The best Wi-Fi routers in 2020: Nest, Asus, TP-and more

2019 brought us Wi-Fi 6 Arrival And its promise Faster, more efficient Wi-Fi performance. Now, in 2020, the arrival of new, Second-Gene Network The options are also worth noting – especially since so many of those systems are far less expensive than them.

This means that people looking for a router upgrade this year have interesting new options to choose from. This is also a good time. With most of us spending more time at home than ever before The ongoing coronavirus pandemicA reliable Internet connection has never been so important.

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At any rate, we’ve got a growing list of new Wi-Fi routers to test. We’re still working through them (there are many), but we’ve already found a lot of great pics that are easy to recommend. Whether you are interested in Gaming Routers, Mesh system, Wi-fi 6 router – or if you just want something that will not break the bank – we are pointing you in the right direction here. And see this place, because we are looking forward to seeing New wi-fi 6e router Able to reach Newly opened bandwidth In 6GHz band by the end of this year.

Expect regular updates to this post as we continue our tests on multiple devices. When we get a new router, which holds strong views, we will add it to this list, with a to our recent test data.

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Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest, fastest version of Wi-Fi, and we are expecting to see many new models supporting it in 2020. And if you prefer, you can upgrade from a Wi-Fi 6 router. Budget routers right now get faster, more efficient Wi-Fi performance from connected devices that support the new standard (iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S20 are two high-profile examples, but the list is growing). Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible, so your old devices will still be able to connect, but – your new wireless router won’t do anything to speed them up.

Everyone has to say that maybe it’s still too early for most of us to get a new Wi-Fi 6 router (and don’t forget that you’ll need a really, really fast internet connection to notice the difference . First place).

Said that, if you want to make the upgrade now, or if you need a new wireless router and you want some future proof for the next generation of devices, then go TP-Archer AX6000. This basically complements our performance tests, the fastest transfer speed we have recorded so far, and offers excellent range and low latency.

The AX6000 debuted at a price of $ 350, but we have marked it down as $ 270. It’s certainly not cheap at that price as well, but if you can catch it on sale, it’s a worthy way to upgrade to a stronger Wi-Fi 6 network. And if you can, consider waiting for a few months, as TP-has two new AX6600 routers later this year: the $ 300 AX90 in April and the gaming-focused GX90, which will cost $ 4 this summer. Would be 330. If nothing else, it would probably mean a price cut for the 2019 model. Read more on Tips Clear

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

If you need a new wireless router that feels like an upgrade – but you don’t want to spend hundreds on it – then make sure D-DIR-867 Is on your list. When we first tested it in 2018, we impressed it with stable Wi-Fi speed and good features for the price. Subsequently, we held it against top-of-the-line gaming routers, when we tested it again in late 2019.

In fact, of all the routers we tested, the DIR-867 was the fastest on the 2.4 GHz frequency band in both our top-speed tests and our real-world speed tests. This Wi-Fi router also captured the 5GHz band, with many routers costing more. It was not the best performing in the range, so it is probably best suited for small homes and apartments, but you are still performing strong at a price of $ 115 or less.

That said, keep in mind that D-announced a new lineup of routers for 2020 at CES. They include Wi-Fi 6 models starting at $ 120 which should start arriving in stores in the coming months – we’ll keep an eye on the upcoming ones and let you know if they are worth the extra cash on the DIR-867. .

One final point: DIR-867 is getting more difficult as availability on current stock runs is less. We are currently testing a collection of budget-priced routers, including entry-level Wi-Fi 6 routers such as the TP-Archer AX10 and The Liquids MR7350 – once we have obtained a new peak value , Then we update this recommendation. Read our D-DIR-867 review.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

With fast wireless speed, simple setup, and helpful, easy-to-use app controls, Google Wifi was our Top Mesh router pick for the past three years. Its second-gen follow-up, Nest wifiNetworking faster, more economical, and simply easier to set up and use. Also, the range assistant points have now doubled as Google Assistant smart speakers. It is coupled with a new design that comes in many colors, which is intended to keep you out of the open where they will perform better.

It doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6 (and Nest’s range-extending satellite devices don’t have Ethernet ports, which means you can’t wire them back to a Wi-Fi router), but Nest WiFi does add one. Adds good, current-gen upgrades, including support for new WPA3 security standards and 4X4 MU-MIMO connections, meaning it can provide faster speeds to devices using multiple Wi-Fi antennas. All this helps Nest’s mesh router above its weight and more than other mesh routers with similar specs.

A 3,800-square-foot capable of Wi-Fi coverage (in two years when we see it in both a small home and a 5,800-square-foot CNT smart home, a claim that’s at $ 269 for a two-device setup) Wifi is on the market right now. I have the most well-rounded mesh router, and the first one I would suggest. Read our Nest WiFi review.

RE CREST / Tips Clear

It’s not fully featured as a system like Nest WiFi, and the app control you’ll use to set everything up isn’t nearly as slick – but aside from that, new, budget-friendly Netgear Orbi The system stands out as a clear price pick in the trap category. At just $ 150 for a two-device setup with a Wi-Fi router and single range WiFi extender, it is inexpensive as a mesh network, and it remained with both Nest and Eero in our speed tests. As of right now, it is also on sale for less – just $ 130.

In fact, of those three systems, Netgear Orbi clocked in the nearest range with the fastest average speed – and when we put that limit to the test at Tips Clear Smart Home, those two Wi-Fi systems were once again edited. did. I also like the new design, with the clever shape at the top that exudes warmth in style. Read our Netgear ORB review.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Starting at $ 700 for the two-piece setup seen here, the Wi-Fi 6 version of Netgear Orby (which I call) Netgear Orbi 6) Is far more expensive than the dual-band version listed above, but is much more powerful. With the router and its satellites serving as a second 5GHz band for system transmission – at full Wi-Fi 6 speed, mind you – the system managed to run our performance tests.

To be precise, the system returned an average speed of 289Mbps when I spent a few days testing the speed and signal strength in various rooms at my house, where I have a fiber internet plan of 300Mbps. This is near a perfect result, and one that any other mesh system I’ve tested is capable of matching.

Is that worth the $ 700 fast performance? I think most will get a better price with something less expensive – and you’ve got an increasing number of options impacting the market this year. Nevertheless, if you are buying now and you want the best mesh performance money can buy, this system is to get. Read our Netgear Orbi 6 review.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

It is not enough As fast as Netgear Orbi 6, but A. Asus ZenWiFi AX The Mesh router was close and, at $ 450 for a two-pack, the price tag is very easy to swallow. For the money, you’ll get information about everything you get with Netgear, including a multi-gig WAN port and a dedicated backhall band to keep the broadcast between the router and the satellite separate from your network traffic.

$ 450 is still a lot of money, but this handy Asus router system proved to be highly capable and reliable in our performance tests. This puts it right in the sweet spot for future-proof mesh routers that realize every bit of a high-level upgrade. Read our Asus ZenWiFi AX review.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Gaming routers promise high performance and low latency for die-hard gamers, and selling them for $ 200 or $ 300 is not uncommon. At about $ 150, Asus RT-AC86U The dual-band router is not inexpensive either, but it is a strong value relative to routers like those – and this wireless router also provides excellent performance.

In particular, the RT-AC86U dual-band router recorded the fastest average top speed over the 5 GHz band of any Wi-Fi 5 router we tested. It was also the best gaming router in our latency tests, with a lower average ping in dozens of speed tests than any other router we’ve seen. This includes hardcore gaming routers that cost more and even a couple of Wi-Fi 6 models. In the meantime, you’ll control the wireless router using an awesome, full-featured app, which provides plenty of advanced network control for your Wi-Fi network, including options for parental control and device prioritization.

It checks all the boxes that most people want from a good gaming router, and you get it there at a price that is not too painful for us to recommend. But keep in mind that Asus has released a new version of this router that adds support for faster Wi-Fi 6 speeds at a cost of $ 250. We are still in the process of testing it, but I have published my initial speed test data and first impressions, and seem to definitely keep an eye on it. When we finish our tests, I’ll update this location to let you know if it’s better than the less expensive Wi-Fi 5 version listed here, but early indications are very promising. Read more on Tips Clear

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