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The Best Single-Cup Coffee Makers for 2021

Single-cup coffee makers have revolutionized the at-home brewing experience. Whether you buy a Keurig or another brand of these coffee makers, be prepared for delicious coffee in no time at all.

If you have a single-cup coffee maker and are ready to upgrade, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the newest machines. They’re smaller and have more features than the earlier models, which means your morning joe will taste better than ever.

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker


There are, of course, many different Keurig models of different sizes, suitable for all sorts of kitchens. But when it comes to the best high-tech, heavy-duty Keurig, the K-Elite reigns supreme. The touchscreen gives you more options than most Keurigs for setting your preferences; including strength control, five brew sizes, automatic set times, a Strong Brew button for beefing up your favorite morning joe, and an iced button for brewing up a refreshing iced coffee in the throes of summer. Plus, the 75-ounce water reservoir is big enough to make eight cups of your favorite drink before a refill (although remember to clean it periodically). If you’re the only one using the coffee maker, a smaller model may be better, but for frequent use, you won’t find a better option. Just make sure you stay stocked up on your coffee pods since your coffee grinder will prove ineffective here.

Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso creates elite coffee machines for those who want high-grade coffee creations without heading to the shop or wasting too much time in the kitchen. The Pixie is the perfect compact personal coffee device that can deliver espresso and lungo on-demand with a 19-bar high pressure pump. This full kit also features an Aeroccino milk frother if you have a bit of extra time and want to make a more elaborate drink. The power saver mode and automatic power-down option also ensure the Pixie doesn’t use more energy than necessary. Finally, the welcome pack includes 16 capsules, but like a Keurig model, you will have to plan for more shipments over time.

Ninja Hot and Cold-Brewed System CP301

How can a “coffee bar” be single cup? By including a plethora of delicious coffee creation options that far exceeds a simple pod-and-pull model. The Ninja Hot and Cold-Brewed System CP301gives you an incredible amount of choices. First, you choose your coffee cup size, followed by a brew type, which includes classic, rich, over ice, specialty, and more. Then you can choose whether or not to use the milk frother. To top it all off, you can even make tea with this bad boy. With Ninja’s Auto-iQ technology, you just have to pick whether you’re brewing bagged or loose-leaf, and the machine automatically adjusts the temperature and steeps needed to pour you that perfect cup of English Breakfast. Do keep in mind that the CP301 works with grounds, leaves, and bags — no K-Pods allowed.

Mixpresso Single Cup

Mixpresso Single Cup

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this simple, highly effective coffee maker at a very affordable price. It’s designed to work with pretty much any K-Cup format and can brew around six cups before it needs a refill. If you want a model that’s easy to clean, versatile, and fast to use without breaking the bank, the Mixpresso has you covered – just don’t expect many customizable features.

Sboly Single Serve Coffee-Brewer

Sboly’s single-serve brewers offer one-touch versatility and huge value, with the ability to switch between K-Cups and ground coffee with the simple push of a button. The machine cranks out a hot cup in only three minutes and features water-adjustment settings so you can conserve on your more expensive grounds. Built with space in mind, the sleek and compact design makes the Sboly Single Serve Coffee-Breweran easy addition to any cramped kitchen counter. The real icing on the cake with this one is the Auto-Clean feature. Push two buttons and watch all that nasty ground-gunk be washed away, an ultra-convenience for those of us that can’t find the time to run cycle after cycle of vinegar through our brewers.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve

Hamilton Beach Single Serve

This ultra-affordable, super-compact Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serveis perfect for travel mugs and traveling in general. If you need a guaranteed of coffee, just pack the Scoop along. If size is your primary concern, its petite profile will be especially appealing. But you still want a quality coffee maker that won’t fall apart on you — and Hamilton Beach is a trustworthy brand in that regard. Note that the name Scoop is also descriptive: This coffee maker works best with scooped grounds and not much else. You can choose between regular and bold brewing modes, and an automatic shutoff ensures you don’t fry your new single-cup coffee maker.

Grosche Milano Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Our top on-the-fly and sitting-around-the-fire-choice is the Grosche Milano. You might notice that it’s not the highest tech single cup coffee maker. However, this little treasure makes up for the lack of tech with its old school durability and convenient comforts.

This coffee maker follows an ancient Moka brewing process to create a rich, full taste. The coffee grounds are heated at a lower setting for a longer period of time, so you’ll get a bold coffee flavor in a more efficient time. This coffee maker is durable; its stainless steel exterior will hold up against most stovetops, like coil, induction, gas, elective, and propane campfire products. Most customers will find the six-cup pot satisfies their needs, but you can also find the Grosche Milano in three, nine, and ten-cup sizes.

This coffee maker is a great choice because the whole Grosche Milano unit can be cleaned in your dishwasher. Place your coffee pot and all of its components on the rack to clean your coffee maker quickly and safely.

Any coffee maker on this list will suit your needs, whether you like that early morning cup of joe, enjoy sipping a cup of coffee with your dessert, or like hosting friends for coffee.

If this doesn’t quite suit your needs, take some time to peruse other models of coffee makers on this list of best 4-cup coffee makers.

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