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Vancouver is a beautiful coastal area located on the coastal port of Western Canada. It is also considered among the top five cities for their quality of life and liveliness. If you are a tourist and are planning your trip to Vancouver with family, friends or loved ones then you are at the right place. Many are amazing Amusement Parks In Vancouver You can enjoy which will make your trip extra fun.

The beauty of Vancouver will definitely attract you with its architecture. Previously Vancouver was known as Gastown and at the present time there are many beautiful places to visit with it. Vancouver Theme Park. Since amusement parks are the major attraction here, we are going to get more information about the amusement parks here so that you can get a proper guide and not face any kind of complications during your journey.

7 Best Amusement Parks In Vancouver

The amusement park in Vancouver is a great place to relax and enjoy it with travelers and friends and family. Below is the list of the best amusement parks in Vancouver:

1. Wild wave water park and enchanted village

It is a water and amusement park of its kind in Washington. It is the largest fun park in the Pacific North West with around 29 rides and a variety of attractions. You are definitely going to have fun here, you have the option to buy tickets for the amusement park or water park. You can also get tickets for both, it’s all up to you.

Address: 36201 Enchanted Pkwy, Federal Way
Time: 10 Am to 6 Pm
ticket price:
for adults: $ 29.99
For Senior Citizens and Children: $ 16.99

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2. Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone is another type of fun and adventure where you can enjoy a high level of fun. The major attractions of the adventure zone are the giant corkscrew slide, rainbow bridge, ride zone, carousel, skiball, fishball mania and monster drop. You can also get a chance to win tickets and prizes by playing some type of game inside.

Address: Cartwright Street Suite 230 Vancouver, BC
Time: 10 Am to 6 Pm
ticket price: $ 10 (approx)

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3. Playground

It is a high demand adventure and Amusement Parks In Vancouver Where you can enjoy with your family. Here you can enjoy more than 35 rides along with other attractions. For summer time it would be best to have fun in Playland and can also buy advance tickets to free yourself from standing in long queues. Children under 3 years of age are free to enter with an adult.

Address: 2901 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Time: Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 6pm
ticket price:
For people over 48 For: $ 36 (online) and $ 38 (over the counter)
For people under 48 For: $ 26 (online) and $ 28 (over the counter)
For seniors: $ 19
Children (under 3 years): free entry

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4. Granville Island Water and Amusement Park

This is one of the great Amusement Parks In Vancouver Where you can travel for free. It is necessary that children who want to enjoy the water slide should be at least 3’6 children. If you are planning your trip to Granville Island Park in a long group then you will need to book in advance as large groups without bookings are prohibited in the park.

Address: 1318 Cartwright St., Vancouver, BC
Time: 10 Am to 6 Pm
ticket price: free

5. Confederation Park

This is another top rated family park where you can enjoy the rest of your day. You can also take a ride in the Model Steam Railway which operates on weekends only in summer time. There is an outdoor water sports area where you can also enjoy swimming. Apart from this, other attractions in the Confederation Park are tennis, spray pool, indoor pool, ball diamond, lacrosse box, etc.

Address: 4709 Pandora St., Barnaby, BC
Time: 10 Am to 8 Pm
entrance fees: free

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6. Flyover Canada

This is one of the great Theme parks in canada vancouver With superb ride and charm. For tourists, it should always be like a journey. To enjoy thrilling rides and traditional cinema, you must take a trip here, for which it is famous.

Address: 999 Canada Place Unit 201 Vancouver
Time: 10 Am to 9 Pm
entrance fees: $ 28

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7. Fox’s Dane

If you want to enjoyIndoor amusement park in vancouver So Fox’s Den is going to be a good choice for you. Here you will find many rides along with water fountains. It is also named Splash Park.

Address: 1151 Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Time: open 24 hours
entrance fees: free

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We are pretty sure that after learning about these amusement parks, you too are planning a trip to Vancouver, Canada. This is definitely going to be a lot of fun, so plan your trip to Vancouver with TravelTriangle will guide you all the way through the amusement park in Vancouver. Travel Triangle will help you get all the necessary details and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Frequently asked questions about amusement parks in Vancouver

Q) Which theme parks are there in Canada?

a) There are plenty of theme parks in Canada where you can enjoy many rides including roller coaster rides. The list of amusement parks in Canada for adventure lovers is given below:
1. Callaway Park, Calgary
2. Galaxyland, Edmonton
3. Wonderland of Canada, Vaughan
4. La Ronde, Montreal
5. Playland Amusement Park, Vancouver

Q) How much does PNE cost?

a) PNE is one of Playland Amusement Park Amusement Parks In Vancouver. Since it is one of the busiest amusement parks during summers, it is always advisable to take an advance ticket a day before your trip. This will save you a lot of time and help you to have fun with your family and loved ones. The ticket price for PNE is as follows:
1. 48 (for people over: $ 36 (online) and $ 38 (over the counter)
2. For those under 48): $ 26 (online) and $ 28 (over the counter)
3. For Senior Citizens: $ 19
4. Children (under 3 years): free admission
5. If you book tickets online then it will be cost effective.

Q) Is there an amusement park in Seattle?

a) Yes, Seattle has many amusement parks where both children and adults can enjoy. The list of amusement parks in Seattle is as follows;
1. Wild waves and enchanted villages
2. Seattle Great Wheel
3. Wings on Washington
4. Laser Quest Federal Way
5. Great Wolf Lodge

Q) Which amusement parks are in Washington state?

a) Washington has various tourist attractions and amusement parks that one can enjoy. Washington has theme parks, amusement parks and water parks
1. Country Mercantile, Pasco
2. Riverfront Park, Spokane
3. Puyallup Fair, Puyallup
4. Rimlinger Farm, Carnation
5. Wild Waves and Enchanted Forests, Federal Way

Q) Is there an amusement park in Oregon?

a) Although there are not many amusement parks in Oregon, yes, you can have fun in some of Oregon’s best parks. There are many places to visit like,
1. Oregon Theme Park, Salem
2. Oaks Park, Portland
3. Evergreen Wings and Waves Park, McMinnville
4. Splash at Lively Park, Springfield
5. North Clackamas Aquatic Park, Milwaukee

Q) Is there a Disneyland in Seattle?

a) Yes, in Seattle you can feel like Disneyland. There is a new ride over Washington which is also known as Minor Landing in Seattle. Similar technologies are being used in rides similar to Disneyland in California.

Q) Seattle has six flags?

a) Six Flags is a big name in itself with over 26 parks and franchises operating internationally. In Seattle, there is no branch of Six Flags, but of course you can enjoy similar rides and facilities in other parks. You can enjoy a roller coaster ride available in various parts of Seattle.

Q) Wild Waves is a six flagged park?

a) Yes, now wild waves fall under six flags since the year 2000. Jeff Stock has sold Six Waves to Wild Waves for $ 19.3 million.

Q) Is Alice shutting down?

a) No, the glits are not closing in the near time. It is undergoing some replacement so that it can serve visitors better. A development project called The River Meal has started to take shape in 2019.

Q) How far is the federal route from Seattle?

a) The federal route is about 19.64 miles from Seattle. It will take about 25 minutes to reach Federal Way by car. If you drive non-stop it will take less than half an hour depending on your driving speed

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