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France in September: Best Places And Events For Your Trip

France in September: This magnificent city of France boasts beautiful tourist spots and a beautiful attraction, which simply makes you want to stay here forever. Nestled in the beauty of Mother Nature, France is located in Western Europe and has unique geographical features. It is an impeccable amalgamation of gastronomic adventures, picturesque landscapes and historical heritage. And in beautiful vineyards, get ready to explore the charm of the magnificent mountains, sun-kissed beaches, France in September. What to see and do in this wonderful country in that month.

France weather in september

Talking about the weather in France in September, it is usually moderate and you can feel the crispness of fresh air around the city. Where temperature is concerned in France in September, it varies from place to place. During this month, the evening gets colder and the sky turns gray. This truly reflects the Alsace / Northeast region of the country with temperatures between 10–21 ° C.

Paris averages 55–70 ° F (13–21 ° C) as well as sporadic rainfall. The highest and lowest temperatures marked in the city of Bordeaux are 58- (3F (12-23C)) with an average temperature of 51F (14C). Saath is within the range of 58- (3F (12-23C)).

France in September
France in September

6 Best Places to Visit in France in September

France will certainly make its destination memorable, boasting breathtaking sights. Standing out from other places, the places described below have captured the hearts of many.

1. Bordeaux

See bordeaux


The earliest times possible are at Khao, Po and Bordeaux. Walk through the streets of Bordeaux which are graceful. This eye-popping destination is located in the region of Aquitaine in the southwestern region of France. Bordeaux is the place where you can experience the sunset. An ideal place to rejuvenate and relax, Bordeaux is a charming city, famous for its growing wine. It is the largest World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The museum, cathedral, church and old mansion attract a wide influx of tourists throughout the year. Do you know what a wonderful destination France is? Yes, its luxurious coffee shop, dining scene, food truck and good wine make Bordeaux the top destination.

Top Attractions: Basilique Saint-Michel, Basilique Saint-Serin, Cathedral Saint-André, Le Grand Theater and Place de la Bourse

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2. Paris

Cover - Paris

Paris is one of the famous tourist destinations in France. A center of culture, food, fashion and architecture, Paris is the capital of France. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous place to visit in Paris. You can see this place from any corner of Paris. The ‘Iron Lady’ shines at night which adds further charm to the city. Paris welcomes all honeymoon with its romantic aura. It is a vibrant European city that boasts of a city charm that reflects world charm. Intricately crafted monuments, river banks, and museums draw tourists from all over the world to Paris.

Top Attractions: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, Louvre, Montmarte and Arc de Triomphe

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3. French Riviera

French Riviera in France


The French Riviera is the best tourist destination located on the Mediterranean coast of France. Scenic beauty, amazing coastline and excellent resorts make the French Riviera one of the top tourist destinations to explore. It is the most glamorous city that has earned a prestigious place in the world map of tourism. The extinct villages and the Cannes Film Festival brought France to the top in France.

Top Attractions: Eze, Monaco, La Colline du Chateau, Menton and Grass

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4. Sacer-Coir

Sacré-Coeur in France


Sacré-Coeur is the most popular destination among tourists and is also widely seen. It is a religious building representing both political and cultural aspects of France. This monument with its endless adoration is dedicated to the precious heart of Lord Jesus. Treating someone’s eye, the Basilica du Sacre Coir will surely captivate you with its stunning white color. Despite the weather conditions and the effects of pollution, this monument is still in pristine condition.

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5. Les Calanique de Cassis, Marseille

Beautiful scenery in france


Surrounded by wonderful surroundings and spacious outdoors, Les Calanques de Cassis is perhaps the best beach in France. In addition, this beach is the center of attraction for all adventurous devils and nature enthusiasts. Snap some amazing pictures on this beautiful beach located in the Mediterranean coast. In addition, there is a Calanic National Park area which is ideal for hiking. Boating is another activity that people can involve in this park. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts where you can enjoy incredible views of aqua blue water.

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6. Palombegia, Corsica

Palombegia River in France


Palambagia has umbrella-shaped pines, magnificent rocks and shimmering gold sand. Under the excellent beaches of France, you can undertake various sports activities such as kayaking, paddle boating, jet-skiing and windsurfing. The major attractions of this place are Lovezi and Cervical. It is the most sorted after the best beaches in France in September that cater to both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

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Top 4 events in France in September

Fond of music, jazz and alcohol? France will definitely fulfill all your wishes. In the month of September, there are lots of events to entertain you.

1. Brady de Lille

Brady de lille in france


Braderie de Lille is France’s top event in September, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. It is a flea market held in the first week of September. Take a stroll through the various stalls set up here. Apart from this, you can attend many concerts that are organized to entertain you. The traditional food of Braderie de Lille is French fries and muscles served at many stalls.

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2. Basque Country Music Festival

Basque Country Music Festival


If you are visiting France in late August or early September, join the event which is France’s premier music festival. The event is held at places like Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz on the coast of the Atlantic.

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3. Feria do Ridge

Horse riding in France


Feria du Ridge is a festival celebrated for two days on the occasion of rice harvesting. It is held in mid-September in the Roman city of France named Arcels. Many vendors sell tasty palas and other dishes, prepared with camarag red rice. This event represents the tradition of bullfighting in France.

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4. Harvest in St. Emilion

Harvest in St. Emilion


Saint-िलियनmilion is a major region for the production of wine and is a city that is just an hour away from Bordeaux. There is a special time crop in Saint-Emilion which is its own set of traditions. The event kicks off with a torch procession.

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Look at the changing colors of Paris in autumn as you arrive this September and you will see why they call it a dynamic city! Visiting Paris in September gives you full chance to see and experience this city with your loved ones. Book your tickets and enjoy your holiday in Paris to see how cute and attractive it makes it!

Frequently asked questions about France in September

Q. France is hot in September?

a. France experiences a warm climate in September. Feel energetic with fresh air and evenings are quite cold this month.

Q. September is a good month to visit Paris?

a. September is the perfect month to visit Paris as the travel rates are comparatively low. Also, you can see Paris in its most beautiful form in the month of September.

Q. Is Paris crowded in September?

a. The main advantage of visiting Paris in September is that all tourist places are less crowded than other months.

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