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Outriders wants players to play together, but that isn’t always an option. Players looking to go it solo, here’s a class and a build for you!

The newest third-person shooter, Outriders, has seen great success. From their Demo to their final launch, players have been anticipating this game. Although the game encourages players to work as a team, there are always a few players who would rather campaign solo.

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Luckily, Outriders offers four distinct classes for players to try out. The Trickster has rogue-like movements, the Devastator is the classic tank, the Technomancer is perfect for healing, and the Pyromancer has a mid-range area of effect, which can come in handy. Players who are looking to play alone will need to find the one class that will help keep them alive and be the most effective against enemies.

Campaigning Alone in Outriders

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As of this moment, there is one character that is the best to play as if the player is playing alone. The Devastator would be the player’s best option if they were playing alone. The class traits and skill trees can help the player minimize damage, which will be a major help considering the player cannot self-revive if they are down. This tank-like class is able to heal 24% of their health with every enemy that is taken down in close proximity. This extremely helpful trait can be stacked with class tree points. Paired with weapons and armor mods, the player can stack the cards in their favor with survivability and mountains of damage.

When putting together the Devastator’s class tree as a solo player, players should focus on the Warden subclass. This will provide passive healing every second, with a cumulative of 3% of healing per second. Players can also get an additional 30% health pool. These options are available within the six skill points. Doing this will add survivability to the player quickly, and allow them to dive into fights with the reassurance that their character is getting the maximum healing with each kill.

After that, players should shift their focus to classes that will enhance the player’s play-style without sacrificing their health regeneration. This will help with other traits and mods, but also will offer survival when gear isn’t dropping.

Players will also want to take a look at their weapon mods and attributes to help enhance their gameplay. Enhancing armor and weapons is a core activity in Outriders, and is offered after making some way through the story. Players should look at certain weapon builds and mod types to help stack additional survivability. Although which weapon the player decides to use is at their discretion, some weapons will offer bonuses with differing fire rates that work well within the game, and can even be helpful into the end-game content.

Using an LMG in Outriders will give players a major clip size that can be modified. Certain weapons and mod characteristics trigger every time a bullet is shot. This means that some players will be able to bypass the game’s standard killing-blow characteristics of healing. Both captains and Altered can have massive health bars that will take some time to lower, which makes these moves vital to players campaigning alone. Players should power up their Weapon Life Leech as high as possible, which will heal wielders from damage being dealt. If players are unsure what mod to use, the tier 1 Shield Maiden will provide a shield to the player for each bullet impacting an enemy.

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The best part about picking Devastator in Outriders is fighting crowds. With all the health mods added, as long as players are hitting enemies, healing will slowly trickle at a constant rate while adding an additional shield that operates separately from the health. Aside from these things, there is one final thing the player should take into account before running out into battle. The Devastator class has skills that are focused on making the player a classic tank, but players can use these to stay in the battle. Players should ensure that they’re always maximizing these traits by confronting enemies head-on whenever possible. There are a few exceptions to this, such as times when long-ranged tactics will help thin a horde or when a mass of enemies is running at the player.

Once players reach level three, Devastator will get a new skill called Golem. This skill will fortify the player against 65% of incoming damage for eight seconds. If players have build up their skill tree as recommended, that means the player will be able to fully heal every 26 seconds (this includes the Golem’s cooldown). Additionally, more mods can be added to the player’s armor. Bleeding Impulse will cause all enemies in a ten-meter radius a bleed debuff while Resistance increases the players’ resistance by 33% during Golem.

Devastators will receive a skill called Gravity Leap at level four, which will allow the Devastator to jump dozens of meters behind enemy groups. On top of this, Devastator will deal major damage to all nearby enemies when the player lands. Any enemies that are killed from this skill will immediately heal the Devastator because of his close-range trait. The skill also has a fast cool-down rate (14 seconds), which allows the player to frequently jump around the battlefield and heal. Additional armor will help enhance these traits. Human Comet will increase the Gravity Leap damage. Pair this will Life Absorption, which will heal 100% of damage dealt and up to 200% if it’s a killing blow, and players are well on their way through the game.

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Combining all of these aspects will help ensure that this character can handle anything that comes their way. However, players can move some components around as they seem fit. While the consistent leveling of weapons in Outriders, Golem bleed effect and the Gravity Leap, the only reason players will need to shift skills is if they feel like playing around with other builds.

Although we recommend using Devastator as the solo campaigner, the other three classes have as many reasons to be picked as well. The Devastator is the only character that can self-heal, which is why it was selected for this. Publisher People Can Fly seems to understand the need to balance the game because every class can be a sustainable option for solo play. The Technomancer is able to self-sustain with a Weapon Leach of 15% and turrets that can take on aggro and heal players close by. Similar to the Devastator, the Pyromancer has a healing mechanic of up to 24% (assuming the player has met certain conditions).

However, if players find they don’t want to use the Devastator, the next best class for a solo campaign is the Trickster. Players can focus on class trees that take advantage of the Tricker’s unique healing traits and offer a shield for each close-proximity kill. Tricksters rely on speed to get around the battlefield and have a lower health bar, which can make navigating with this class alone tricky. Additionally, shields will decay quickly over time and there isn’t really a skill that will allow the Trickster to stay on the front-line. This is something to keep in mind while trying to play, but the Devastator is definitely the easiest to survive with.

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Outriders is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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