The Best Used Car Websites

Best Used Car Websites: You no longer have to spend a Sunday afternoon browsing all of the city’s used car fleets to find your next used car. It is probably waiting a few clicks on one of the hundreds of used car sites. However, they are not all created equal.

The best offer a user-friendly interface that provides buyers with full details about the car they are viewing, such as high-resolution photos showing the interior and exterior, its service history, and standard and optional equipment. Some even tell you if you are looking for a lot or if the price isn’t quite right.

We’ve put together a list of the classifieds sites you should check out when shopping for your next used car online. Alternatively, if you are buying new, car manufacturers and dealers are increasingly making the buying process digital.

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These sites are helpful, but remember that it’s always wise to check out a used car in person (and, if possible, take a thorough test drive) before handing in a big wad of your hard-earned cash.

The most famous site

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Few sites surpass when it comes to advanced research tools. Like most of the sites on our list, AutoTrader’s initial search allows you to choose the make, model and price of your desired used cars. It also lets you filter your results based on fuel consumption and a host of other parameters. Do you want a car with an intuitive navigation system? How about a sedan with four doors and keyless entry? Check the options you need and let the results reach you.

The best site for the basics

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Simple and straightforward, CarsDirect is all about the basics. You can search for used cars in a specific area based on body style, price, make and / or model. The search results include deals from dealers and owners, with an option to view the Carfax report of the desired car. When you find what you are looking for, you can submit a request for it to receive more details from the seller, or request special financing if needed. There are links to car dealership websites, as well as comprehensive maps with directions to the location of each store.

The best site for classic car enthusiasts

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Hemmings is a classic car collector’s dream. The site is a blast from the past, reveling in everything from 1960s Chevrolet Impalas to 1930s Studebakers to new 1980s classics, all while offering tools to locate specific parts and services for a car you own. already. It publishes a daily newsletter, a fascinating blog regularly updated by a team of experienced editors, and several other res for the classic car owner. It even boasts an online store where you can buy diecast models, clothing, books, or wall calendars.

If that’s not enough, Hemmings is also a great re for buying advice and links to upcoming local auctions, and he has launched an auction service that lists everything from a classic Mini to a modified Corvette. Knowing how much to pay for a classic car is tricky. If you have a question, the experts at Hagerty probably have the answer.

The best site for browsing on the go

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Autolist may look like other sites here at first glance, but it is one step ahead of the competition when it comes to mobile connectivity. While the Autolist website is attractive and easy to use, it’s the accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS that sets it apart. The intuitive software allows you to quickly browse databases of other shopping apps, as well as various dealer websites. It also provides useful information, such as how long the vehicle has been on sale, how its asking price has fluctuated over time, and what its Carfax report looks like. If you prefer to shop for your next trip while on the go, this re is for you.

The best site to find a good deal

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If you are looking for a good deal, CarGurus is your best bet. It ranks listings based on dealer reputation, if any, and price. The site goes even further to educate buyers with information about a vehicle’s true market value. This way you will know if the best time is now to shop or if you need to expand your search area. You can also see how long a vehicle has been listed on the site and how its list price has changed over time. This gives you bargaining power over cars that have been listed for a while, or lets you know when it is too early to ask for a big price cut.

The best site for cross-site comparisons

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If you’ve used sites like Kayak or Sky Scanner before, AutoTempest will be perfect for you. The site combines search results from eBay Motors,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect and others, casting a full net on a handful of other used car sites on our list. The AutoTempest home page also offers buying guides, checklists and tips, as well as tips for negotiating and avoiding buying a lemon, among other topics. The site provides specific guides for a selection of car makes and models, as well as comprehensive car reviews and a compilation of frequently asked questions. And, it saves search results for easy access later, while offering several suggestions for top-notch shipping services.

The best site for those looking for the ultimate shopping experience

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The Kelley Blue Book is a car buyer’s best friend. It provides accurate estimates of your car’s value, the price to pay for a used car, and a comprehensive selection of used and new car listings. You can browse top picks and tips, calculate a monthly car payment, and compare multiple cars. Expert and consumer reviews are also available, along with options for finding local dealers and checking your credit score. You can also browse an assortment of rewards pages, so you can quickly browse the best of the best.

The best auction site for enthusiasts

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Launched in the summer of 2020, Cars & Bids has quickly become the essential destination for enthusiasts wishing to buy or sell a car. If you want a 2018 Corolla, you won’t find it on this platform. If you’re looking for something a little more special, like a low mileage Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or a one-year-old BMW L6, then this is the site for you. Each auction includes a complete gallery of the car (including close-ups and service recordings when available) and a detailed description that highlights its main features, ownership history and known flaws. Many sellers also include videos, which takes some of the stress out of buying an invisible car.

Car Enthusiasts Forums

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While it’s easy to search by make, model, and year using any of the aforementioned sites, there’s no harm in focusing your search. If you are looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to check out online car owners and enthusiast groups associated with what you are looking for.

If you are using Google, click on “forums” or “owners club” for the vehicle you are looking for. Whether you are selling vintage Porsches or AMC brand cars, there is a community for almost any vehicle, even the least loved ones. Navigating the classifieds section on these sites increases your chances of finding what you are looking for. Plus, most of the ads come from experts who not only know what they’re selling, but are also invested in not getting a bad rap in their respective communities.

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