The Biggest Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco married her bodyguard.

Grace Kelly’s daughter, Princess Stéphanie, made the connection with Daniel Ducruet, who had previously been designated as a bodyguard. When the couple married, they already had two children together. At the time, The Associated Press described Ducruet as “a former pet seller and fishmonger known to have a hot temper,” and noted that Stéphanie’s father, Rainier III, opposed the romantic connection. The wedding took place on July 1, 1995 at the Town Hall of Monaco. However, just over a year later, the marriage ended in divorce when, AP, Ducruet “was caught by paparazzi in a gambade at the edge of the swimming pool with a Belgian stripper.”

The Biggest Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time
The Biggest Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time

Royal Wedding Scandals Of All Time

The Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time is a factual compilation of all the most embarrassing and outrageous news stories that have taken place at Royal weddings throughout history. The public is led to believe that these stories are amusing and hilarious, but the truth is that they are anything but.

Indeed, if you did not watch the news then you may never have discovered the many scandals that have occurred in the Royal Wedding. There is a remarkable amount of stories about being bribed by prostitutes in order to get a ballroom dance, a drunken pilot that crashed his plane while trying to land the newlywed couple at their wedding and a bride who fainted and fell out of her platform and the groom had to be carried off the platform as the aircraft landed with the bride on board. You may not know it, but there are actually many more stories that can be traced back to these famous events.

If the Queen has been in charge of the Royal Wedding for some time now, then it may be time to consider a change in the leadership. With the time that is currently involved, she will have no time to organize another Royal Wedding or attend them. She can only choose between who she wants to be the monarch and who she wants to be running the show.

The Biggest Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time

However, some people don’t care. And they should be left alone. No one wants to hear about the scandals or see the camera angles of the bride and groom sobbing over the news of their new loss.

The Royal Wedding Scandals of All Time also explores how Royal Weddings can be improved upon. Often, the Royal wedding will fail to be as memorable as it could be because it becomes too much. Instead of capturing the interest of the public, it ends up being as boring as watching dull television.

The reality of it is that the royals do care about how well their wedding goes. They are very proud of it and they do everything in their power to make sure that it is successful. These problems are usually caused by one person who wishes to push the event into an unwanted spotlight or by one person that does not care about the best interests of the couple involved.

The Prince of Wales has recently done a lot of explaining about why the Royal Wedding did not become more memorable than it might have been. He has claimed that the point of the Royal Wedding is for the couple to become more than just a couple. The reason why they were forced to marry each other is because of how in love they were, and how the public wanted them to.

Now that the royals realize that they do care about their public image, perhaps they can improve on their very special event and make them more memorable. They are not getting any younger, and the important thing is to make sure that they can still be counted on to attend a Royal Wedding. Because this is so important, the royals will want to do their very best to ensure that the upcoming event will be remembered for all of the right reasons

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