The Elvis Presley “Honeymoon Hideaway” In Palm Springs Now Listed For $2.5 Million

An important residence in the history of Elvis Presley has once again gone up for sale, TMZ reported. The Palm Springs, California “Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway” as it is sometimes known, is listed for sale with a price of $ 2.5 million – a steal for a house that pops up for a brief description of Elvis. Is an integral part of history.

Elvis paid $ 21,000 for the full year (in the mid-60s, to be clear) for a year beginning in 1966, known as the “House of Tomorrow”, thanks to his futuristic architectural style. used to go. Elvis and Priscilla planned to get married there, but as the story goes, they were getting married in Las Vegas to avoid nosy journalists and fans. Then, nine months after the start of their honeymoon, daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born.

Another tantalizing piece of history for Elvis fans has to do with his famous 1968 TV special, which is also said to have been planned during his time at Honeymoon House.

The Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway was restored sometime in the 1990s, but still retains its space-age 60s charm. Spanning five bedrooms and five bathrooms, about 5,000 square feet, there are plenty of other types of space.

Despite its storied history, the house is not really an easy sale. Its current owners first tried to find a buyer with a price tag of around $ 10 million in 2014, and since then it has reportedly been spotted around a dozen price drops, most recently last year when it Was listed at $ 3.2 million.

While Elvis’s Palm Springs honeymoon home has been away from the market several times over the years, it is also a secondary Grechland Museum of sorts for devoted fans of the King, as you can see in the video below from Life. There is a photo op YouTube channel. Just look:

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