The Best Password Managers for the iPhone

If you’re like most people, you have pages of long, complex, unique passwords dedicated to unlocking your multiple online accounts, private logins, credit card numbers, and PINs. While you may update and add to this master list, you’re doing all that work yourself.

There are numerous password manager apps to help you deploy each password as needed, while you have to remember only a single password — the one that leads to all the others. Sure, Apple’s cloud keychain works great, but it shouldn’t be your only re.

The main ingredients for the best password managers are top-grade security, ease of use, customer support, and value. Ideally, you want to use apps that feature 256-bit AES encryption or higher, two-factor authentication, password vault checks, and dark web monitoring.

Apps should be easy to set up and sync across all your Apple, PC, and Android devices. Features like virtual private networks (VPN), encrypted storage, auto form filling, encrypted messaging, and emergency access are all necessary elements.

Good customer service is a must, in case of emergency. The price tag for these apps should not break the bank, but rather these apps should ideally provide high-quality free versions, free trials, money-back guarantees, and support for multiple users and families. Here are some of our favorites.

Password Managers
Password Managers


1Password remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to — all you have to remember is the master password to the app. After logging in with Face ID, it helps you create strong, unique passwords and passphrases, fills in user names, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses into websites and apps, and lets you access your information from anywhere.

Its organizational features let you store items in distinct categories with tags and favorites and let you create multiple vaults where you can search via Spotlight.

The app supports team and family accounts for sharing passwords and documents. The app costs $4 per month for individuals or $7 for a family of five. Annual subscriptions cost $36 and $60 respectively. A 30-day free trial is available.


Dashlane fills in all your passwords, payments, and personal details where needed, on the web or on any device. It stores an unlimited number of passwords and lets you access them anywhere. It offers sync of your data to devices on different platforms automatically, creates secure passwords with a built-in password generator, and shares passwords safely.

You can keep personal info like addresses, credit card numbers, and IDs safe, secure, and accessible. You can even log in using Face ID or Touch ID. Dark web monitoring and data breach alerts keep you up to date on who gets their hands on your private information.

Browse safely and anonymously with the built-in VPN. A new account starts with a 30-day free trial of the Premium annual plan — no credit card needed. After that, you can continue with a subscription, or switch to Dashlane Free.


LastPass securely stores your passwords and personal information in its vault and auto-fills your login credentials as well as credit card numbers and health insurance IDs from its encrypted vault. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password.

Simply launch your apps and LastPass — encrypted with bank-level AES 256-bit encryption — fills in your user name and password. Log in with your fingerprint for secure access to all app features and safely share passwords with others or create secure passwords with the built-in password generator.

Multi-factor authentication secures your password vault, adding a second layer of security on your account. You can use LastPass on one device type — computer or mobile — for free. Unlimited device access is available with the app’s premium plan for $36 or a family plan.

Keeper Password Manager‬

Keeper lets you securely store an unlimited number of passwords, generate and auto-fill passwords, and sync and manage passwords on all devices, including mobile, web, tablet, and desktop, for $35 per year. An SOC-2 and ISO27001-certified password manager, it uses AES-256-bit encryption, Elliptic Curve, and PBKDF2 technology.

It locks and protects confidential files, photos, and videos in your vault and organizes your passwords and files into nested folders, subfolders, and shared folders. You can select up to five trusted people to access your account or switch between multiple accounts when you log in.

A family plan for $75 per year keeps your family’s passwords safe, enabled by Touch ID or Face ID. The app lets you generate strong, unique passwords and share passwords or files with trusted people. The BreachWatch service for $30 per year monitors security and public data breaches and notifies you if any occur. The app stores and fully encrypts all of your data in Keeper’s cloud.

SafeInCloud Pr‪o

If you’re looking for a one-time purchase without recurring subscription fees, consider SafeInCloud for $8. It secures your logins, passwords, and private info in an encrypted database that syncs with another phone, tablet, Mac, or PC via a cloud account like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Just buy SafeInCloud and use it on all your iOS devices without any additional fees and share the app with up to five members of your iCloud family sharing group.

Use the app to auto-fill logins and passwords, unlock with either Face ID or Touch ID, access info from your Apple Watch, and generate new strong passwords. It encrypts your data with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Because your database is automatically synchronized with your cloud account, you can easily restore it from a cloud to a new phone or computer. An accompanying desktop app is free and can automatically import your data from another password manager.

RoboForm Password Manager

This app features AES 256-bit encryption and lets you log in to websites with one tap, auto-save new passwords, auto-fill in apps and sites, keep all passwords in a single location, arrange your passwords in any order via a pinned view, and keep all data organized into folders.

Use the app to securely store and edit credit card numbers, bank accounts, license keys, Wi-Fi passwords, contact info, website bookmarks, or any other important information using its Safenotes feature. RoboForm’s password generator creates strong and unique passwords for each site with support for multi-step logins.

The app’s security center identifies weak, re-used, or duplicate passwords and you can add, view, and edit your logins, identities, and Safenotes to sync and access from any device, and import from all major password managers and browsers using the Windows or Mac desktop app. You can also share and sync changes to individual items and appoint a trusted contact to access your data in case of emergency. Yearly subscriptions cost $24, or $48 for families.

Sticky Password Manager & Saf‪e‬

With Sticky Password, your logins, passwords, and other sensitive data are securely stored on your iPhone or iPad and encrypted using the AES-256 standard. All your data is available via a single master password, or you can use your Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN to unlock the app.

The app generates new strong, unique passwords, remembers all your passwords and enters them for you, keeps your logins and credentials secure, and identifies weak, old, and reused passwords.

The app also provides enhanced two-factor authentication, local Wi-Fi sync, password sharing, and offline access to your vault via secure cloud backup.

You can secure text with AES-256 encryption and use it to safeguard your passport, IDs, and software licenses for immediate access on your phone, tablet, and desktop and share passwords with trusted people.

Sticky Password is always free for one device. Each premium license for $27 per year supports the non-profit Save the Manatee Club.

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