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What is The Edge’s Net Worth?

The Edge is a British-born Irish musician with an estimated amount of around $400million. The Edge’s identity is David Evans, and he’s most likely best known as the keyboardist and lead guitarist of the group U2. Evans is the founding U2 member and also has released an album on his own. As with the other U2 band members, U2, The Edge is well-known for his commitment to human rights and a variety of other causes. Evans is considered to be one among the top musicians of his time and his style of playing is classified as “understated.”

Early Life

David Howell Evans was born on August 8, 1961 , in Essex, England. David was educated as an Protestant with Welsh parents, as well as a sister (an older brother, who was also an active member of U2). At the age of David was just one-year-old his family moved into Dublin, Ireland after his father was hired to the position of a new employee. David started taking music lessons in the beginning of his life. By seven years old the guitar he received was his first guitar as a present. He also took up the position of pianist.


In his school days, Evans and his brother formed a group with Paul “Bono” Hewson, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton. After 1978, the group was given their nickname “U2.” In this time, Evans also gained a name for himself: “The Edge.” It is not clear the reasons behind his name, however there are theories that point to the angular form that his face has.

While U2 first began to perform in the latter part of the 70s, they didn’t start touring until 1980s when they began to tour frequently. The band also debuted their first album “Boy,” in 1980. In the early 1980s, Evans wrote the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” U2 became one of the more well-known and commercially successful groups around the globe with a string of critically acclaimed albums and chart-topping songs over the years.

In addition to his collaboration in U2, David Evans is well-known for his collaboration with various other artists. They include Johnny Cash, Tina Turner, Jay-Z, and Rihanna. Both Bono as well as Bono composed the theme tune to”GoldenEye,” a James Bond film “GoldenEye.”


Evans was married to his sweetheart from high school Aislinn O’Sullivan in 1983. They were blessed with three children prior to their separation in the year the year 1990. When they split, The Edge started dating Morleigh Steinberg Professional dancer who previously performed on stage with U2. They got married in 2002 and they have had two children.

$100 Million Malibu Home

One of Evans his most well-known real estate deals was plans to construct the family home of $100 million in Malibu. The whole process began normal and Evans along with his entire family bought an 151-acre piece of land located in the Sweetwater Mesa area for $9 million in 2005. The problems began when the guitarist set about making plans for how he would build on the land. It was later disclosed the fact that The Edge wished to create an expansive, five-mansion compound covering 151 acres of undeveloped Californian mountains.

When Evans began to make these plans public legal questions began to appear. Many environmental groups were accused by Evans of plotting for the purpose of “pave over paradise.” There were some concerns over access to public beaches and the devastation of the natural beauty of the region. Evans didn’t give in and instead put a lot of money into legal proceedings. The goal was to show that his plans for development had a minimal effect upon the natural environment.

Then, he attempted to convince the state of California and the residents who were concerned of his residences to be unnoticeable and will seamlessly blend with the surrounding mountain. The Edge was then able to spend $400,000 in geological studies to establish that the development won’t trigger the landslide that many residents thought might be the situation. The Edge then put aside acres of property and offered $1 million towards the development of a trail for hikers throughout his property.

Evans The entire legal team comprised lobbyists, consultants, and design experts. But his efforts were not heard on ears, since the plans were considered to be more damaging to the environment than previously planned Malibu developments over the last 40 years. One major concern was the widespread growth of purple needle grass across his 151 acres, which is an environmentally-protected plant species.

It was a while before the time came to an end, but at the time The Edge managed to win the support of all 12 commissioners, after drastically reducing his plans for development. However, for Evans his hopes, they were shattered when The Santa Monica Mountains Tasks Force which is a chapter of Sierra Club, stepped in and brought an action against Evans. In the wake of appeals and court rulings that resulted The Edge’s plan was repeatedly denied.

In the end, the entity Evans was trying to get acceptance of (the Coastal Commission) didn’t really have the authority to give permission to his plans. This means The Edge had to pay The Edge had spent millions of dollars trying to gain consent from someone else. That brings us to the year the year of 2019 when Evans began to think about whether to abandon his goals or go through the whole legal process again, and this time it’s the Los Angeles County of Regional Planning. Even if he is successful in the coming years however, it is likely that the Sierra Club is likely to take on him again.

At the time of writing, Evans has spent more than $10 million in legal and lobbying costs. According to his blueprints for his ideal house the project will cost him at the least $80 million. At the minimum, $24 million will be required to build the access road.

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