The Different Types of Hair Styles

Different Types of Hair Styles

Your hair can be styled in any manner possible. This includes having it straight, curly, waved, or braided. No matter what style you choose, there are different types of hair styles that are out there for you. Every woman has a different hair type, but there are only a few women who have straight hair.

Straight Hair

The third most popular hair style is straight hair. This is a good and popular choice for many women as it is easy to maintain. It is the simplest and simplest way to have your hair. The problem with many women is that they have this natural hair quality and they want to change it into something that is easily manageable and straight.

Thinning Hair

The problem that many women face is having thinning hair. This can be caused by many factors such as the women taking supplements, using hair drugs such as an eyebrow growth accelerator, or getting treatments that were not recommended by their stylist.

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Now many women want to know what causes their hair to thin. There are two factors that are involved. The first is genetics. Women who have family history of thinning hair or hair loss generally have thinning hair. But it is not limited to genetic factors; there are many other reasons that can cause this problem.

In order to thin the hair, there are many different stylists and doctors that have available to you. Each medical professional has a certain level of skill that can be applied to the individual problem. There are many different treatments that are available, but it is important to know which ones are available, how they work, and the best way to use them all together.

Even though this is a large topic to even take in depth, there are many different reasons that can cause hair to thin. Even though there are many different reasons, there are also a few different solutions that are available. One treatment that is the most popular is the flat iron.

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Flat Irons

This is a straightener that is heated up in a downward motion to straighten the hair. The heat starts at the top and it works its way down to the ends. Used in excess, this can burn the hair and damage it. But used in moderation it will help to get your hair straight.

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Other Hair Straightening Products

There are some other ways that a woman can get their hair straightened. They are as follows:

Straightening Creams

This is a product that is applied to the hair to help it become tangle free and manageable. The cream is applied long enough to make sure that the hair is coated from the scalp to the tip. This coating creates a smooth and silky look.

Protein Based Hair Products

Protein based products are meant to repair the hair and to make it stronger and healthier. There are two types of protein based products. One is a cream applied to the hair and the other is a liquid applied to the hair. When used in excess, the hair will become oily and greasy.

To achieve the oily look, use a shampoo that is specifically made for oily hair. Also, use serious conditioner if you do not want your hair to be weighed down.

Curly Hair Products

Curly hair is already gorgeous. However, to make it more so, it is important to create a way to style it. A way to style curly hair is to use curly hair products like curl defining creams and shampoos. These products help to keep the curls defined and fills in the curls as well. Once the hair is defined, the various styling tools can be used on it to curl it or shape it the way one wants.

Other Hair Straightening Products

For those who want to straighten their hair, there are various hair products available that help to make it curly and straight. One of these products is the Dissolve Collection foam body shaper for defined and curly hair. The product helps to define the hair curls and eliminating frizz all while leaving the hair looking smooth and healthy. Blow dryers made from ceramic materials guarantee less heat damage to the hair. Right before you use a straightening product like the Dissolve collection, your hair should be towel dried. Then, the hair should be blow dried for another few seconds.

Now, the hair is dried, it is important to use a styling product that will hold the curl. Usually this is applied to the ends of the hair to keep them from frizzing. A serums or thermal protection spray is then applied and combed through. You can then style the hair as desired. Usually the thermal protection spray is applied to the hair after the serum has been applied. You can style the hair as desired because the hair is air dried.

Curly hair is in and straight hair is out! With the right hair straightening products, you can go from curly to straight without the use of harsh chemicals!

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