The cinema releases of February 16: Uncharted, Retirement home, Another world… – Actus…

the cinema releases of february 16: uncharted, retirement home, another world... - actus...

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Uncharted by Ruben Fleischer

With Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Taylor Ali…

What is it about ? Nathan Drake, a shrewd and intrepid thief, is recruited by veteran treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan to track down the fortune of Ferdinand Magellan, who disappeared 500 years ago.

Did you know ? As professional con artist and mentor to hero Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Bryan Cranston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey have each been more less considered.

Retirement home of Thomas Gilou

With Kev Adams, Gerard Depardieu, Daniel Prévost…

What is it about ? In order to avoid prison, Milann, 30, is forced to perform 300 hours of community service in a retirement home, Les Mimosas. His first weeks are a real hell! But he is quickly adopted by retirees, in particular by a band of 7 inseparable…

Did you know ? It is the director Thomas Gilou, to whom we owe in particular The truth if I lie!, who wanted to set up a project with Kev Adams. He offered him the script for a film which did not come to fruition, but the two men stayed in touch and it was ultimately the actor who submitted the idea for a retirement home to him.

Another World by Stéphane Brizé

With Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Anthony Bajon…

What is it about ? A business executive, his wife, his family, when the professional choices of one are changing the lives of all. Philippe Lemesle and his wife separate, a love damaged by the pressure of work.

Did you know ? With Another world, Stéphane Brizé wanted to account for the consequences of the work of those who are considered the armed wing of the company but who are simply individuals caught between a rock and a hard place.

The True Family by Fabien Gorgeart

With Melanie Thierry, Lyes Salem, Felix Moati…

What is it about ? Anna, 34, lives with her husband, her two little boys and Simon, a child placed with them by Social Assistance since the age of 18 months, who is now 6 years old. One day, Simon’s biological father expresses a desire to regain custody of his son.

Did you know ? The True Family is Fabien Gorgeart’s second feature film after Diane has the shoulders (2017). This story has its source in the director’s childhood. When he was little, his family took in a child who stayed with them from eighteen months to six years old, as in the film.

Piccolo corpo by Laura Samani

With Celeste Cescutti, Ondina Quadri…

What is it about ? Italy, 1900. Young Agata’s baby is stillborn and thus condemned to wander in Limbo. There would be a place in the mountains where her baby could be brought back to life, in a breath, to be baptized.

Did you know ? If Laura Samani located Piccolo Corpo in her native country, this territorial rooting does not mean that this story only belongs there: “I think the stories are the same everywhere. I filmed chronologically, thus undertaking the same journey as Agata, from the lagoons of Caorle and Bibione to the mountains of Carnie and Tarvisio. The film evolved with us, just as he made us evolve.”

King by David Moreau

With Gérard Darmon, Lou Lambrecht, Léo Lorléac’h…

What is it about ? King, a lion cub destined for trafficking, escapes from the airport and takes refuge in the house of Inès, 12, and Alex, 15. The brother and sister then have the crazy idea of ​​bringing him home, in Africa. But the pursuit of customs officers does not make their life easier.

Did you know ? King is directed by David Moreau, known for the comedy 20 years apart with Virginie Efira and Pierre Niney.

Tributaries by Jesse Miceli

With Songsa Sek, Phearum Eang, Rithy Rom…

What is it about ? Phnom Penh today. Drawn up by the gleaming lights of the city, Songsa, Thy and Phearum, three young boys, in search of emancipation, see their dreams of an easy life collide in a society that oscillates between archaism and modernity.

Did you know ? Les Affluents has been selected for the following festivals:

– Cannes film festival

– ACID selection

– Busan International Film Festival

– Festival “Visions of reality” in Nyon

-Seoul International Pride Film Festival

Us by Alice Diop

What is it about ? A line, the RER B, crossing from north to south. A journey inside these indistinct places that we call the suburbs.

Media Crash – who killed the public debate? by Valentine Oberti, Luc Hermann

What is it about ? There is what you see, what some want you to see, and what you don’t. Never has France experienced such a concentration of private media. Some industrial billionaires, owners of televisions, radios, newspapers use their media to defend their private interests.

The Power by Corinna Faith

Starring Rose Williams, Emma Rigby, Charlie Carrick…

What is it about ? London, 1974. As the UK prepares for major power cuts, Val a rookie nurse arrives for her first day on the night shift of a run-down hospital.

Did you know ? The Power was born from the meeting between producers Matthew Wilkinson and Rob Watson and director Corinna Faith. She pitched them the idea of ​​a hospital ghost story when she was about to direct another horror film she had written, titled This Little Piggy.

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