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If you use a Windows PC, you may have discovered a wide variety of apps to improve your experience and increase the performance of your computer. But because there are so many categories and applications available, you may have a hard time finding the best app for your specific needs.

To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the best Windows apps for every type of user, whether you want better productivity or entertainment.



Duolingo Windows 10 App Screenshot

Trying to brush up on your language skills? Need some help with a language class? Planning on traveling to a foreign country? This free app can be exactly what you need to prepare. It is a language learning app with a variety of games, with a lot of rewards and achievements for a variety of quizzes. The ultra-casual nature of the app means that you can use it for minutes at a time and still learn something, so why not give it away?


Not everyone needs or uses OneDrive, especially given the repeated associated fees. If your business or school prefers Dropbox as the cloud storage solution of choice, then, there is an app for this. This clever piece of software allows you to view your pictures or videos using the grid, or as a list when working with documents. In the free-to-use basic plan you get 2GB of free storage.

To microsoft

If you don’t already have an app to plan, list and collaborate, Microsoft To Do is a great option for you. The application lets you increase your productivity and reduce your stress levels. It comes with a focused My Day scene, with a personalized daily planner with suggested actions. Other cool features include syncing tasks between Outlook email and to do.

Skype for windows

Skype remains one of the most popular chat clients for long-distance communication, and is another example of an app that integrates very well with Windows 10.. If you are already using a video chat service at home or work, this is good. You know exactly what to download. But if you haven’t done a lot of video chatting in the past and want to explore this type of communication with friends and family, Skype is a great place to start, and you should give this app a chance.

A version of Skype is already integrated with Windows, but the official desktop app allows you to share pictures, choose options for translation, and share your screen for troubleshooting purposes.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

This application lets you create digital sticky notes as a reminder, then place them on your desktop screen. Of course, the latest version also comes with some new tools, including the ability to pin your stickies to your start screen, make notes with the Surface Pen, and connect notes to sites or documents for additional information. You can sync your sticky notes to your Windows device, and view them on the web.

Becky – Wallpaper Studio 10

Yes, a wallpaper app can be a productivity app, too – especially when you realize how much time it saves on your 4K background hunt. The app offers top-notch, high-resolution background wallpapers that you can change without a click, depending on the sources of the online sketch. The wallpapers go up to 8K resolution, and you can apply many different filters to find the wallpaper you want, making it an easy recommendation for new Windows users.

The creation

Wet paint

Fresh Paint Windows 10 App Screenshot

Fresh Paint was popular on Windows 8, but it is better on Windows 10. The painting application lets you color in designs from different types of palettes and activity packs, or work from the ground up, or you can upload your own art and apply. Filter or paint in the style of your choice. The software cannot replace anything like Photoshop at all – nor – but it is a fun and very useful program in itself.

Open live writer

Prioritize a more desktop-oriented program to sculpt your latest blog entry or web page? Open Live Writer is designed to do this. Inside you can create text, photo or video posts, then publish them on your site whenever you want. The app also works with WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and other website builders. It even has a simple interface for tagging and scheduling, so you can save some extra time in the long run.


Want more interesting effects for your photos than the usual application offers? Before uploading to Instagram, have a look at the fuses, which are designed to blend photos in the background and foreground to create various effects. It can take a long time to go through all the methods that can be used, but, suffice to say, it can see your photos. Very good With the right thing to do. If you like making your own backgrounds, or posting impressive photos only gives a thrill, then check out what the fuses have to offer.

Adobe photoshop express

While you may have to pay for access to Adobe’s full suite, a free version of Photoshop for Windows 10. is available. Appropriate Title Express gives you limited access to Photoshop’s photo-editing tools, however, allowing a lot of customized work. It is a very useful tool if you are familiar with Photoshop and want to work on some images, but do not need or need to access the full feature set of the application. Keep in mind that for this app to work, you will need an Adobe ID login.

Autodesk sketchbook

Looking for a good app to sketch on a Windows tablet? Autodesk Sketchbook is designed to work with the Surface Pen, so as long as you have one you’ll like how this free app enables quick and accurate sketching. It includes unique features for bending the ruler such as to quickly create organic curves, up to three perspective points that can be set anywhere, versatile vanishing points, and many other tools to enable your work. Professionals and amateurs alike want it for their mobile work, especially now that it is available at no cost. It is also compatible with Microsoft Studio for large projects.


VLC media player

For many users, VLC is an old standby that handles almost any popular video format you can throw at it. The media player can play pretty much any video file ripped from a common source, including disk and network streaming protocols. If you use a lot of media on your computer, this is a great addition to your arsenal.


If your computer serves as more than one entertainment box designed for productivity, we suggest you download the Netflix app so that you can access it directly from your desktop. And now that Netflix syncs across devices – if you start watching something on your computer, for example, you can end up on your Xbox One – these apps are even more versatile. Of course, if you are not a fan of Netflix, there are official apps for Hulu and other services as well.


Everyone has their own favorite music service, so you can make a choice of whichever app you like here. Pandora has really stepped in with a robust app for both desktop and mobile devices, which makes it easy to stream your favorite tunes. The app also boasts compatibility with Xbox and is generally more Windows-friendly than Spotify.


As Microsoft is working on converting more and more Xbox and Windows gameplay, this app comes with some unique features, such as the ability to stream games or movies from Xbox One to your PC. The app also comes with social and sharing features, meaning you can quickly share game clips or join a club. It is already built into your Windows 10 PC, and there is no need for additional downloads.

social media


Instagram windows 10 app screenshot

You probably don’t need a reminder to download a social app like Facebook, but we still like to mention Instagram’s Windows app, which offers a lot more functionality than a web page. The app is not always updated by Facebook, but it provides basic access to most Instagram features on the iOS or Android version of the app. Including access to Instagram Stories and Instagram feeds, as well as messaging and search feature. It is a good desktop companion.


If you or your friends use WhatsApp, you deserve this clean desktop version that makes it easy to carry multiple detailed chats at the same time. The app also offers complete syncing so that you can have a conversation on any other device as needed, without having to worry that the conversation is not updating properly.

News and feeds

The menu

Flipboard Windows 10 App Screenshot

Flipboard is a news aggregator designed for tile-based exploration and reading, making it an ideal fit for Windows 10. The program has created a “magazine” based on the stories and sources you choose that best align with your priorities. . Then, the app saves your personalization to check for news the next time. This curation process saves you time and energy sorting through every news that interests you.

Microsoft news

It is important to stay informed, and you can use the Microsoft News app of Windows 10 to keep all the news you need. After you download it, you can choose which news outlets and sources you want to receive daily updates from, streaming your information. Additionally, the team will ensure that you get stories that are accurate and exciting. Whichever news you prioritize, Microsoft News supplies a wide range of news to bring you the breaking information of the news that matters most to you. You can also configure notifications for breaking news and sync your preferences across the web and iOS More Android Apps. The application works in 20 different countries and collects content from over 3,000 publications.

Nextgen reader

It is a quick RSS-based reader based on the more traditional news app Feedly service, but is easy to navigate in the trim package. Highlighting, saving, and categorizing news pieces is a breeze, especially for those who like to make lists and get right at the heart of a lot of information – in a short period of time. If you are unsure about purchasing an app that you have never used, you can try the app for free during the trial period before you commit to purchasing the app.



Dashlane Windows 10 App Screenshot

Dashlane remains one of the most popular password managers, thanks to its simple setup and easy-to-use design. According to your job description, Dashlane expects you to store every password you can. It can handle any number of passwords that you can have as many sources as you want, providing highly efficient organization and stable security. Additionally, it works with Windows 10.

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