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The Best Outdoor TVs for Your Backyard

Serious outdoor entertainers rely on more than just marshmallow roasts and acoustic guitar noodling to keep the bonfires burning and the party thriving. When it comes to entertaining your guests in the lair of Mother Nature (aka, your backyard) with an outdoor TV, you’ll want to be mindful of the electronics you’re buying. If you’re thinking about getting a dedicated TV for watching movies, TV shows, or sporting events in the open air, yes, you can technically place an indoor TV outside, but beware, they are not designed to handle the elements. And even though you may be opposed to investing in something new, keeping a housebound TV outside over long periods of time likely won’t end well. If you want to bring cinematic excitement to your cabana, patio, or porch, an outdoor TV is what you should have your sights set on.

Designed to withstand moisture, intense temperatures, and the harsh UV rays of the sun, today’s leading outdoor TVs share a lot in common with indoor sets, in terms of smart TV content and general operation. As experts on all things audiovisual, whether indoors or outdoors, we think that the 55-inch Samsung The Terrace QLED TV is the best outdoor TV for the money right now. And while it may be the priciest on our list, keep in mind that it has something most of the competing outdoor models don’t: Samsung’s top-tier 4K QLED picture quality. The Terrace range offers a wide color gamut, high color accuracy, and amazing high-dynamic range (HDR) performance. It also has a minuscule bezel and will blend into your patio decor with ease and style.

However, if the price tag is an issue, or if you just aren’t a fan of Samsung, we’ve assembled this roundup of the best outdoor TVs around. Some brands you may recognize, others you may not.

The best outdoor TVs at a glance

The best outdoor TV: 55-inch Samsung The Terrace QLED

The Samsung 55-inch The Terrace mounted outside.

Why you should buy this: You want the Samsung brand name, its premium picture quality, great features, and powerful anti-glare tech.

Who it’s for: Those that want the best when it comes to outdoor TV tech.

Why we picked the 55-inch Samsung The Terrace QLED:

There’s no doubting that Samsung makes some of the most impressive TVs on the market today, but did you know that the company is also a prolific producer of weatherproofed sets? Wrangling in some of the best picture features of their indoor models, Samsung’s The Terrace is an IP55-rated outdoor TV, designed to handle moisture and dust in a semi-enclosed space.

When we say “picture features,” we’re talking about Samsung’s renowned Quantum Dot technology. Engineered to deliver breathtaking color volume and brilliance to your viewing experience, Samsung’s QLED displays are well-known for the near-perfect balance of brightness and lifelike visuals — lighting tech at the core of the phenomenal Terrace TV. Once you add in the TV’s 4K capabilities, anti-glare screen, and 2,000 nits of brightness that will perform well through even the harshest daylight, it becomes clear why this outdoor set is so highly rated.

Samsung doesn’t skimp on additional content, either. The Terrace features Samsung’s incredible smart TV interface (powered by Tizen), letting you and yours connect with the streaming platforms you love the most. Plus, AirPlay 2 compatibility means you’ll be able to instantly cast audio/video from your preferred iOS device directly to the TV.

While this tier of the Samsung 55-inch The Terrace is only designed for partial sun exposure, the company does make a full sun series, too. Save your pennies, though — for the 65-inch The Terrace with full sun protection is almost $10,000!

The best outdoor TV for sound: 43-inch Seura Shade Series 2

The Seura Shade Series 2 43-inch TV mounted outside.

Why you should buy this: You want great picture and sound quality for an outdoor setting.

Who it’s for: Audio enthusiasts that want a sound boost for their porch, cabana, or screened porch.

Why we picked the 43-inch Seura Shade Series 2:

Returning with its second generation of optimized outdoor TVs, the 43-inch Seura Shade Series 2 is built to withstand the weather while delivering picture quality that is beyond exceptional. For starters, the TV’s IP56 rating keeps the set protected from rain, snow, dust, humidity, and insects, and the multi-climate chassis ensures operation as low as -24 degrees and as warm as 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

In terms of actual picture quality, the Seura Shade boasts 4K resolution, LED lighting, HDR, and 700 nits of brightness, ensuring a powerful picture on days where the sun is unrelenting. Unlike the other entries of this roundup, the folks at Seura care just as much about sound as they do picture. While you may be wondering why such a small TV demands such a high price, one reason is that the Series 2 comes with a 50-watt front-facing soundbar. While it won’t blow the roof off your house, 50-watts is quite an upgrade over the typical 20-watt internal speakers of most outdoor TVs.

If you’re looking for smart features, you’ll want to incorporate some kind of streaming device, as the Seura Shade 43-inch Series 2 lacks any onboard access to streaming content. But the weatherproof input compartment is designed to keep your Amazon Fire Stick 4K safe from Mother Nature while adding an RF window for faster response times from your remote to the IR sensors of your streaming device.

The best outdoor TV for extra features: 49-inch Furrion Aurora Partial Sun

The Furrion Aurora 49-inch TV mounted outside.

Why you should buy this: Bells and whistles are a big draw, and you want your outdoor TV loaded with widgets, features, and customizations.

Who it’s for: Those that want their TVs to be packed with preference-based add-ons.

Why we picked the 49-inch Furrion Aurora Partial Sun:

Combining regal beauty with a medley of useful TV features, the Furrion Aurora 49-inch is one outdoor brand you’ll want to pay attention to. All of the fundamentals of great outdoor TV-watching are front and center: 4K resolution, 700 nits of brightness and an anti-glare panel for sunlit viewing, an IP54 rating, and a temperature operating range between -4 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Sadly, HDR is the one major picture feature you’ll find missing on the Aurora that many outdoor brands go out of their way to include these days. But don’t let that one detractor dissuade you.

One of our favorite elements of the Aurora is the myriad of additional TV functions that are tailor-made for an optimized outdoor experience. Chief amongst these add-ons is the Aurora’s ambient light sensor that fights the good fight against Mr. Sun, dimming and brightening the screen as the daylight pervades. There’s also a Child Lock mode, closed captions support, auto-tuning, and a sleep timer in case you leave the post-game show running and your neighbors are starting to glare over the fence. Sure, they’re not the breathtaking smart features of some of the higher-priced sets of this list, but they’re certainly worthy mentions.

Do keep in mind that the Furrion Aurora 49-inch Partial Sun is designed for the partially-shaded parts of your property, like a patio, porch, or cabana. Full sunlight exposure won’t necessarily harm the set, but the viewing experience may be somewhat compromised.

The best outdoor TV for HDR: 55-inch SunBriteTV Veranda

The 55-inch SunBriteTV Veranda.

Why you should buy this: You want top-notch UHD and HDR in an outdoor TV.

Who it’s for: The picture connoisseurs of the great outdoors.

Why we picked the 55-inch SunBriteTV Veranda:

Looking for the perfect outdoor TV for your porch or screened-in deck? The SunBriteTV Veranda 55-inch is a solid bet, bringing the must-have picture features of popular indoor LEDs to an outdoor setting. Designed with a rust-proof aluminum shell to protect your TV from the elements, the Veranda is rated to handle temperatures as cold as -24 degrees and as warm as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of the TV year-round.

Keep in mind that not every outdoor TV is designed for complete exposure to sunlight, which is the case with the Veranda. Ideal for semi-enclosed spots, you’ll want to keep this set under an awning or inside a screened porch to get the most out of the picture. Speaking of which: The Veranda’s 4K LED display shines three times brighter than leading indoor sets, and the screen is designed to reduce glare, making for a vibrant image that looks great at any time of day. For the true picture connoisseurs, there’s also HDR on board, so all of your favorite movies and shows will be showcased with top-notch contrast and color accuracy.

For those seeking a smart TV solution, adding a streaming stick like the Roku Streaming Stick+ may be your best bet, as the SunBriteTV Veranda 55-inch features no built-in apps. That being said, for the price and picture quality the Veranda delivers, it’s a no-brainer for this roundup.

The best outdoor TV for size: 75-inch LG 7-Series Weatherized Elite

The LG 7-Series 75-inch Weatherized Elite TV.

Why you should buy this: You want an outdoor TV in the biggest picture size possible.

Who it’s for: Those that want to watch crystal-clear UHD on an epic screen.

Why we picked the 75-inch LG 7-Series Weatherized Elite TV:

LG is a phenomenal name in the world of TVs, producing some of the most popular OLEDs and LED sets for our homes. But, the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. If you’re looking for the biggest backyard display possible and money is no object, look no further than the LG 7-Series 75-inch Weatherized Elite series.

The 7-Series is equipped with a 4K LED screen, on top of LG’s patented IPS panel technology that delivers top-notch brightness and vibrant colors, along with active HDR support for all your favorite HDR-ready movies and shows. In terms of outdoor usage, the 7-Series is designed for open-area installs, thanks to a hydrophobic treatment that protects the display, inputs, and TV shell from rain and corrosion. The extra-bright display also means you’ll be able to mount this bad boy in near-direct sunlight without experiencing any glare.

If getting Netflix and Hulu outside is important, you’ll be pleased to know LG’s WebOS interface is built right in, allowing access to all your favorite streaming apps. While the price may be a bit on the high side for some buyers, the LG 7-Series 75-inch Weatherized Elite is our go-to pick for a big screen, bringing stellar picture, solid weather-proofing, and smart/voice assistant capabilities (compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant) to the table.

Research and buying tips

What makes a TV an outdoor TV?

An outdoor TV is designed to withstand the elements. Typically, an outdoor set will feature some kind of weatherproof casing that protects the main chassis and connection ports of the television, in addition to screens with anti-glare coatings to cut down on UV bleeding from sunlight. Additionally, outdoor TVs are temperature-protected, allowing you to operate them in cold winter conditions and on the hottest summer days.

What features should I look for in an outdoor TV?

Treat an outdoor TV like your indoor TV purchase. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting core outdoor features like strong weatherproofing, an anti-glare screen, and temperature protection, but when it comes to image quality, be on the lookout for UHD resolution, powerful LED backlighting, HDR, smart features, and whatever else is important to you.

What’s the best placement for an outdoor TV?

Ideally, an outdoor TV should be located in some kind of semi-protected outdoor environment, whether that be under an awning, in a partially enclosed porch, or a similar location. While most outdoor TVs are designed to handle normal rounds of precipitation, the majority of sets are only built for partial-sunlight exposure. It’s not that full sun contact will damage a partial-sunlight TV, but the anti-glare seal may only work to a certain extent.

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