The Best Roomba Robovacs for 2021

Robotic vacuums have revolutionized home cleaning, and Roomba leads the charge. As we move through 2021, the market is flooded with options. But, which Roomba models stand out? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best Roomba robovacs for 2021, helping you make an informed decision. Whether you need a budget-friendly option or the latest high-tech model, we have you covered.

Understanding Roomba Models

Before diving into our top picks, let’s understand what makes Roomba unique. These robovacs are designed to provide efficient cleaning with minimal human intervention. They navigate around your home using advanced sensors, mapping technology, and even artificial intelligence in some models. Roomba vacuums come in various series, each with its own set of features and price points.

Roomba Series Overview

  1. Roomba 600 Series: Entry-level models, great for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Roomba 800 Series: Mid-range options with better performance and features.
  3. Roomba 900 Series: High-end models with advanced navigation and cleaning capabilities.
  4. Roomba i Series: Cutting-edge technology, smart mapping, and powerful suction.
  5. Roomba s Series: Premium models with the best features and performance.

Now, let’s dive into the best models for 2021.

Top Roomba Models of 2021

1. Roomba i7+

The Roomba i7+ is a game-changer in the world of robotic vacuums. It comes with a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, allowing the robot to empty itself for up to 60 days. This feature alone makes it a standout.

  • Advanced Navigation: The i7+ uses Imprint Smart Mapping to learn your home’s layout.
  • Powerful Suction: Its 10x suction power compared to the 600 series ensures deep cleaning.
  • Smart Integration: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.
  • Customizable Cleaning: You can schedule cleanings and specify areas to avoid.

2. Roomba s9+

The Roomba s9+ is the pinnacle of robotic vacuums. It combines all the best features of the i7+ and adds even more power and intelligence.

  • Superior Suction: With 40x suction power of the 600 series, it handles pet hair and debris effortlessly.
  • PerfectEdge Technology: Designed to clean corners and edges with precision.
  • Self-Emptying Base: Like the i7+, it has a Clean Base that holds up to 60 days of dirt.
  • Advanced Sensors: Uses vSLAM navigation to create detailed maps of your home.

3. Roomba 960

For those looking for a balance between performance and price, the Roomba 960 is an excellent choice. It offers many high-end features without the premium price tag.

  • 5x Suction Power: Better than the 600 series but more affordable than the i7+ and s9+.
  • Intelligent Navigation: Uses iAdapt 2.0 with vSLAM technology for efficient cleaning paths.
  • Smart Home Integration: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Recharge and Resume: Automatically returns to its base, recharges, and continues cleaning.

4. Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 is ideal for pet owners. It combines strong suction and high-efficiency filters to handle pet hair and allergens effectively.

  • Powerful Suction: Offers 5x suction power of the 600 series.
  • Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes: Prevent hair tangles and maintain close contact with floors.
  • High-Efficiency Filter: Captures 99% of cat and dog allergens.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Control it via the iRobot HOME App, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

5. Roomba 675

If you’re new to robotic vacuums or on a tight budget, the Roomba 675 is a solid entry-level model. It offers essential features without breaking the bank.

  • Affordable: One of the most cost-effective Roomba models.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System: Loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt and debris.
  • Adaptive Navigation: Uses sensors to navigate around obstacles and under furniture.
  • Wi-Fi Connected: Can be controlled via the iRobot HOME App.

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a Roomba, it’s important to consider several key features. These will determine how well the vacuum meets your needs.

Suction Power

Higher-end models like the s9+ offer superior suction power, making them ideal for homes with pets and heavy traffic areas. Entry-level models provide adequate cleaning for lighter tasks.

Navigation and Mapping

Advanced models use sophisticated navigation systems to map your home and clean efficiently. If you have a large or complex floor plan, investing in a model with smart mapping, like the i7+ or s9+, is beneficial.

Self-Emptying Base

A self-emptying base, available in models like the i7+ and s9+, offers convenience by reducing the frequency of manual emptying. This feature is particularly useful for busy households.

Smart Home Integration

Compatibility with smart home systems allows for easier control and automation. Most Roomba models can be connected to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Battery Life and Recharge

Longer battery life ensures your Roomba can clean larger areas without needing frequent recharges. Models with the recharge and resume feature, like the 960, can automatically return to their base, recharge, and continue cleaning.

Filter and Brush Systems

High-efficiency filters and advanced brush systems are essential for homes with pets or allergy sufferers. The e5, with its rubber brushes and high-efficiency filter, excels in this area.

Comparing Roomba Models

Performance Comparison

Model Suction Power Navigation Technology Self-Emptying Base Smart Integration Price Range
Roomba i7+ 10x Imprint Smart Mapping Yes Yes High
Roomba s9+ 40x vSLAM Yes Yes Very High
Roomba 960 5x iAdapt 2.0 No Yes Mid-High
Roomba e5 5x Standard Sensors No Yes Mid
Roomba 675 Standard Standard Sensors No Yes Low

Feature Comparison

Model Battery Life Brush Type Filter Type Pet Hair Handling Customizable Cleaning
Roomba i7+ 75 minutes Dual Multi-Surface Rubber High-Efficiency Filter Excellent Yes
Roomba s9+ 120 minutes PerfectEdge Technology High-Efficiency Filter Excellent Yes
Roomba 960 75 minutes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes High-Efficiency Filter Good Yes
Roomba e5 90 minutes Dual Multi-Surface Rubber High-Efficiency Filter Very Good Yes
Roomba 675 90 minutes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes AeroVac Filter Good No

Choosing the Right Roomba for Your Home

When selecting the best Roomba for your home, consider your specific needs and budget. Here are some scenarios to help you decide:

For Pet Owners

Pet owners will benefit most from the Roomba e5 or s9+. Both models excel at handling pet hair and allergens. The e5 is a budget-friendly option, while the s9+ offers premium features.

For Large Homes

Large homes require vacuums with advanced navigation and long battery life. The Roomba s9+ is ideal with its superior mapping and 120-minute battery life. The i7+ is also a strong contender with its smart mapping and self-emptying base.

For Budget-Conscious Buyers

If you’re on a budget, the Roomba 675 is a great entry-level option. It provides essential cleaning features without a hefty price tag. The Roomba e5 offers more advanced features at a slightly higher price.

For Smart Home Enthusiasts

Those who prioritize smart home integration will appreciate the Roomba i7+ and s9+. Both models work seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant, offering convenient control and automation.

Maintaining Your Roomba

To keep your Roomba running smoothly, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Empty the Bin: Regularly empty the dustbin, especially if your model doesn’t have a self-emptying base.
  • Clean the Brushes: Remove and clean the brushes weekly to prevent hair and debris buildup.
  • Replace Filters: Replace the filters every two months to maintain optimal performance.
  • Check the Wheels: Ensure the wheels are free of hair and debris to maintain mobility.
  • Update Firmware: Keep your Roomba’s firmware updated for the latest features and improvements.


Choosing the best Roomba for 2021 depends on your specific needs and budget. The Roomba i7+ and s9+ are top-of-the-line models with advanced features and superior performance. The Roomba 960 and e5 offer a balance of performance and price, while the Roomba 675 is an excellent entry-level option.

By understanding the key features and comparing the models, you can make an informed decision that suits your home and lifestyle. With regular maintenance, your Roomba will keep your home clean and fresh, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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