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The Crown Season 4: everything you need to know

Who stars in The Crown Season 4?

The same cast of the third season of The Crown is confirmed: Olivia Colman, who also won an Oscar for the fiction, is Queen Elizabeth II, played in the first chapter of the saga by Claire Foy. Among other things, it seems that we will see her again in season 4, she was in fact spotted on the set and should appear in a cameo dedicated to the Queen’s 21st birthday in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1947. Princess Margaret remains Helena Bonham Carter and the Prince Philip, who turns 99 on June 10, will still be played by Tobias Menzies. As for the younger generation of royalty, Josh O’Connor will return to Prince Charles, while Erin Doherty and Emerald Fennell will continue to play Princess Anna and Camilla respectively.
With the fourth season we finally welcome a young Diana, who will later become the princess of Wales, played by the new entry Emma Corrin. Peter Morgan, screenwriter of The Crown said: “Emma is a brilliant talent who immediately fascinated us when she played the role of Diana Spencer. In addition to having the innocence and beauty of a young Diana, she also has the depth needed to interpret a complex role with a wide range of shades, that of an extraordinary woman who has gone from being an anonymous teenager to the most iconic of his generation ”. Emma Corrin has declared herself honored to play a female icon like Princess Diana: “Having the chance to explore her complex personality through the writing of Peter Morgan is the most exceptional opportunity I have faced so far and I will work hard to do it justice! “. Last but not least: Gillian Anderson will also join the cast in the role of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Gillian Anderson in Margaret Thatcher

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Where are you filming for The Crown Season 4?

Filming for the fourth season of The Crown ended shortly before the start of the lockdown. The cast members, both past and present, were spotted on the set while shooting some scenes, including the aforementioned Foy flashback. But not only that: that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their 1983 Royal Tour of Australia. Remember? Corrin and O’Connor spotted in Spain in 2019? And Corrin wore some of Diana’s most famous clothes, including a pink total look worn in Perth and the white dress from the visit to Ayers Rock.
In early 2020, Corrin was spotted while shooting other scenes in the UK: we have a shot of the actress on the set as she greets photographers outside The Savoy in London. The scene is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s arrival at the hotel for the Barnion’s Champion Awards in 1989. Her dress? Floral and one-shoulder print (Diana often wore dresses with asymmetrical necklines signed by one of her favorite designers, Catherine Walker).

Emma Corrin in Diana at the Savoy in London

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Corrin and O’Connor were also seen shooting some scenes together in Winchester. Her outfit – a high-necked blue floral dress, beige overcoat and white tennis shoes – suggested that the cast was filming the final rehearsal of the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981 .
On February 10, Corrin was still on set, this time in Manchester. She wore a candy-colored houndstooth skirt dress, and probably filmed the scene of Princess Diana’s visit to an AIDS clinic in New York City in 1993. She was later seen in a long white beaded dress while smiling at a crowd waving the flag. Also this scene is almost certainly related to his real trip to New York City in 1989, during which he attended a gala dinner at the Winter Garden, with a Victor Edelstein dress and a coordinated bolero jacket. It was one of the many clothes that the British designer made for the royal in the 80s.

What is the period of The Crown Season 4?

The third season had taken up the plot around 1964, facing Harold Wilson’s election as Prime Minister and ending with Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. The fourth season is thought to likely take place against the background of the 1980s. and the early 90s, a memorably tumultuous moment for the royal family. Thatcher held the role of Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, so it is safe to assume that she will star in the drama. Important political events of the period included the Falklands war and the miners’ strike. There will certainly be great attention for the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana and then for their separation and divorce. Their wedding day, which took place on July 29, 1981, probably deserves a dedicated episode. Princes William and Harry, born respectively in 1982 and 1984, will surely make their first appearances here as children. Prince William actually accompanied his parents on the 1983 tour of Australia, although no traces of a child have emerged at the time of filming. There will certainly be a recently divorced Princess Margaret, and the famous Buckingham House “intruder”, Michael Fagan, who is said to have broken into Her Majesty’s bedroom in 1982, and Marcus Sarjeant, the man, may make an appearance. who fired six blanks at the Queen during the 1981 Trooping the Color.

Is there already a trailer for The Crown 4?

No, the trailer for the fourth season of The Crown has not yet been released, but when it airs we will make sure to report it. We can’t wait to get a first official taste of Corrin as Princess Diana.

What is The Crown 4 release date?

An official date for the release of season 4 of The Crown on Netflix has not yet been revealed, but it goes for assumptions: if the third season was released in November 2019, we enthusiasts hope that between November or December 2020 the next chapter of the saga.

How many more seasons will there be after The Crown Season 4?

Peter Morgan has confirmed that the fifth season of The Crown will be the last. “At first, I had imagined The Crown over six seasons, but now that we have started working on the stories for the fifth season, it is clear to me that this is the perfect time to stop,” he explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter .

Any indiscretions about the cast of The Crown Season 5?

Poche. The full cast of The Crown 5 has not yet been revealed, but it is known for certain that Imelda Staunton will play the queen.

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