The Best Men’s Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Find the perfect hairstyle and haircut to fit your face shape

Trust us when we say that a strategic hairstyle will make all the difference when it comes to enhancing your face shape. Let’s face it (pun intended), your mug is the source of the money, and your hair should frame it depending on what suits it best. Simple enough, right? The great thing about figuring out your face shape and finding an appropriate hairstyle is that it should work to enhance some favorable features while exaggerating the small dimensions and masking the larger ones. As with dressing and grooming, you need to play to your strengths and find a hairstyle that works for you. Keep in mind that your individual features and coloring will also help determine which hairstyle will look best on you. Luckily, our guide to finding the perfect men’s hairstyles for your face shape will show you the best ways to bring out your best features.

What is my face shape?

First you will need to study your face. Although it sounds a bit weird (and a bit narcissistic), it will help you determine your face shape. Pull your hair back and pay attention to the length and width of the individual strokes. The most important dimensions to focus on are the length of your face, the width of your forehead, and the width of your cheekbones, jawline, and chin. By comparing these dimensions, you will be able to determine your face shape and commit to a haircut and hairstyle that best suits your individual facial proportions. Take the quiz below to quickly find out what the shape of the face is!

How long is your face compared to the width of your face?

Face Shape Quiz Question 2

What is the widest part of your face?

Is your chin pointed, rounded, slanted, or long and slanted?

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Does the outline of your face have angles?

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What is the shape of my face?


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Best hairstyles for face shape

Oval face shape

Oval face shapes are well proportioned and can handle a wide range of different hairstyles and lengths. Since most hairstyles are suitable for this face shape, it all depends on your personal preference on how you style your hair. A conservative banana works well, but there’s also plenty of room to experiment with longer lengths and modernized cuts. Your face shape can support a voluminous pompadour or even longer, shoulder-length hair. Oval face shapes also work well with a shaved haircut and a shaved head.

Oval face shape

square face shape

You work with a strong jawline, which needs to be emphasized. We recommend that you opt for an undercut, which will highlight your particularities. As this face shape is versatile with different hair types, don’t be afraid to experiment with other lengths and styles. We recommend lots of volume when styling your hair, so focus on fullness and add as much product as you want – this face shape can handle a significant amount of hair. A banana works well whether done in a more classic way or with a modern twist. You can also try deeper side parts which will enhance your features.

square face shape

heart face shape

When choosing a hairstyle for your heart-shaped face, remember that you’ll want to balance the top part of your face with the bottom, so keep your hair proportionate to your features. You need to focus on your chin not looking too narrow. Textured bangs or a dimensional quiff will do the trick – just remember that you need to use a lightweight product to make sure you don’t create any out of proportion angles.

heart shaped face

Diamond face shape

Side parts work great for gentlemen with diamond face shapes, so make sure your hair is textured and a little messy, which will complement your facial features better. Textured or angled bangs will also balance the wider proportions of your cheekbones with your forehead, giving a more balanced aesthetic.

Diamond face shape

Round face shape

Your hairstyle should create angles, as naturally round faces lack shape and dimension. To lengthen your face, try a hairstyle with longer proportions at the top and shorter sides. A pompadour or banana will do just that, working to create more dimension and giving your baby’s face a more pronounced look. Note that a side part will also create more angles and give you a more mature look.

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Round face shape

Oblong face shape

When it comes to hairstyles, you should be aware not to lengthen your face further. The trick is to make sure your face doesn’t look longer than it already looks. Pompadours avoided – you will have to opt for more balanced hairstyles without too much distinction between the sides and the top of your hair. A side part will work well, working to give a bit of dimension to a shorter hair length. A slicked back hairstyle or a sleek man bun will also better balance the proportions of your face. Keep in mind that when styling your hair, make sure everything looks neat because you won’t want to add too much volume. Remember to stick to light pomades that will keep your hair neat all day, but won’t add excessive height to your long face shape.

Rectangular face shape


What hairstyle will suit my face?

Rectangle: Avoid adding length, so try a side part, slicked back, or man bun.
Oval: This is the most versatile shape, so go crazy with a pompadour, banana, side part or buzz cut.
Bob: Accentuate your strong jawline with an undercut, banana or side part.
Heart: Balance your narrow chin with a textured side part or banana.
Round: Create angles and elongate your face with a faux hawk, banana or pompadour.
Diamond: Offset your wide cheekbones with textured bangs or a side part.

How do I identify my face shape?

Rectangle: The length of the face is the longest, while the others are similar, and you will have a more angular jawline.
Oval: The face length is longer than the cheekbone measurement, while the forehead is larger than your rounded jawline.
Square: All measurements are similar and your jawline is sharp.
Heart: The forehead is widest, followed by the cheekbones, while the jawline is narrowest, with a pointed chin.
Diamond: The length of the face is longest, with the cheekbones next, then the forehead and a smaller jawline with a pointed chin.
Round: You have a rounded jawline, the cheekbones are wider than the jawline and forehead, but similar in length.

What are the 7 different face shapes?

The seven face shapes are rectangle, oval, square, heart, diamond, round, and oblong.

What is the rarest face shape?

Diamond face shapes are the rarest.


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