The Best LG G7 ThinQ Cases and Covers

The LG G7 ThinQ isn’t the hottest LG smartphone on the market any longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a serious contender in the Android market. The speedy Snapdragon 845 CPU and beautiful 1440p IPS display make the G7 ThinQ one of today’s strongest mobile devices running Android.

You’re going to want to invest in a durable, shockproof case designed to protect the incredible hardware and display on the G7 ThinQ. Below, we’ve selected some of our top picks to shield your LG smartphone.

Speck Presidio Grip

Many smartphone cases provide excellent drop protection, but no one does grip and comfort better than Speck’s Presidio Grip. The iconic design featuring rubberized ridges on the back gives off enough friction to keep your LG G7 ThinQ from falling out of your hand. In the case that it does, the Presidio Grip will safeguard your device with its Impactium material — a band of ridges that reside inside the case to disperse impact. The case is available in a variety of colors, so you’re likely to find one that suits your G7 ThinQ color and your taste.

ProCase Wallet Flip Case

Exquisite, fashionable, and practical are only a few words that describe the ProCase Wallet Flip case. The LG G7 ThinQ is a fairly large device with its 6.1-inch display, and to lessen the heft in your pockets or handbag, you may want to replace your wallet with this accessory. Unlike most wallet cases that may appear bland and one-dimensional, ProCase has kept the same functionality while adding a luxurious aesthetic. Lift off the magnetic closure to reveal three card slots, a pocket to hold cash, and a mirror. When you’re at home or in relaxation mode, the foldable back cover will allow you to prop your phone in landscape mode so you can enjoy all your multimedia content.

Newdery Battery Case

The LG G7 ThinQ may not boost the best battery life with its 3,000 mAh battery, so to get an extra day or two of usage, equip your device with a battery case from Newdery. The case fits like a glove, and the included 4,700 mAh capacity is more than enough to keep your phone running all day. There’s a micro USB-C port on the bottom of the case, so you can charge or connect your phone to a computer without needing to take it out. The power button situated on the back allows you to turn the case on or off at your convenience. Do note that you won’t be able to wirelessly charge your device with this case on.

Scooch Wingman 5-in-1

How many ways can a phone case be useful? In the case of the Scooch Wingman it’s at least five times. Take a look on the back of the Wingman and you’ll find a kickstand that folds out of the phone when needed, and holds the phone in a vertical or horizontal position. This kickstand also works as a car vent mount, and even functions as a hand grip, helping you keep a hold of your device. Even if you do drop your phone, you can be assured it’s well protected, as the Wingman is safe against falls of up to 6 feet and meets military standards. Unfortunately, it is on the expensive side — but if it saves you money on a hand grip, car mount, and stand, then it might well be worth the investment.

Supcase UB Pro with Holster

Protection doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and Supcase is one of those brands that does a great job of offering protection on a budget. A scratch-resistant hard outer shell combines with a soft inner core of TPU to offer protection against a wide variety of threats. In fact, it’s so good that Supcase claims it can handle drops from up to an amazing 20 feet (6 meters). There are dust covers to keep your ports safe, and there’s even a built-in screen protector. Of course, it’s not perfect, and while not an ugly case, it probably won’t be winning any beauty contests any time soon. Still, it’s super0-protective, and it’s great on a budget.

Tech21 Evo Check

Looking for great protection that’s also slim and stylish? Look no further than Tech21’s Evo Check case. It’s slim and light, and comes with three layers of protection to keep your LG G7 ThinQ completely protected. Central to this case’s strength is Tech21’s FlexShock, an ultra-efficient material that absorbs and distributes the shock and energy from drops, keeping it away from your device. It’s so good that Tech21 proudly proclaims that the Evo Check is proof against drops of up to 12 feet. It’s not just good at protection — it looks good while doing it, with a cool pattern of checks and a transparent back that shows off your phone.

Poetic Guardian

Complete protection you can rely on can be tough to find sometimes. Thankfully, that’s not the case for the LG G7 ThinQ, as it’s able to call on Poetic. Made from two pieces —  a soft and flexible TPU outer core and another PC frame inside — the Guardian case provides great protection against a variety of drops, bumps, scratches, and more. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector to make sure that the display stays pristine, and it even comes with dust caps to keep those areas clean and clear. It’s not an unattractive case if you like a certain rugged chic, and it’s covered by Poetic’s three-year warranty.

Incipio Octane

Want a case that’s stylish, but also packs on the protection? Incipio is a well-known name in device protection, and its Octane case is a great way to show off your particular style, while still keeping your expensive glass-covered smartphone safe. It’s made from two materials: Hard Plextonium polycarbonate for the back shell, with soft and flexible Flex2O TPU around it for the case’s bumper. This combination gives a great mix of protection against a variety of hazards, as well as added grip from the bumper. Incipio says its proof against drops of up to 6 feet — and it looks great while doing it, in a fetching Rose Gold color.

StilGut Cover Talis

What’s better than a good leather wallet case? Not much. This classic and elegant wallet case from StilGut is handmade from quality leather, which lends an air of professionalism to your phone while still keeping it well protected. A magnetic closure keeps the case closed while it’s not in use — and also protects your screen from harm — and the cover folds behind the case while not in use. The cover’s inside pockets also have space for credit cards and spare cash, while precise cutouts ensure you can use all your phone’s functions while it stays protected. With an elegant style and good protection, this wallet case is a great choice.

Otterbox Defender Series

For many people, protection begins and ends with the Otterbox Defender. The Defender case for the G7 ThinQ is no-nonsense in its approach to style, offering a thick black oblong that’s as far from the style of other cases as possible. But the protective qualities really are enormous as a result. The thick inner core and outer shell add a lot of thickness to the G7 ThinQ, but it’s a good protective thickness. Raised edges elevate the screen from surfaces, keeping dirt and grit from your display, while port covers stop those same particles from getting into your phone itself. This case also comes with an optional holster that works as a belt clip or kickstand. The Defender is expensive, but it’s simply one of the best protective options around.

Ghostek Exec Wallet Case

Do you like the convenience of a wallet case, but not the fold-over style? Ghostek’s Exec wallet case might be the case you’re looking for. It boasts Ghostek’s usual high quality, with a dual- layer construction that uses the best of TPU and PC to ensure great protection. There’s also a raised bezel to elevate the screen from the ground or other surfaces if it’s placed facedown. This case is also extremely stylish, with cool fabric and leather textures, as well as an integrated metal plate for magnetic mounts. The real draw, though, is the spacious compartment on the back of the case that comes with room to fit up to five credit cards at once.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone Case

Veteran case maker Spigen is well-known for a reason, and its range of well-made protective cases have a lot of fans. The Neo Hybrid case combines a shock-absorbent TPU inner core with a hard outer shell of polycarbonate (PC), providing a good balance of soft and hard that protects against a wide range of hazards. The Herringbone pattern on the TPU core lends a cool style to the case, adding to your G7 ThinQ’s look, and it’s really quite reasonably priced. Spigen boasts of military-grade drop protection, making the Neo Hybrid a strong contender in both protection and style.

Obliq Flex Pro Protective Case

Obliq might be a name that most people don’t recognize, but the company from Southern California has been putting out stellar smartphone cases for the past few years. The Flex Pro is made from flexible TPU — hence the name — and offers a good balance of protection and style. The case is divided into two parts, with a brushed metal texture on the top joined by a carbon fiber look on the bottom. It’s a good combination, and we dig the style. It’s not all style and no substance either — a raised lip around the edges prevents your phone from resting on surfaces, and the shock-absorbing TPU provides military-grade protection against threats. It’s slim, rugged, stylish, and a great addition to your LG G7 ThinQ.

Ringke Fusion-X Bumper Case

Users seeking a case that looks tough and offers serious protection may want to consider Ringke’s Fusion-X case. Combining the best of TPU and PC, Ringke built this bumper case to provide fantastic protection that doesn’t mess around. 

Unlike some other durable cases, the Fusion-X still shows off your style. The clear back allows you to show off the color of your phone, and the case doesn’t detract from the look of the G7 or interfere with any of the cameras.

The certified military-grade drop protection rating comes from the TPU (thermoplastic urethane) bumper around the smartphone’s edges. That durable exterior layer absorbs stress from sharp drops by helping keep the forceful energy away from the phone. With several corners backed by military-grade protection, you can bet that even the most vulnerable spots on your phone are reinforced. 

The transparent PC exterior on the back of the smartphone is strong enough to protect against scratches and helps keep the entire case in place. This particular study case is great for outdoorsmen. While its enlarged bezels may make it difficult to slide your phone in and out of your pocket, they do add a bit of buoyancy to your phone. If you accidentally drop it in mud or water, the larger bezels will help keep it from sinking. The case’s lanyard slot makes it easy to wear your phone around your neck or loop it around a wrist or belt loop to prevent from losing or dropping it somewhere.

We recommend pairing this case with the Qi wireless charging products. Keep in mind, it’s best to apply rings, cardholders, and other adhesive items on flat, even surfaces.

We did spot a couple of potential flaws with this specific phone case. The first is that it lacks a built-in screen protector— you’ll need to buy one separately. Furthermore, while its design does serve a specific purpose, it can be cumbersome to carry around. That said, this case is very affordable and provides reliable protection, so it’s worth at least checking out.

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