With the exciting news that The Division 3 is in development, it’s easy to see why some fans of Ubisoft’s third-person shooter series might have missed the announcement of an upcoming spinoff set to launch this year. The Division Resurgence is a free-to-play mobile game in the series, bringing the same intense action and excitement to a smaller screen. While anticipating this next installment and the loot it promises, let’s explore what we know about The Division Resurgence so far.

Release date

Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence does not have an exact release date yet. The game has faced multiple delays, but Ubisoft now expects to release it in late 2024.

We will likely receive some news about the game and its current release window during Ubisoft Forward 2024 on June 10. However, only time will tell.


The Division Resurgence is strictly a mobile game, set to launch on iOS and Android. While mobile games occasionally receive PC or console ports, it’s best not to expect this for The Division Resurgence. With The Division 3 slated as the next major release for those platforms, Ubisoft likely wants to avoid competition between similar titles in the same space.


The Division Resurgence characters

As expected, The Division Resurgence will include both PVE and PVP multiplayer modes. Players can collaborate on missions to collect loot, but there’s more for fans to enjoy. Unlike the previous two games, where the PvEvP area was freely accessible, The Division Resurgence’s Dark Zone is session-based. Players will queue up and enter with 19 others to compete for the best loot, leaving some victorious and others wanting.


The Division Resurgence has had several trailers that showcase its gameplay and features. While many questions remain unanswered, the trailers have confirmed that the familiar gameplay experience will be present, even in a mobile-only format.

The game’s first trailer provided a brief glimpse of gameplay, highlighting a streamlined UI designed to accommodate mobile limitations.

The Division Resurgence – Official Gameplay Walkthrough

Another trailer revealed a look at the Dark Zone in The Division Resurgence. This area, familiar to players, blends intense PVE and PVP combat.


Since The Division Resurgence is free to play, traditional preorders aren’t necessary. However, you can register for the game’s closed beta on the official website.

The Division Resurgence: What We Know So Far

A Brief Overview of The Division Franchise

Before diving into the specifics of The Division Resurgence, it’s essential to understand the foundation laid by its predecessors. The Division, launched in 2016 by Ubisoft, introduced players to a post-pandemic New York City, where they took on the role of Division agents tasked with restoring order. The sequel, The Division 2, expanded on this premise, moving the action to Washington D.C. and adding new gameplay elements and narrative depth.

The Announcement of The Division Resurgence

The first whispers of The Division Resurgence began circulating in late 2022. Ubisoft teased a new entry in the series, promising a fresh experience while retaining the core elements that made the original games a success. Since then, fans have been scouring the internet for any tidbits of information.

Release Date Speculation

Official Statements and Teasers

Ubisoft has been tight-lipped about the exact release date for The Division Resurgence. However, based on previous release patterns and industry standards, we can make some educated guesses. Typically, Ubisoft’s development cycle for major titles spans three to four years. Given that The Division 2 was released in 2019, a 2023 or 2024 release for The Division Resurgence seems plausible.

Industry Insider Leaks

Several industry insiders have hinted at a late 2023 release window. These leaks, while unconfirmed, align with Ubisoft’s typical announcement-to-release timeline. Additionally, some sources suggest that Ubisoft aims to capitalize on the holiday season, making a Q4 2023 release highly likely.

Beta Testing and Pre-Release Phases

Beta testing phases often precede the official release of major titles, providing developers with valuable feedback and players with a sneak peek. Rumors suggest that Ubisoft plans to launch a closed beta for The Division Resurgence by mid-2023, followed by an open beta later in the year. These phases could further narrow down the potential release date.

News and Development Updates

Gameplay Innovations

Ubisoft has promised significant gameplay innovations with The Division Resurgence. While details remain scarce, the development team has hinted at an expanded world, new mechanics, and a more dynamic environment. Expect enhanced AI, deeper character customization, and improved multiplayer experiences.

Narrative and Setting

The setting of The Division Resurgence is another topic of intense speculation. Some leaks suggest a return to New York City, but in a different era or under new circumstances. Others propose entirely new locations, potentially exploring other major cities affected by the fictional pandemic.

Technical Advancements

With the advancement of gaming technology, The Division Resurgence is expected to leverage the latest hardware capabilities. Players can anticipate stunning graphics, realistic physics, and seamless online integration. Ubisoft’s use of its proprietary Snowdrop engine will likely result in a visually breathtaking and immersive world.

Rumors and Community Buzz

Potential Features and Mechanics

The rumor mill is rife with potential features and mechanics for The Division Resurgence. One of the most intriguing rumors involves a more robust endgame experience, addressing one of the primary criticisms of the previous titles. Additionally, there are whispers of new game modes, such as large-scale raids and cooperative missions that require strategic planning and teamwork.

Crossover Content and Expansions

Another exciting rumor is the possibility of crossover content with other Ubisoft franchises. This could include special events, unique items, and characters from other popular games. Furthermore, post-launch expansions are almost a given, with the potential for new storylines, missions, and areas to explore.

Community Speculations

The Division community is abuzz with theories and speculations. Dedicated forums and social media groups are filled with fan theories about the game’s plot, characters, and gameplay. Engaging with these communities can provide valuable insights and keep you updated on the latest developments.

Why The Division Resurgence Matters

A Legacy of Innovation

The Division series has always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in online gaming. With its blend of tactical gameplay, RPG elements, and an immersive world, it has set a high standard for other games to follow. The Division Resurgence promises to continue this legacy, offering new and exciting experiences for both veteran players and newcomers.

Revitalizing the Franchise

After the initial success of The Division 2, the franchise experienced a lull. The Division Resurgence represents a chance to revitalize the series, bringing back lapsed players and attracting new ones. With Ubisoft’s commitment to quality and innovation, there’s every reason to be optimistic about the future of the series.

Community Engagement

One of the strengths of the Division series is its vibrant and engaged community. Ubisoft has consistently listened to player feedback and made adjustments based on it. This ongoing dialogue between developers and players is crucial for the success of The Division Resurgence.


The Division Resurgence is shaping up to be a significant entry in the beloved franchise. With speculation about its release date pointing towards late 2023, and a host of new features and innovations, there’s much to look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the latest news, rumors, and developments surrounding this highly anticipated game. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, The Division Resurgence promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

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