The DC Universe Just Copied Star Wars’ Biggest Prequel Change

Green Lantern # 1 reveals that Oa’s Green Lantern homeworld has become the central political pinnacle of the universe, just like Coruscant from Star Wars

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Green Lantern # 1

In the all-new DC Comics The Green Lantern series, the DC Universe copied one of the Star Wars’ the biggest changes from the original trilogy to the prequels, as Oa’s homeworld has been transformed into the political center of the universe for the United Planets conclave. It is not without reminding Star wars central planet of Coruscant, which houses the Galactic Senate of the Republic. Now, a desire for more peace, diplomacy, and unity through politics is hoping to win the day, but true galactic peace in the DC Universe may be harder to achieve than the Green Lanterns realize, just like in the world. Star wars galaxy with the rise of the Empire.

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Start the path to DC Future state, the Green Lanterns Corps invited the new United Planets conclave to come together and hold its first reunions on their homeworld of Oa, the central planet of the DC Universe that has long sent its lanterns into the galaxy to protect the galaxy . However, the United Planets are actually voting on whether they still need the Guardians of Oa and their lanterns in the new. Green Lantern # 1 by writer Geoffrey Thorne with artist Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci.

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Interestingly, the voting and major works for the New United Planets stand remarkably in a large domed building, and it’s hard not to compare with Star Wars’ own building of the Galactic Senate in Coruscant. Likewise, each of the assembled delegates has their own floating platform from which to vote, deliberate and voice their concerns, just as in Star wars prequel movies.

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While the introduction and emphasis on the Galactic Senate and Galaxy Politics was one of the most controversial parts of the previous trilogy of Star wars films, its introduction into the DC Universe wastes no time in keeping the action and excitement going. Not only do the United Planets vote on whether or not to accept the Green Lanterns in their conclave so that they can continue to protect them, but Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns of New Korugar unsurprisingly vote to decline their membership. The Green Lantern Corps and Guardians aren’t perfect after all, and Sinestro talks about their past fears and the resulting consequences in the past, such as the The darkest night. However, as the vote passes to accept the Green Lanterns into the United Planets, Zerox’s wizarding planet delegation seeks revenge on the Guardians, causing complete chaos in their violent protest against them.

While it seems like the dream of complete galactic peace is still a long way off, the formation of the United Planets in partnership with the Green Lanterns feels as a step in the right direction. However, it also looks a lot like the Republic and the Jedi Order in the previous trilogy, which ultimately resulted in the oppression of the galaxy with the rise of the Empire with the decimation of the Jedi. Thanks to Future state, DC fans saw the potential future that could lead to the Green Lantern Body following suit and being destroyed too. Hoping that comparisons with Star wars end here with the similarities of United Planets in this new DC Comics series.

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