The Best Legendary Light Machine Guns in Outriders (& Where

There are many different weapons to find throughout the course of Outriders. This guide shows how to acquire the best Legendary light machine guns.

Throughout the course of Outriders players will come across many different kinds of weapons. There are ten different weapon types overall and within these types are dozens of weapons that range from normal to incredibly powerful and bizarre. Those who hope to do well in Outriders will need to be constantly searching for more powerful weapons to replace their old ones in order to make themselves stronger.

One of the more powerful weapon types that players can acquire in Outriders though is light machine guns. These weapons are capable of huge amounts of damage as well as pretty insane rates of fire. On top of this though the weapons are much easier to handle than LMGs typically are in video games. Having a good LMG on their person is one of the best ways that the player can keep themselves alive. This guide shows players the best Legendary LMGs and where they can be located.

Outriders: The Best Legendary LMGs

The thing about obtaining Legendary weapons in Outriders is that there is sadly no way to earn a specific weapon, and instead players just have to hope that they get lucky when picking up weapons. The biggest trick though is to just try and farm Legendary weapons as much as possible by fighting against strong enemies or completing quests that give them as rewards. This will eventually ensure the player gets the weapons they wish.

Damascus Offering – This weapon is special in that it is best used by players who are trying to focus on their Anomaly Power, which means that they probably won’t be using guns very often. While there are guns that are far more powerful, the Damascus offering scales perfectly with Anomaly focused builds and ensures that those players have a viable weapon to use at all times. This weapon grants the player shots that deal Anomaly damage to nearby enemies and its firepower is increased by 30% of whatever the player’s Anomaly power is.

Grim Marrow – For those who like keeping their enemies at a distance, the Grim Marrow is the perfect weapon for them. This is because anytime that the player shoots an enemy it slows that enemy down, which allows the player to put some distance between them. Further than that though, when an enemy is killed it creates a singularity. This will suck in any nearby enemies and stop them from moving, all the while keeping enemies lined up for more killing shots.

Roaring Umbra – This LMG is useful due to the fact that players can use it at any range to great effect, and it helps greatly against even strong boss enemies. Its accuracy is excellent, which makes firing it wherever very simple. On top of this though it also deals bleeding damage to any enemy that it hits, which makes it perfect for shooting bosses before hiding away somewhere. Players who like to fight up close and personal though can use its Kinetic Stomp ability that damages any enemies within a five-foot radius of the player.

The Reaper – The strongest LMG in the game is by far The Reaper. This is due to the fact that The Reaper has a 23.3% Life Leech stat, which means that the gun is constantly healing the player every time they attack enemies. This alone would make it an incredible weapon, but there is also the fact that every shot also deals weakness to each enemy and it is able to inflict Death Chains every few seconds. This weapon is definitely overpowered.

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