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One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt is a treasure house of ancient history and grand monuments. Tourists are attracted Egypt in April A honeypot like a bee. The grand structures of history and the millennium are not the only things that bring tourists to its edges. Egypt also has the Red Sea to thank for its tourist economy.

The blue waters of Sharm el Sheikh and Hargadha are home to the beautiful life of the sea, colorful fishes and spectacular forms of coral reefs. If you are planning a trip to Egypt in April, this guide will enable you to make this process a little easier.

Weather in egypt in april

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The weather is warm but comfortable in Egypt in April. The temperature varies between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius, depending on which city you are in. Since April marks the end of spring, the nights may still be a little low. The days are warm and mildly humid and there is little to no rain, so you need to pack your bags accordingly.

Things to consider when you visit Egypt in April

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April marks the end of spring as well as the end of the tourist heavy season. As a result, accommodation and travel are cheaper than in previous months. Souvenir markets are thin so, this is the best time to perform hags and the best bang for your buck. HealthWise, you need to pack incense, sunscreen, hats and clothing made of cotton or linen.

5 places to visit in Egypt in April

Here is a list of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt in April:

1. Pyramids of Giza

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The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most visited attractions in the world. These great structures were built about 4000 years ago and are considered one of the seven wonders of the world. A group of supremely skilled masons, stonemasons and mathematicians completed the construction of the pyramids known as Myrsinus, Chefrain, and Chaps. Most of these dead were built to serve as the tomb of the Pharaoh. It is still a mystery how it was possible to achieve this great feat of engineering in civilization with such primitive tools. If you are planning a trip to Egypt in April, this should top your list.

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2. Abu Simbal Temple

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Over the course of a few centuries, the shifting of the sand obscured the view of the Abu Symbol temples from the human eye. The Swiss explorer, John Burckhardt, discovered this miracle back in 1813 by mistake. The Sun Temple of King Ramses II has a huge rock-cut facade. Guarding the entrance to the sanctum sanctorum and carving on the side of the mountain are four statues of Ramses II himself. The king built the temple at such an angle that, twice a year, the sun illuminated the inner sanctum. Take time to visit this amazing structure.

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3. Luxor and Karnak Temple

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The temples of Luxor and Karnak are only second in mass popularity among pyramids. These ancient relics combine to form one of the largest temple complexes in the entire world. Different iterations and temples were added over centuries by different pharaohs. The temple complex is made up of 4 different sections, but only one of them is open to the general public. There are many structures made of sand stones including statues of old kings and pharaohs which make them a wonderful sight to see. The complex takes an entire day to explore, so plan accordingly.

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4. Abydos

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One of the most interesting cities of ancient Egypt is Abydos. The city fascinates archaeologists throughout Egypt and we can guarantee that when you visit this great city, you will share the same attraction. Seti’s temple forms the focal point of the site. It comprises the majority of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Incredibly mysterious reveals every twist and every glance you make here. A mysterious set of hieroglyphics will surely surprise you as a visitor as it depicts what submarines, helicopters and aircraft look like.

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5. Valley of the Kings

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The Valley of the Kings is about 4000 years old and is located in Luxor. Egyptians believe in a lifetime longer than anywhere else. Constructed to store the old Pharaoh mummies surrounded at Sarcophagi and move to the latter. Some of the most popular tombs here are Amenhotep II, Ramses II and of course King Tutankhamun. So, pack your bags to come here, search and then enter the route that follows.

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5 activities to do in Egypt in April

With the places you visit, be sure to try the following to create a memorable holiday:

1. Enjoy a camel ride in Wadi Gimal National Park

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Camel Plants Gimal National Park aka Valley, about an hour from Marsa Alam. Known for its gold and emeralds in previous centuries, Wadi Gimal still harbors a lot of treasures in the form of nature. Acacia trees, mountains and thick mangrove forests populate the otherwise lunar scenery in the background. A camel ride in this valley gives you a chance to see these wonders as well as some wild ghazals found in the area.

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2. Go souvenir shopping at Go Ghalib

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Many gift shops are sprinkled all over Marsa Alam. These shops sell statues of papyrus, Egyptian cotton and alabaster. But, if you are looking for souvenirs then you can visit Port Ghalib. The family-run shops line you on the sidewalk for sale of traditional Egyptian clothes and pottery. You can also find jewelery and perfumes in these markets.

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3. Deal on Al Dahar Souk

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The El Dahr area in the city of Hurgada gives you a fair glimpse of the life of the Egyptians. Originally a fishing village, it is now home to shops adorned with traditional items, the old harbor and the local fish market. The labyrinth of shops and stalls in El Dahr Souk may be overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the bustle of the market, you can easily get some dirt cheaply if you can swing.

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4. Sahara Safari in a Jeep

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Can be thought of going across an endless stretch of sand, but toss a jeep safari into the mix and you’re golden. Desert Safari will take you across the sand dunes, until you reach a local nomadic Bedouin village. Here you descend for a respite and the villagers serve you breakfast and tea. Then you set out on your quad bike to explore the surrounding desert.

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5. Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai

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St. Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest Christian monastery in the world. The pilgrims are crowded to this place. It is a good 3-hour drive from Sharm el-Sheikh, but a large number of pilgrims and tourists make up the place. The Mount Sinai collection of manuscripts also attracts a large number of history enthusiasts. Determine the time to visit here on your visit to Ezir.

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Egypt is less crowded in April giving you full chance to explore the sights and attractions in a more natural setting. This guide has been prepared in a way so that you can get more and more knowledge to plan your next Egyptian holiday.

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Frequently asked questions for Egypt in April

Q. April is a good time to visit Egypt?

a. If you are worried about the weather, the best time to visit Egypt would be in the Northern Hemisphere during fall, winter or early spring and April!

Q. Which is the nearest airport to Pyramids in Egypt?

a. The nearest international airport to the Pyramids is in Cairo, which is about an hour’s drive and 50 km away.

Q. What are the best traditional Egyptian dishes?

a. Here are some amazing recipes from Egypt: Full Madams, Falafel, Koshari, Mahashi and Molokhiya.

Q. What are the top restaurants for Medsenian food in Egypt?

a. Sachi Restaurant, Zööba, and Osmanli are some of the amazing restaurants that serve preventive food as well as Arabic food.

Q. Do Egyptians drink alcohol?

a. Egyptians do not drink alcohol with Islamic traditions, but locally brewed beer is served in tourist-centric restaurants.

Q. How much cash can I take in Egypt?

a. So, there is a limit of at least 5,000 Egyptian pounds that you are allowed to bring in or out of Egypt.

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