The Best Smart Wallets for 2021

Wallets are getting smarter these days. If you’re still carrying a wallet, in addition to your smartphone and smartwatch, there are better ways to protect your credit cards and cash than a simple billfold. Smart wallets offer a convenient way to store and transport your money, to protect against loss or theft. They also feature RFID blocking, device tracking, and modern design. Below are a few of our favorite.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

The Bellroy Travel Wallet offers plenty of space for credit cards, cash, and your passport. There’s even a travel-sized pen for completing declarations forms. In addition to sporting lots of space, the Bellroy Travel Wallet also has RFID protection built in, so you don’t need to worry about unsavory individuals skimming your credit card or passport information. What makes the Bellroy’s products so unique, however, is the company’s commitment to sustainability. Bellroy responsibly tans its leather under gold-rated Leather Working Group environment protocols and carefully chooses sustainably produced textiles for linings in its products.

Nomad Slim Wallet

Nomad partners with Tile to create an incredibly slim and compact wallet you can track if it gets misplaced. The Tile Slim tracker is hidden inside (though still accessible if needed), and all you need to do is download the Tile app and press the Tile Slim once for pairing to keep track of the wallet. The wallet is made of high-quality leather and the stitching is strong and tight and develops a nice weathered look the more you use it. You can fit up to fit 15 cards in addition to cash. A Tile-less version of the wallet is also available for $20 less.

Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet

Vaultskin Chelsea

The Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet offers an elegant design and comfortable handling for no-nonsense asset protection. The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, driver’s license, or other ID. It’s constructed with soft, durable top grain Italian leather for a sophisticated feel and look. The 13.56 MHz RFID protector prevents electronic pickpocketing as your credit cards are protected from RFID theft. The three pockets hold up to 10 cards in the front, inner RFID protected pocket, and back pocket. A thin smart strap, which automatically retracts back into position when released, allows quick access to your cards.

Himi Wallet

Himi Wallet

With its imported, smooth textured leather exterior, the Himi bi-fold wallet is a high-end product that’s soft and comfortable to handle. Its compact design features two windows for ID and other cards, allowing quick access when traveling, at the store, or at the office. A total of 10 card slots lets you carry all your daily cards plus cash. Advanced RFID tech is constructed with a metal composite that blocks 13.56MHz or higher RFID signals to protect your private information from rogue scans.

Ekster Parliament

Ekster Parliament

Here to ensure that you have a wallet that is not only slim but also secure is Ekster, the smart wallet brand that partnered with Tile to launch a solar-charged, RFID-blocking smart wallet. You won’t have to dig around to access your credit card or ID — simply click a button to pop out your desired piece of plastic. And since many credit and debit cards have RFID and NFC technology embedded inside, the Ekster can block anyone trying to access them. RFID hacking isn’t as commonplace as you may think, but this protection can certainly provide some peace of mind.

Buffway Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet

Buffway Slim Minimalist

A slim wallet is always a fitting choice when you’re on the go. The Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet fits snug in your pocket, purse, or backpack. A sleek and professional design combined with luxurious and high-quality leather makes these RFID wallets a hit across gender lines. Created with genuine leather, the wallet sleeve marries style, functionality, and durability. The compact, discreet Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet also features an RFID front pocket that includes eight slots to carry your driver’s license, credit or debit cards, and membership cards. A feature that is sure to benefit those commuting or traveling for business. The RDIF blocking technology is a safety feature that blocks electronic signals to keep your identity protected wherever you go.


Schnail Atlas Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet