The directors of Fashion Italia, AD and Vanity Fair meet the protagonists of design

“Inhabit the Future: a Series”. It is the title of a series of monthly conversations in which the directors of AD, Vanity Fair and Fashion Italia will each time host a protagonist of the world of design. Theme: the way in which the Covid-19 emergency, by creating a new and closer relationship between people and their home, has given new centrality to the values ​​of living, and changed the way we think about the home environment and working.

AD and Vanity Fair meet

The initiative underlines the closeness of the Condé Nast brands to this founding industry of Made in Italy, especially at a time when, after the forced blackout, companies need the visibility and storytelling that even a strong editorial partner can guarantee. It starts, not surprisingly, with Claudio Luti, who heads a company like Kartell but who above all, as president of the Salone del Mobile, is the voice of the whole industry. His conversation with Luca Dini, Emanuele Farneti and Simone Marchetti, respectively directors of AD, Fashion Italia and Vanity Fair, takes place on Thursday 28 May at 12 noon in a direct video that will be broadcast live on the Facebook pages and YouTube channels of all three brands.

«The proximity to the Salone and its companies, which is physiological for a magazine like AD», says Luca Dini – CEO of AD, «Has strengthened considerably in this time of difficulty. Starting from April, in what would normally have been our “Salone number”, we dedicated a special to Italian-made design entrepreneurs, starting with Lombard companies and then moving on to the big names in the rest of the May issue. Country. And starting from June, in the issue that would accompany the postponed edition of the event, we show readers and users the news that the companies would present at the Salone, with a cover titled #ADLovesSalone. That is, the hashtag of the joint editorial project in which the 10 CEOs of the world, for the first time together in the centenary history of the editorial brand, share editorial content and put their platforms and their audience at the service of the institution that represents the best of the Made in Italy design ».

“In addition to becoming the symbol of the city, the Salone del Mobile has also been an essential moment of encounter between the world of design and that of fashion in recent years: all the most important Italian and international fashion houses have participated in bringing ideas, as well as significant investments. “, says Emanuele Farneti – Director of Fashion Italia, «And also Fashion Italia, with its Life in Fashion project, has played a leading role in the last two editions. In a moment of radical rethinking (also) of the fashion system, this conversation will be an important moment to discuss the role that the Salone, and Milan with it, will have in the international creative panorama ».

“Culture, inclusion, sustainability, protection of craftsmanship: the Salone del Mobile and the design chain remain the most important stage to make these values ​​even more real and programmatic. The virus emergency did not stop this process, it only made it faster and more necessary. Our task, as a system, will be to actively contribute to change. Without ifs and buts.” says Simone Marchetti – Director of Vanity Fair.

AD, Vanity Fair and Fashion Italia consolidate their presence on the web with their sites and social platforms with a total of fan followers equal to 10.8 MIO and over 13.7 MIO of users.