The Best Sectional Sofas Of 2020 And How To Pick Them

Best Sectional Sofas Of 2020 And How To Pick Them:

Sectional or not, appearance and feel are crucial in the choice of any sofa.

Found a model you adore but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger?

Matters involving insufficient material or color choice can be overcome using third-party sectional sofa covers.

Tailor-made to fit perfectly, we offer more ways to build the sectional exactly according to your preference.

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Best Sectional Sofas Of 2020

This is the most comprehensive guide to sectional sofas / sectional couches in 2020.

If you want to choose the perfect sectional for your home and avoid making expensive mistakes, you’ll love this guide.

It covers:

As an added bonus, here’s an awesome infographic to help you out.

The Best Sectionals for 2020

Need further guidance to help find the perfect sectional for your home?

Read on for the complete guide on what to look out for or scroll further down for the full breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of each sofa on the list.

Let’s get started.

Why the sectional?

Love them or hate them, sectional sofas are here to stay. And for a good reason.

They are simply unparalleled when it comes to versatility. With small sectionals becoming popular as of late, there is no living space that sectional sofas cannot shine.

Just like playing a game of Tetris with your furniture, many sectionals allow you to combine different modules to fit your living space and lifestyle as needed.

Need to make your room look bigger? They can do that.

L shaped sectionals fill in corners to open up more space

Need extra storage space? They can also do that.

Ottoman footstool with inbuilt storage

Need a makeshift armchair or coffee table? Just bring out the corner unit or footstool.

You get the point.    

How much are they?

One of the biggest appeals of sectionals are the fact that many of them are
modular sofas. This means that you buy the pieces as needed to achieve your desired outcome.

In turn, this generally means that the bigger the sofa, the more expensive it is.

The stock form of the majority of sectional couches will come in a three-seater configuration with a chaise.

Like this:

Good budget sectionals in this configuration typically range from $800 onwards, while more upscale brands sell these for $3000+.

And that’s without the extra parts you may want to build your dream couch with. These also don’t come cheap.

But, there are various ways in ensuring that you combine the pieces in the most efficient way to reduce the cost.

We will get into that in the next section.

Building the sofa: How to avoid a headache

Sectionals are complicated, and the increased customizability sometimes just adds to the headache. It’s the paradox of choice.

Thankfully, with a little presearch, it doesn’t have to come to that.

First thing to know is that only modular sectionals can be built upon. Lots of sectionals come in standard configurations with no additional modules available to purchase.

Again, if you want to build your dream couch, it needs to be modular.

Here’s what you need to know to look out for.

Picking the shape 

If you’re already looking at sectionals, there’s a good chance that you already have an idea of what you may want.

For anyone on the fence however, here’s whats up:

Some of the most popular configurations for this type of sofa are “L-shaped” and “U-shaped”.

L-shaped sectionals are very flexible and can be used as a divide between the rest of the room and the seating area. This works wonders for creating a cosy and private corner for social events and family time.

L-shaped Ektorp sectional sofa being used to divide the room.

They also excel at making rooms more spacious, creating more space for other items and decor.

Simply fill in the corners with it and revel in that sweet room real estate.

U-shaped sectionals on the other hand are great at filling in space. 

They are wonderful for large families and frequent hosts with scores of guests as the “U-shape” design carves out an area for socialising, movie-watching and games.

Still not sure what sectional would work best for your room? Read on to our top list further on in this article for some great ideas

So what’s next?

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Picture it in your room 

When it comes to sectionals. Picturing the finished product in your room is important.

And here’s why. 

There’s a big difference between these two images:

Sectional made from a left facing loveseat and a right facing chaise

The difference here is that the first picture is constructed of a right arm facing loveseat, with a left arm facing chaise.

The second picture is the opposite. A left arm facing loveseat with a right arm facing chaise.

If this sounds like mumbo jumbo, the important take-away here is that the sofa arms are a huge consideration, as it will determine what and how you can build from there.

This sectional cant grow any further as the arms are preventing further attachments
How do we grow from here?

Remember: You are restricted to what modules you can attach to the sofa wherever there is an arm.

Which is why some brave folk pick armless sectionals. They can fit just about anywhere and in almost any configuration.

Though, while the flexibility is wonderful, the thought of not having an armrest would make some of us squeam.

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Armless sectional Soderhamn that can be configured however you want

Choosing the parts

Figured out where to put your sectional and how you want it to look?

Great. Now it’s time to choose the parts to construct it.

While there are already hosts of ready-to-order configurations, you may want to customize it to your exact taste.

Here’s what you need to think of:

Using as few parts as possible

If you’ve ever shopped around for mattresses, you would find that ordering two single units is more expensive than a queen sized.

This is the same when it comes to sectional couches. The less parts used in the configuration, the cheaper.

Look at these two photos:

One is constructed with a corner unit with two loveseats (3-parts)

And the other is made of a loveseat and a 3-seater sofa (2-pieces)

Generally and if all else were equal, the three piece sectional would cost more.

So unless you specifically want the corner unit (perhaps as a means to pull it out as an armchair), it would be best to go for the cheaper option.

Speaking of features here are some other parts you may want to consider for their functionality

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Parts, parts, parts


Wanna know what people go crazy for? Sectionals with a chaise.

Chaise sofas are a dream come true for hosts and nappers alike! Need a bed for a guest or just need to sprawl out after work? 

These have got you covered.

The best thing is, many sectionals already come with a chaise in the standard configuration.


Need something more versatile than the chaise module but want to get a similar effect?

Try attaching an ottoman (footstool) to extend the sofa

Ottomans can be used to extend the sofa and nap on, much like a chaise

Did we mention you can get footstools and chaises with built in storage?

In fact, some sectionals are designed to maximize storage space. 

Talk about functional furniture.


What about corner units? Naturally, they are very important in extending the sofa.

When coming to corners, remember that most of them come boxed-shaped. This leaves little room for the legs and isn’t really a fully functional seat.

The boxed corner is handy for giving the sectional an angular and classic “L” appearance and is great for sectionals intended to fit snugly into the corner of a room.

The rounded corner on the other hand provides more seating and is a great solution for rooms without much space to work with. They aren’t very common though.

Sofa Beds

Wish you had extra accommodation in your house but don’t have space? Just pop open the sofa bed and you’ve got an extra room.

This module isn’t very common but is useful to turn your sectional into a full-fledged sofa bed.

They also have the added benefit of being discreet, tucked away without a trace into the sofa.

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You’d need to go hunting for a quality recliner sectional as these aren’t easy to get right. They are also much less typically sold than the standard configurations.

Yet, they are gaining popularity for reasons that are easily understood.

Doesn’t that just look inviting to sit on? It’s got a real plop down after work kind of feeling.

Some are even electric powered for some over the top extravagance.

Snobbish? A little, but say what you will about these, they make for wonderful sleeper chairs. Powered variants are especially great for the elderly.

Got all that? Great! You are now informed enough to choose a sectional.

Just remember to read through this again and measure the floorspace you have to work with before making a final decision.

Also very important is the fact that sectionals, especially the large ones are a nightmare to move

You’d have to disassemble each module and ensure each can fit through the door or balcony. 

The sectional configuration must also be able to work in the destination.

Keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, we are officially done with the technical stuff. 

Stay on if you would like to know some of the best sectionals you can buy in 2020.

We’re diving right in:

Best sectionals you can buy right now for any living room

Need ideas for the perfect sectional for your living room? We are here to help.

Here’s our list of the best sectionals you can get right now – broken down by category. 

The list puts huge emphasis on the “overall package” you can get for the price.

Value for money, comfort, construction, durability and user experiences are leading factors.

So don’t be surprised that grand sectionals in the $5000 and above range don’t make the final cut. 

Pick your poison and rest assured in your choice: 

  • Best Overall Sectional (Vimle)
  • Best IKEA Sectional (Ektorp)
  • Best Small Sectional (Rivet)
  • Best Cheap Sectional (Poundex)
  • Best Large Sectional (Lounge II)
  • Best Leather Sectional (Sven)
  • Best Sectional Couch Covers to customize and renew your sofa

Here we go:

It’s no secret that we love IKEA products. In fact, we make products to hack their sofas.

They are affordable, of good quality, and easy to buy. The Vimle is no exception.

We even have a full review written on it.

In summary:

The Vimle is by no means the ultimate sofa. Then why is Vimle our pick for best overall sectional?

Because it’s so good at being a sectional

The Vimle has a huge selection of modules to grow it exactly how you want. Sofa beds, chaises, corner seats, headrests, armrests, ottomans, etc. 

The Best Sectional Sofas Of 2020 And How To Pick Them

Some of the various modules for the Vimle
Just some of the Vimle’s modules

You get it, the sofa is extremely versatile. 

Did I mention the chaise module and ottoman come with storage space? 

There’s also a really neat hidden sofa bed module for all your guest needs.

Who even designed this thing?

It’s like an all-in-one swiss army knife sofa. It’s so functional.

Heck, even the couch covers can be swapped out and washed for easy maintenance. Further customization is also an option with our slipcovers.

This emphasis on functionality is also reflected in the contemporary design. It’s a safe, versatile design that blends with so many looks.

But that’s not all, being an IKEA sofa means some level of comfort and durability is guaranteed. And it does deliver on that.

So what do we have?

In essence, the Vimle really is a sectional for just about everyone. It’s easily-available, adaptable, comfortable, well-built, stylish and delivered at the non-exclusive price point that IKEA is known for.

And that makes it our best sectional sofa. 

After all, it is one of IKEA’s most popular sectionals for a reason.

Best Ikea Sectional

The IKEA Vimle has already taken the spot for the best overall sectional. 

By default it is the best IKEA sectional too.

However, this doesn’t mean IKEA’s other sectionals are lacklustre by any means.

Not feeling the Vimle and want more options? Take a look at the IKEA Ektorp.

Like the Vimle, we have a full review of the Ektorp.

Here’s the gist:

Not looking for a whole ton of extra features? Just want a tried and tested comfortable sectional without breaking the bank?

The IKEA Ektorp is your choice.

This couch is possibly IKEA’s most successful offering, an international best seller. 


Because in essence, the Ektorp basically has no flavour. It was designed to be the sofa for the mass market.

Is that bad? Of course not. 

It’s built to be a great sofa and that’s what it excels in.

Unassuming with a very classic round arm sofa look, you’d be surprised that the Ektorp is the ultimate in IKEA comfort.

The highly resilient foam in the cushions are plush with just the right amount of support to prevent that feeling that the couch is eating you .

Numerous customer experiences vouch that these cushions hold up over many years of hard use. Surprising quality for a budget couch.

On the topic of budget, it’s also virtually unbeatable in the IKEA range with a Ektorp 3 seat L-shaped sofa with a chaise going for as low as $499.

That one may not be a sectional, but it looks like one and may be what you’re searching for.

They do however offer a 4 seater sectional for $800. It comes in a 3-piece consisting of two love seats and a corner module.

Unfortunately, the only downside is the fact that the Ektorp isn’t modular and cannot be expanded.

It can’t be configured either. You won’t be playing tetris with this one.

The lack of choice is pretty much the only downfall.

In other words it’s the opposite of the Vimle, a supremely safe choice for those who want a sofa (or sectional in this case) without the additional bells & whistles.

It’s the perfect classic sofa for those who want something super comfortable and affordable without thinking too much.

It’s 2020 and the era where buying furniture online is commonplace, which is exactly where you’ll find the Rivet Revolve Modern Reversible Sectional Chaise Sofa.

A great contender for the perfect “apartment-sized sectional”, this Rivet makes an interesting addition to the list, being part of Amazon’s own upcoming furniture brand. 

What makes this great?

Measuring just under 80 inches(203cm), this little couch will fit into just about any living room, no matter how small.

Easy to order and boasting a budget-friendliness (roughly $800) that rivals IKEA, the quality you get is quite frankly hard to beat.

For starters, the couch is very comfortable, featuring supportive cushy cushions. They have a sort of medium firmness that you can sink into but still get out of  easily.

It’s also wonderfully built, with a sturdiness that will last for years.

Tie all of that with a mid century styled minimalism and you get a wonderful couch for a small, modern home.

In short, the Rivet Revolve Sectional is almost perfect, putting many of the more established sofa brands to shame for a fraction of the price.

There’s almost nothing to hate. 

While this small sectional sofa doesn’t have many flaws, it’s not for everyone.

In an ideal world, the couch should have washable slipcovers to simplify cleaning. This one doesn’t so be careful dirtying it or prepare to scrub.

There’s also the obvious fact that it’s small, going against what some people may want in their sofa. You won’t be hosting parties on this thing.

On top of that, it is unfortunately not very “moddable”, offering not much room to grow it according to your needs.

This of course may change down the line if Rivet sells more sections to expand their sofa, but right now the only thing you can shift around is the position of the chaise.

All in all, this little apartment sofa is very popular and simply amazing, attaining an overall review of 4.6/5 from the hundreds of Amazon buyers.

Of course, ordering furniture without trying it first is always daunting, but hopefully a good enough case has been made to jump in on the Rivet Revolve.

The Lounge II by Crate & Barrel is the best large sectional sofa. 

Priced at almost $3000 for the two-piece loveseat sofa and chaise, this couch is certainly not cheap.

Does it deserve top spot in this category though? 

Yes it does. Here’s why:

Branded by Crate & Barrel themselves as “oversized modern seating”, the Lounge II delivers on that promise, and more.

The sofa itself is huge and feels huge; that’s not just because they offer plenty of modules to expand it to whatever size you want.

Despite measuring 124x64x25 inches (315x162x63.5 cm), the real secret to how big this couch feels lies in the seating depth.

It’s much deeper than typical with a depth of 29” (74cm). 

Yup, if the name of the chair wasn’t enough of a giveaway, it’s meant to be lounged on. As in, you would be hard pressed to sit normally. 

In fact, your legs may not even touch the floor. It will make you feel like a kid again.

At this point, it should be mentioned that since this is the best large sectional review, we are talking about the standard Lounge II.

If the prospect of “lounging” doesn’t excite you, the good news is that the Lounge II petite has a much shallower seat depth for the real seating experience.

And they are both so, so, so comfortable.

That’s right, the Lounge II was made specifically to prioritize comfort. 

It’s low, it’s deep, it’s inviting and it comes with beautiful, thick fabric covers.

All of this on a couch that’s already on the softer side with equally soft back cushions make for the ultimate napping couch.

Pile in and sink in, it’s great as a makeshift guest bed or for cuddling on movie nights.

That’s really all there is to say about it.

So, if size-appropriate isn’t the word of the day and you don’t mind splurging (and waiting) for one of these, then you’ll be getting what you pay for.

That says a lot given the price is $3,000 and up for fabric versions and over $5,000 for its leather variant (though we recommend a different couch for best leather sectional). 

It’s an investment. After all, C&B don’t skimp on the production process and the sofa is made in America from kiln-dried hardwood. 

That is quality stuff that should hold up for years.

In conclusion, the Lounge II is a safe choice. It’s flexible and modern design make it suitable for most homes; it’s simply top quality and perfect for a large sectional.

Check out the rave reviews on the site and various blogs or drop into a showroom and see if you like it.

The best cheap sectional is the Honbay convertible sectional sofa.

Priced incredibly at $315 at the time of writing(including shipping), it costs almost half of typical entry level sectionals. This price of course is subject to the third party selling price on Amazon so don’t be shocked if it fluctuates. 

Cushions are on the firmer side but still decently comfortable. They are slipcovered in rather soft fabric and have zippers to remove them for washing, which is a convenient surprise.

Size-wise, the sofa isn’t very big at all and is more suited to small living rooms… and people. It can still comfortably sit two, though those more vertically gifted may find the lounge too short for them to fully sprawl out on.

As a sectional, there isn’t much to write home about as it isn’t modular, though the footstool is movable and the cushions can be removed and shifted about. This means you can position lounge cushion on whichever seat you want on the sofa.

They can also be flipped around to hide stains.

Basically this is a very cheap sectional that has really managed to stretch what you get for the dollar.

Make no mistake when reading this, “better than expected” is the word and this is unexpectedly good for what you pay for in the comfort and durability departments.

In fact, it’s rated quite highly on Amazon.

But there’s only so much you can stretch money and it’s no competition against other value-for-money monsters that are priced a couple of hundred higher like the Rivet Revolve and IKEA Ektorp (both mentioned earlier in this article).

So if you can afford to pay the extra, those two would be recommended.

Ultimately, if you must have a cheap sectional or want this as a secondary to your existing couch, consider getting the Honbay, it’s sturdy enough to last a couple of years without rough use.

Just make sure to read the reviews first to know what you’re expecting.

The Sven sofa is amazing.

Mid-century styled and packing some incredible comfort, Article’s Sven presence is striking.

Deep and inviting, this sectionals’ one piece seat cushion is made with just the right firmness and prevents remotes, snacks, and you if you’re taking a nap, from being swallowed up.

The 7(ish) inch down-filled back cushions are definitely not the firmest, and have a spring to them. They also come with some cylindrical pillows for back support.

What puts this sofa in our top list however, is how well it hits above it’s price tag

Costlier than IKEA for sure, but justified. It looks as good as many of the upscale brands with longevity that even surpass some of them. Comfort is on par too.

It does this all while being a couple of hundred cheaper than the “premium brands” which makes it a great choice for a mid-priced sectional sofa in all its variants.

But what about the leather?

The leather is what makes the Sven really shine.

It’s by no means cheap, but paying $3,000 for a leather sectional sofa in full-grain aniline leather tanned in Italy is a steal.

Yes, that is basically the most expensive leather and that kind of premium will cost you a lot of money for a similar thing from established well known brands.

One word of caution is to know exactly what you’re getting in to dealing with this kind of leather.

Not a fan of leather sofas? That’s fine too. The other variants are also very well received with great workmanship.

Downsides? Well, there are some:

Firstly, this set is great all around, but isn’t very customizable with little to no choice of buying additional sections to expand the sectional.

Also, being upholstered, this isn’t the easiest couch to maintain and there is no option to pop-on a sectional slipcover to renew your Sven.

Especially true for the velvet material, it can stain pretty easily and they will be quite noticeable.

Stains can fortunately be cleaned almost in entirety with upholstery cleaner. The leather variant is also much easier to maintain.

But still, you have to question if this is what you want for a household with rambunctious kids or pets.

Additionally, the back cushions for the Sven are debated somewhat as while most find them fine, there are also a handful who think they are too soft. 

Also, they need to be fluffed pretty occasionally in order to maintain their shape, which feeds into the maintenance aspect.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference but if you’re particular about this, it might be best to avoid this sofa or find a way to stuff the cushions yourself.

One last “issue” would be the fact that the leather variants may not look as advertised on the site. This is due to them needing time to age and develop it’s patina.

This takes time and is the hallmark of quality leather, but for the Svens that don’t see much use, it may feel like an eternity.

Consider getting a darker shade in this circumstance.

Overall, Article has seen some pretty great reviews for their furniture, and the Sven is one of their most popular for good reason.

With an extraordinary return policy, beautiful colors, lots of variants and a non-exclusive price tag, the Sven is our pick for the best leather sectional sofa, as well as the best mid-priced sectional.

Customizing the sofa material and making it last

And now you know everything there is to know about choosing sectionals.

Happy hunting!

Thinking of getting a sofa slipcover? Take our slipcover fabrics for a test run here: