The Eddy: The Netflix TV series to be seen in May

The Eddy: the Netflix TV series to be seen in May

TV series: cinema and jazz come together in The Eddy. The Hollywood Golden Boy “leaves” the cinema and dedicates himself to seriality. Do not worry, his seems like a forced phase in the career of a star today, yet Damien Chazelle it’s serious. IS arrives on Netflix on May 8 with the series The Eddy, previewed in the Berlinale Talents section of the Berlin Film Festival. He talks about jazz, an old love, but in a new key: after having bewitched critics and audiences with the film Whiplash, he returns to this rebellious and intimate musical genre to decline it in eight episodes set in the Parisian club that lends its name to the title.

The Eddy: The Netflix TV series to be seen in May
The Eddy: The Netflix TV series to be seen in May

It’s true, to give him the Oscar Prize, another musical film has thought of it, La La Land, but the visceral passion for notes is rampant everywhere. In this story hypnotizes, captures and moves thanks to Elliot (André Holland), a talented musician who gave up his family and career in the United States to flee to Paris after a terrible mourning. He just wants to start over and he tries by inaugurating this place, The Eddy, amid a thousand economic difficulties: to do so he focuses on Maja’s deep and powerful voice (Joanna Kulig, Polish Cold War star), with whom he has an intermittent relationship, and about a really talented band. It is known, however, that this type of club is not for the “masses” and has a rather demanding and niche clientele, therefore the accounts struggle to square.

André Holland and Joanna Kulig

© Lou Faulon

Music is the soul of history, which, however, dresses multiple genres, such as the mistery drama, for example, because The Eddy seems to be linked to a bloody crime that occurred within its walls. Not only that: when from New York suddenly falls to the French capital Julie, the teenage daughter of Elliot the family side is inevitable. He interprets it Amandla Stenberg, one of the young stars and stripes promises that has conquered everyone in the role of Jennifer Lawrence’s little ally in the Hunger Games. (The young adult saga, incidentally, returns from May 7 to 28 on Italia 1 and in bookstores on the 19th with the prequel novel, The ballad of the nightingale and the snake, always published by Mondadori and simultaneously available in an audiobook version for Audible) .

In this multiethnic background and in continuous ferment of the Parisian music scene, the unresolved relationship between the two unfolds precisely through the notes also because the linguistic stratification – between English, French and a little Arabic – of the dialogues certainly does not simplify things.

Amandla Stenberg, André Holland

Chazelle signs the first two episodes and alternates with three other directors, amplifying the sound power of the compositions made by Glen Ballard (producer who, in addition to six Grammys, also discovered Alanis Morisette). The rhythm of the story proceeds in perfect jazz style, between improvisations and jam sessions: it scratches, surprises and conquers, without any fuss. It’s like that kind of emotion that starts to mount inside you when you don’t even notice it and then it consumes you to the last fiber. In short, totalizing and powerful as only great stories can be.

In Elliot ‘s frailties and falls, one can easily see each other again, even when it costs to admit it: it is a kind of daily superhero in disguise that struggles with its own powers and even tries to get rid of it to disappear in its pain. Here we do not speak of status symbol, stardom or celebrity, but of an exquisite talent humanity that is best expressed in the twilight, far from those reflectors capable of burning the soul.

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