The Best MVNOs for 2020

Your smartphone is your lifeline, but despite its usefulness, the service can be expensive. If you think you’re paying too much for your cellular service, consider using a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) instead of the major, more expensive mobile providers. MVNOs offer the best of both worlds with the same quality of coverage but at a lower price than major carriers. Indeed, they use the same networks as the Big Four – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile – while offering an extremely diverse product line. Best of all, these pay-as-you-go plans provide the ability to get rid of the big bill while getting the most out of your mobile device.

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The best MVNO for unlimited data

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile offers three major plans to fit your budget, backed by an extensive LTE network. In addition to providing almost total national coverage, Metro by T-Mobile offers additional benefits on some plans. Google One is included for customers on the $ 50 plan, and customers on the $ 60 monthly plan now have Google One and an Amazon Prime membership. An even cheaper and leaner plan that includes 2GB of high-speed data per line is now available for $ 30 per month. Metro customers can also access T-Mobile’s national 5G network. You can turn on automatic bill payment for a savings of $ 5 per month and add a plan for your tablet, hotspot, or other connected device to your current service for $ 10 to $ 35 per month. International calls to the US for an additional $ 15 per month are available alongside a large selection of discounted phones.

40 $ $ 50 $ 60
10 GB high speed Unlimited broadband Unlimited broadband
No mobile hotspot 5 GB mobile hotspot 15 GB mobile hotspot
Unlimited music included Google One 100 GB included Google One and Amazon Prime included
Save $ 10 on each additional line Save $ 20 on each additional line Get four lines for $ 120

The best MVNO with lots of coverage

Speak frankly

best MVNO

Straight Talk, a partnership between retailer Walmart and TracFone, has proven to be sustainable over time. The MVNO offers coverage in the big four, while Straight Talk’s monthly plans range from basic $ 30 per month, which includes unlimited texting, 1,500 minutes of calls, and 100MB of data, to $ 60 per month, which adds unlimited calling and texting, plus unlimited data with the first 25 GB at high speed, then at 2G. The new plans allow you to add 1 GB or 2 GB for $ 5 or $ 10 per month, respectively, which does not expire, activates only when you have used up your data allowance, and rolls over if it doesn’t. ‘is not used. Straight Talk doesn’t offer group plans, but does have some great international data options. Since Straight Talk works on all four major carriers, it is compatible with most unlocked phones.

Line cost The data
$ 30 100 MB
$ 35 Unlimited (5 GB high speed)
$ 45 Unlimited (25 GB high speed)
$ 55 Unlimited (10 GB of hotspot data)
$ 60 25 GB (unlimited international)

The best alternative MVNOs

Google fi

best MVNO

Google Fi relies on a combination of Wi-Fi hotspots and three networks – Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular – for the service. It is one of the most innovative and easy to use MVNOs available. Flexible plans start at $ 20 for unlimited calling and texting, while unlimited plans start at $ 70 for a single line. Data is a $ 10 plan for 1GB of 4G LTE, but you only pay for what you use. Corporate Bill Protection means you won’t be forced to pay additional data charges once you reach 6 GB. Data used beyond this limit is limited. Google Fi offers multi-line group plans, which let you add people to a subscription for an additional $ 15 per user per month. Other perks include free tethering, which lets you use your phone as an Internet hotspot, plus free texting and high-speed data access at $ 10 per 1 GB in 200 countries around the world whole. Google Fi is compatible with most phone brands and platforms, although iPhones and some Android handsets do not support Google Fi’s key feature of switching between carriers.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has a good way for you to try out the service before you commit. Test Mint Mobile’s service with a three month contract before making the decision to go on board for a year or more, which breaks down the cost per month to $ 25 with 12 GB of data and $ 15 per month with 3 GB All plans offer unlimited calling and texting, nationwide coverage and 5G or 4G LTE (whichever has the strongest signal). An unlimited plan offers 35GB of high-speed data and 5GB of hotspot data, with an introductory price of $ 30 per month for three months and renewals priced at $ 40 per month. If you need more data, you can buy it for $ 10 per gigabyte. You can use your T-Mobile compatible device and order a SIM card to activate it on your account. Mint Mobile also sells a wide range of phones.



Visible offers great coverage on Verizon’s network to offer a one-time plan – $ 40 for unlimited data on an LTE network without roaming. Also, it increases the discounts as you add more lines to your plan. Visible saves you money with Party Pay, which reduces the cost of multiple lines, as each person is billed separately. Two lines cost $ 35 per line, and three and four lines cost $ 30 and $ 25 each, respectively. Mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps and limited to one device at a time. Wi-Fi calling is available on some phone models. Most iPhone models are supported, along with a limited selection of some popular Android choices, such as the Galaxy S20 and Pixel 4 series. Or just buy a phone directly from Visible.


Ting Mobile is an independent MVNO that leverages the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Ting doesn’t lock you into a specific plan, but rather charges you monthly for the cheapest plan based on your usage and the number of lines you have. Each line costs $ 6 per month. The cheapest use of a line will cost $ 9 per month, including 100 minutes of calls with no text or data. Adding text to the mix adds a minimum of $ 3 to your monthly bill. Ting’s service is solid, but it’s best for people who don’t have heavy data or text usage.

Wireless cricket

best MVNO

Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T and uses the AT&T network. It offers single line plans that start at $ 30 per month for unlimited calling and texting with 2 GB of data and goes up to $ 60 per month. for unlimited calling, texting and data and a 15 GB mobile hotspot. The carrier’s $ 40 per month plans are eligible for Cricket Wireless’ group savings option, which extends a discount to subscribers with two lines or more. You can bring your own phone – check the compatibility on the Cricket website. As for the plan extras, $ 55 per month gets you unlimited texting from the US to 37 countries, as well as data, calls, and texts to and from Mexico and Canada. You can also add one of two international cricket packages to your monthly subscription. Cricket International costs $ 5 per month and adds calls to phones in 35 countries, and Cricket International Extra costs $ 15 and adds unlimited messaging to phones in 35 countries and 1000 minutes of calling to 31 other countries. The Cricket Group Plan offers substantial savings of up to $ 70 with five lines.

Republic Wireless

best MVNO

Republic Wireless was among the first MVNOs to offer calling over Wi-Fi. Like Google Fi, Republic Wireless can switch between Wi-Fi and Sprint and T-Mobile cellular networks. Its My Choice plans start at $ 15 per month for unlimited calling and texting. The most expensive price is $ 25 per month for unlimited calls, texts, and 2 GB of data. All data plans include a mobile hotspot, but no roaming – and there are no international calls, group plans, or family plans. You can bring your own phone to Republic Wireless, but it doesn’t work with iPhones, and not all Android models are supported – check this list first to make sure.

Free Extend Home Unlimited Home Phone service is now included with all My Choice plans, allowing your phone number to work on your cell phone and home phones, connected via an adapter. You can then switch between the phones at will when you are at home. Republic Wireless is not for everyone. However, if you don’t use a lot of data and your phone is connected to Wi-Fi most of the time, its two cheapest cell plans are worth considering.

Boost Mobile

Mike Mozart / Flickr

If you’re looking for a multi-line plan for the family, Boost mobile is here for you, offering discounts for every additional line. There are also international minute packs that you can purchase if you are traveling internationally – they start at $ 3 for 90 days of service, which adds a fixed number of minutes for unlimited international calling and texting for some countries. .

Boost only works with specific smartphones, which is one of the few downsides of the service. Be sure to refer to the compatibility checker before making a change.

Simple mobile

Simple mobile

Simple Mobile operates on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network and sells national and international unlimited talk and text plans. Unlimited plans range from $ 25, $ 30, $ 40, $ 50, and $ 60 per month with unlimited calling and texting, as well as data plans ranging from 3 GB of data to unlimited 4G LTE data, including a hotspot 15 GB mobile.

Simple Mobile rewards users with automatic renewal discounts. They also offer phenomenal support for international travelers as well as excellent coverage of T-Mobile’s extensive network. Upgrade plans include a specific number of minutes for international calling, unlimited international texting, and 4G LTE to 69 destinations.

With Simple Mobile, you can bring your phone from your current carrier, switch to a new phone using its website, or visit one of its many locations.

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