The black tie dress code for women

Dress codes can be very stressful, especially when said dress code is black tie. Whether you’re heading to a wedding, gala, or other formal event, spotting a black tie dress code on the invitation can cause a bit of panic. Although the code is quite simple for men, it can be somewhat ambiguous for women. As such, a black tie event can lead to a lot of doubts for even the most savvy dressers. So to make sure you meet that tricky dress requirement, we’ve put together this handy guide. Use it and you’ll never have to worry about appearing under-dressed or over-dressed again.

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What does black tie mean?

Black tie is a standard dress code for social events. Although most women have heard of this term, many still do not know what it means. If you fall into this category, the first thing you need to understand is that black tie is usually reserved for formal events that take place at night. Black tie for men translates to tuxedos. For ladies, on the other hand, black tie is more forgiving and can be interpreted in different ways.

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black tie dress label

Besides white tie dress, black tie is the most formal of all dress codes. As such, it requires a sophisticated level of dressing. For women, the code usually calls for a dress or a long dress. While cocktail dresses can be an appropriate option for black tie, long dresses tend to be a higher choice. Choosing a sophisticated dress that features a simple, feminine silhouette and an elegant color, such as black, will help you stick to dress code etiquette.

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Black Tie Cocktail Dresses

For many black tie events, especially those that are less formal, a sophisticated cocktail dress can be an ideal outfit choice. This option is perfect for all women who feel uncomfortable in a long dress. Just make sure you choose the right type of cocktail dress for the event you are attending. Choosing one that is structured or sleek and sits on the knees is always a good idea. Also, to keep your look elevated, stick to black or rich colors and jewel tones and finish your ensemble with sophisticated jewelry, accessories and heels.

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black tie dresses

A black tie dress code is a great excuse to be glamorous and wear a dress. Maxi dresses in dark tones and decadent fabrics are perfect for formal black-tie events. Just be sure to invest in a quality dress with timeless appeal. A fancy function, like one that calls for a black tie outfit, is no place to wear cheap models or the latest crazy trends. Instead, stick to classic silhouettes and styles that won’t date.

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black tie wedding attire

If you received a wedding invitation stating a black tie dress code, don’t panic. Although you must dress for this formal occasion, there is no need to look red carpet ready. Instead of wearing a full ball gown, just choose a long dress or a formal cocktail dress. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the color of your dress. Try to avoid both black and white as they can each look inappropriate at a wedding. Instead, stick to rich shades of red and navy or something softer like pink.

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Black Tie Gala Outfit

A black tie gala is a great time to go all out with your outfit. Selecting a sophisticated and elegant floor-length dress will allow you to adhere to this dress code without feeling underdressed. Black is a standard color choice for gala outfits and will never go wrong, but don’t be afraid to try other options, such as white, red or metallics. While a classic silhouette that flatters your body type is an ideal choice, you should try to add some excitement with unique design details and embellishments.

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Black and white evening dresses

When it comes to a black tie dress code, the color of your outfit is an important decision. While men typically wear a black tuxedo, the choice of color is much more open for women. That being said, sticking to a classic palette is always a good option for formal functions and events. Monochromatic styles featuring black and white will often appear higher than dresses featuring other shades, such as yellow, pink, or red. Opting for a black and white design can also help create a more coordinated and matching outfit with your date for the evening.

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formal black dresses

There’s a reason so many women choose to wear a black dress to a formal event. The color is classic, timeless and appropriate. As such, it’s a surefire choice for occasions with high dress codes. Black also tends to be very flattering and can suit all skin tones, making it a great option for all women. If you choose to wear a formal black dress, consider opting for one with exciting details, such as embellishments, or selecting bold accessories to help your look stand out from the crowd.

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Optional black tie

The optional black tie is a little more open and relaxed than traditional black tie while being more sophisticated than semi-formal attire. As such, you can easily choose between a long dress and a formal cocktail dress to meet this dress code. Essentially, you want to look smart and proper without looking like you’re heading to the Oscars. An ankle-skimming dress worn with high heels and statement jewelry is an especially good choice for black-tie optional occasions.

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Black tie dress code for women

  • Choose a maxi dress, maxi dress or formal cocktail dress to wear to a black tie event.
  • Invest in a high quality design made from luxurious fabrics.
  • Choose a timeless aesthetic over a trendy or edgy appearance.
  • Keep the silhouette simple and classic for a sophisticated look.
  • Dark, rich colors, such as black and jewel tones, tend to look best for black tie occasions.
  • Complete your black tie outfit with high heels, elegant jewelry and sophisticated accessories.


What do women wear to a black tie event?

A black tie event requires a formal dress code. Women should wear clothes that are timeless and in neutral colors; the darker the better. Accessories should be simple and sophisticated, and hair and makeup should be natural. An example of black tie attire is an evening gown or dress. You should also consider the type of event you are attending, such as a wedding or business meeting, and the time of day. At night, you generally have to adhere to a stricter dress code.

Does black tie mean women wear black?

A black tie dress code does not mean women have to wear black. That said, black is a popular color to wear to these events and is timeless, classic, and incredibly sophisticated. Wearing a black evening dress with simple pearl jewelry and an updo will make you look and feel glamorous. You can also wear other colors, but solid, neutral shades are best, especially in dark or rich colors. Pay attention to the details and fit of your outfit.

What shouldn’t you wear to a black tie event?

A black tie dress code is formal and requires you to wear classic, sophisticated clothes. For women, it is an evening dress or a floor-length dress. You don’t want to wear anything short, revealing, or in bright, bold colors. The key is to keep it minimalist and focus on fit and fabric quality. Timeless style is ideal, and now is not the time for trendy, edgy clothes. Your hair and makeup should also be natural.


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