The Best Places to Buy Plants Online

The Best Places to Buy Plants Online

There is a reason why Bobby Berk fills every house Queer Eye with plants: you Add life to every room, Purify your air, and boost your mood. With new online plant delivery services, it’s also easier than ever to update your home with greenery.

Yes, it is now possible to mail live plants and have them arrive intact (and blooming!) A few days or even hours later on your doorstep. While you can always get recommendations from your local kindergarten, online stores offer more variety than ever before, not to mention Subscription services so you can get new decor at the reg.

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To find out which suppliers have refined the art of growing, packaging and shipping plants, we have currently ordered indoor plants from the most popular brands in the game, including superstores such as Amazon, Florists like UrbanStemsand companies such as The threshold and Flower landscape.

Before you buy a plant, you should Think about which types suit your lifestyle. If you tend to over-water, get a species that survives frequent over-watering, such as B. Chinese evergreen or peace lilies. If you are more of a leave it and forget the guy, go with drought-resistant succulents or aloe. Pothos, prayer plants and spider plants are also high on the list of gardeners hard to kill favorites.

Ready for gardening? Find the absolute best places to order plants below:

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Best for beginners

The threshold

If you just dip your toe in the garden water, look at that The threshold. This site sells only houseplants with the aim of promoting “plant parenting”. Every new friend not only comes with simple care instructions, but also with them one year warranty with certain types like this marble pothos. (Yes, if you kill it, they’ll send you another one.) Prices range from $ 6 for a small plant in kraft paper to $ 60 and more for larger specimens in fancy pots. Free shipping on orders over $ 75.

Fastest delivery


These florists deliver plants like this bird’s fern in selected cities in just two hours, however UrbanStems also offers nationwide next day free shipping. The plants fall on the more expensive side (from $ 48), but the containers worthy of exhibition are included in the cost and you save on delivery.

Yes, you can order plants Amazon. The online superstore has specimens for just $ 2, but you get what you pay for. Our pothos arrived in their plastic pots in messy packaging and almost no soil. But if you’re okay with keeping a stressed plant healthy again, Amazon is an inexpensive way.

Best for gifts

Flower landscape

No plant in our test was packaged more securely than Flower landscape’s. In addition to the cardboard inserts that held the pot and matching tray in place, a coconut fiber mat and a layer of Spanish moss held in its container. Our prayer plant has already been successfully received and also contains helpful care tips so that you can feel good when you send these gifts to friends with or without a green thumb. Small plants in pots start at just $ 35 and shipping is free for orders over $ 50.

IndoorPlantsLLC$ 14.95

It is not just for the craft. Nurseries across the country sell plants through EtsyThis means that you will find unique varieties and colors that are not available on other websites. While the quality may depend on the seller, our prayer plant is out IndoorPlantsLLC came in secure packaging with the floor still damp – and at $ 15 an absolute bargain.

Best surprise

The Bouqs Company

Our Bouqs The plant arrived and looked healthy and happy … except that the concrete planter was holding a snake plant instead of that prickly looking succulent we ordered. While The Bouqs Company announced that deliveries “may vary slightly from what is shown”, this is a reminder of what can happen when you search for plants online: you never know exactly what you will get!

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