The Best New Beauty Launches Hitting Shelves in October

Photo courtesy of Fancy Face

Limited time bundles, lightening creams, and more.

While neither of us are entirely sure what October is like, we can actually confirm that today is October 1st. And when we mark our eighth month of our “new” normal, what better time to indulge in a little pick-me-up? October has plenty of new beauty product launches to add to your cart – from skin care to makeup to hair care and more.

Discover ten of the best new launches in October below:

Fancy Face ‘La Vie En Rosé’ anniversary bundle in limited edition

new beauty starts in october

What you need to know: In October, the Canadian beauty brand Fancy Face is celebrating its 15th anniversary and opening its first store called The Rosé Room. And to celebrate that, the brand is releasing a limited edition bundle of lips. The bundle includes a brand new shade of creamy lipstick in a shade called Angel and a sheer, creamy lip glaze with a soft sheen in a shade called Whisper. As with all of the brand’s products, both the lipstick and lip glaze are made in Canada and are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and parabens-free. “It’s incredible to celebrate our one year anniversary of the Rosé Room business and have been in the business with these two new products for 15 years,” said Brittany Gray, Founder and CEO, in a press release. “We’ve been working on these offers for months and couldn’t think of a better reason to post them in conjunction with such a big milestone. I think we can all use something to celebrate, feel good about ourselves and what could be nicer than using that perfect lipstick. “

Price: $ 75

Where to get it: The bundle is available exclusively from

Lululemon Super Fine Facial Mist

new beauty starts in october

What you need to know: If you’re at home training hard these days, having Lululemon’s new Super Fine Face Mist on hand isn’t a bad idea. The ultra-fine spray is used to supply the skin with moisture again after training and to mattify the skin (with activated charcoal) and protect