The Darkest Version of Batman Can Hack Into Green Lantern’s Ring

In Crime Syndicate # 2, the darker version of Batman, Owlman, is able to hack Power Ring of Earth-3’s Green Lantern, Emerald Knight.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Crime Syndicate #2

In the latest issue of DC’s Crime Syndicate, The dark version of Earth-3 of Batman, the Owl, just hacked into the ring of this world The Green Lantern, the Emerald knight. It comes as giant squid-like creatures called Starro descend upon the “heroes” of the planet to forcibly recruit the metahumans of Earth-3 to aid them in their battle against an unknown foe.

During the invasion, Owlman uses his God-given deductive skills to try to determine an effective strategy against them and soon realizes that they have attacked everywhere except the area where the Emerald Knight resides. Finding this somewhat suspicious, Owlman focuses his efforts on finding the reasons why they are actively avoiding the Emerald Knight and using him against them.

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Much like his counterparts, including Prime Earth’s Bruce Wayne, Earth-3’s Owlman appears to suffer from extreme paranoia. This unhappy state is particularly exacerbated by the arrival of metahumans, which Owlman remedies with extensive contingency plans. Luckily for him (and for all of Earth-3), another Emerald Knight came to Earth-3 long before the current “hero,” which gave this dark version of Batman plenty of time to find a way. to keep the next and future ring. – wear emerald knights in check.

Incredibly, Owlman’s plan is to hack the Emerald Knight’s Ring and use it as a sort of alien walkie-talkie to converse with the wearer. But in this case, its purpose is to download the data from the ring to check if previous Emerald Knights have faced such creatures and, if they have, know their weaknesses. And, of course, Owlman successfully identifies a weakness based on the data he receives and makes a plan before the end of the. Crime Syndicate # 2 written by Andy Schmidt with art by Bryan Hitch.

On Prime Earth, one of Batman vs. Green Lantern’s contingency plans features a combination of Lex Luthor’s cyborgs and Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin. First, Batman would weaken his willpower by making the cyborgs appear as real humans who died because of Green Lantern, in an effort to convince him that he did not protect them. Then Batman would administer the toxin to break Green Lantern’s willpower entirely by convincing him that he is not worthy of his power. Meanwhile, another plan is to hypnotize Green Lantern while he sleeps into believing him to be blind. And that doesn’t even include the times he stole Green Lantern’s ring.

While complex, Prime Earth’s Batman contingency plans pale in comparison to the one his dark counterpart designs on Earth-3. It is absolutely incredible that such a powerful artifact could ever be hacked, as it implies that the hacker is essentially capable of hacking willpower. Moreover, it basically means that BatmanIts counterpart can infiltrate one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe. It’s impressive. What would be even more impressive, however, is if he could actually activate the Ring of Power on his own and harness the power of the The Green Lantern. There are still four more issues in the series for readers to find out what Owl made with the power of Emerald knightthe ring.

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