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The Different Types of Platform Beds

Platform beds are ideal for people who want their bedroom to look minimalist and simple. The charm of this type of bed lies mainly in its simple lines, elegant design and low-profile sleeping surface. There are some beds with a base consisting of a flat, raised, horizontal and hard surface intended to support only the mattress, but the platform beds offer compact and solid cushioning and with the help of slats, mattress base or springs. box is no longer needed. Another advantage of using a platform bed is the space under the platform. This space can be used as a storage area and this is one of the reasons why the popularity of platform beds has grown recently.

Platform beds are available in different varieties. These include those made of wood, leather or metal. The wooden platform beds are available in exclusive, fantastic and exclusive Italian designs by European leaders for sophisticated, high-end and contemporary furnishings. An innovative range of transitional furniture is also available with different products made with the highest quality and the highest level. They are made with 100% oven-dried veneers and tropical hard woods for beds to ensure longevity and resistance. A wooden platform bed gives the bedroom a simple appearance with the feeling of being close to nature. Its low physical profile matches other low-end furniture including clothes, low tables and other bedroom furniture.

The metal platform beds also offer great deals. In addition to being strong and robust, this type requires less maintenance, it is no longer necessary to repaint or repaint. This type is made of sheet metal or tubular steel. For an aesthetic effect, the metal platform beds can come with headboards and footboards.

Modern beds such as those made of leather with elegant shapes can perfectly adapt to any decor, be it traditional, transitional or contemporary. In truth, simplicity can make a strong statement with an elegant leather platform bed.

The ever popular King or Queen size offers a very practical solution with a more modern design. These allow you to have big savings as you no longer need a box spring. Their slatted platform frames also provide central support to prevent sagging.

Platform beds are available in various sizes, including Full, Twin King, Queen and Cal King. In the United States, Twin is also called Single, Full is also called Double, King is also called Eastern King, Queen is also called Queen-size and Cal King size are produced exclusively for tall people, generally taller and wider than the Queen. bed large but not as big as the king size bed.

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