serum he took. The trailer proves that he doesn’t give up the shield easily.

When Sam maintains that he doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt; John retaliates by saying, “You don’t want to do this,” to which Bucky responds, “Yes, we do.” A final preview of the teaser shows Bucky charging towards John. Looks like we’re gonna have a two-on-one duel just like the one we entered Captain America: Civil War, perhaps on a lower scale. The trailer also gives a clue to Bucky’s mental instability, still recovering from his past traumas, and the harm he’s done as The Winter Soldier. Now Bucky has to watch another man become Captain America, a figure his friend has immortalized. Hopefully, the series delves into the character’s mental state, which she alluded to in the first episode.

A new featurette for Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also available now, featuring the return of Ayo and Dora Milaje to the MCU. Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, director Kari Skogland, Florence Kasumba and Wyatt Russell share their thoughts on warriors in action. The penultimate episode begins airing exclusively on Disney + this Friday.

The miniseries have two more episodes to air and from the previous trailers it’s pretty clear that Sam and Bucky are going to team up, steal the shield, and take matters into their own hands. Hopefully this scene won’t be the end of the series’ cliffhanger and that we have some sort of conclusion at the end of the sixth and final episode. Bucky and Sam’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken a unique turn with this miniseries, but, as of yet, the two characters have not been confirmed to appear in any of the upcoming MCU movie series. The show’s producer has teased Isaiah Bradley’s return, and the significant character development of Sharon and Zemo calls for the pursuit of some promising syorylines. The fifth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs Friday on Disney +.

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