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The Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases and Covers

The iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest of Apple’s latest flagship smartphones, with a 5.4-inch OLED screen, yet it still packs a punch. While not exactly diminutive, the phone is quite pocketable and offers a powerful and up-to-date alternative to users with smaller paws or who just prefer smaller phones. Aside from offering all of the key features of its larger siblings (including a great camera and superb software), it also rocks a similarly wide range of outstanding cases and covers. We run through the best of them here.

Don’t have an iPhone 12 Mini? Then make sure to check out our articles for the best iPhone 12 cases, best iPhone 12 Pro cases, and best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. We put our hands on the vast majority of cases listed here and experienced each for between two weeks and a month. Note that all the cases featured in this roundup for the Mini are also available for all other iPhone 12 models.

Urban Armor Gear Lucent Case

The Urban Armor Lucent Case is an extremely lightweight, tactile plastic covering that’s easy to install and remove. Contemporary and sophisticated, it has a nice solid feel in the hand without being slippery. The back is covered with an extra inside lining with a translucent, progressive microdot pattern. Its soft impact-resistant core offers protection against impact and accidental drops and meets military drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6. The camera and port cutouts and bevel are extremely shallow, though they do rise above the screen and lenses. It’s also available in orange, ice, ash, and Dusty Rose and is compatible with wireless charging and Apple Pay.

Urban Armor Gear Anchor Case

Unlike the Lucent case, the Urban Armor Gear Anchor case is a moderate heavy-duty, shock-absorbing cover with deep portholes and camera protective cutouts. While still stylish and lightweight, it offers a bit more solid protection. Its shell features polished channels in an intense color matte finish. Flexible sides make this case easier to install and remove than most heavy-duty cases, though the corners are stiffer and reinforced. The cover is smooth, not especially tactile, but there’s a nice accent engraving you can feel as your fingers approach the camera, almost like a warning. It also has pattern-reinforced inside backing for extra protection. It comes in aubergine, Dusty Rose, black, or light gray, and is compatible with wireless charging and Apple Pay.

Sonix Clear Coat Series

Lightweight and transparent, the Sonix Clear Coat case goes well with any color iPhone as the gorgeous patterns are superimposed over the back. It’s easy to install and remove, and very flexible. The Sonix does not seem like heavy-duty protection, but the company says that it is 10-foot military drop-test certified with anti-scratch UV coating, so it’s likely stronger than it looks, with ample cutouts for the camera and ports so you don’t have to worry about setting down your phone anywhere. We are particularly impressed with the easy press protective buttons because even though they are well covered, they register readily with a satisfying, responsive click. The cover has a smooth feel with slightly grippy sides — a pleasant and pleasing effect. We tried out the Clear Floral – Southern Floral pattern, but there are 18 transparent patterns if flowers aren’t your thing. It’s also compatible with MagSafe and other wireless charging.


Element Case Special Ops

The Elements Case is a heavy-duty enclosure for your iPhone that has a pleasing clear striped backing, double-reinforced raised and extended corners for mil-spec certification, and a drop rating of 10 feet. The clear backing with contrasting side colors and buttons lets the beauty of your colored phone shine through. Despite its heavier hand at shock-absorbing reinforcement, the case does not add bulk or weight to the phone, and the covered buttons in contrasting colors, and cutouts for all ports worked well. The cutouts for the camera are just enough to keep the lenses from being scratched on hard surfaces and the screen barricade raised corner bevel, while very slight, serves the same purpose. All sides are ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grasp. While it offered a bit more resistance in placing and removing, it was still pretty easy to do. My only complaint is that the clear back showed up all hand and fingerprints and tended to look messy if you didn’t wipe it off frequently. It’s available in clear/black or smoke/black.

Griffin Survivor Endurance Case

This solid, no-nonsense case, with its triple-layer construction, gives you the secure feeling that even if you drop your phone on a hard surface, nothing bad can happen: Its shock absorption technology makes it drop protected to military standard MIL-STD 810G of 14 feet. Despite its thin build, the grippy, reinforced sides feel solid and its plastic back protects the glass back of the phone. The colors match the phone so that you can really see the phone color even if it’s covered with contrasting button covers that keep everything safe. The back feel is smooth but goes well with the grippy side, with a nice drop wedge cutout for the camera. Its extended height raised-edge bezel protects the screen and antimicrobial protection eliminates nearly all surface bacteria. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

Spigen Cyrill Case

Spigen makes a variety of outstanding mobile phone covers, and now it’s branched out into a beautiful line of decorative flexible cases in six patterns designed for women. The Cyrill line features patterned hard polycarbonate cases with a flexible TPU bumper, offering a grip-friendly slim profile. A thin plastic shield completely covers the back and sides of your phone with a flower pattern that lets you see the beauty of your iPhone’s color through it. The plastic is smooth but not slippery and the button covers have a little resistance. The camera cutout is not too deep but it’s just enough to protect the lens from surfaces. This is not a heavy-duty case but rather offers rudimentary protection against bumps and scratches to the body of the phone as you commute or carry your phone in your pocket. The sides are flexible, making the case easy to install and remove, but the back is stiff.

Speck Presidio Perfect Clear Grip

Anyone familiar with Speck’s Candy Shell cases will recognize the Presidio Perfect Clear is a variation on an old favorite theme featuring an all-new slim design and non-slip grips. We love the diagonal grippy sides and back that make the phone easy to hold without dropping. The clear case lets the beauty of your phone shine through while providing excellent protection in a hard protective case with 13-foot drop protection. It’s lightweight, but your phone feels as hard as a little brick, which is reassuring. A slight elevation on the sides and near the camera protects it from hitting the solid surface. The covered buttons are a bit harder to press than some other brands, but not enough to discourage us from recommending the case. Likewise, the case is a bit stiffer and thus takes a bit more effort to slip on and off the phone, but not enough for a warning.

Smartish iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Slayer

If you want a hard but flexible case with room for credit cards and cash, look no further than the Wallet Slayer. With its textured sides and matte plastic back, it’s easily gripable and provides excellent protection for your iPhone. It has an especially deep well for the camera and is thick and firm on all sides. You can easily insert and remove about three cards at once. While the hard surface is a little thicker than most other iPhone cases, it’s still fairly easy to get on or off your phone. The button coverings are supple and easy to press without extra effort. It comes in distinctive rich, but muted colors. This case does not support MagSafe or wireless charging.

Incipio Grip for iPhone 12 mini

Incipio offers the best of both possible worlds with a hard plastic translucent case that feels sturdy and provides multi-directional side grips. Impact protection tech on the back and corners keep your phone safe from drops of about 14 feet and also makes it easier to hold on to your phone. We got the dark blue transparent case that emphasized and augmented the color of our blue phone, and it looks quite handsome. Cutouts for ports and chargers are perfectly placed, though a deeper cutout for the camera would have made it even better. An antimicrobial coating eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria, according to the company. It’s available in black, blue/clear, pink/clear, clear, and Insignia Blue. The case was not as easy to get on and off as some of the lighter and more flexible cases, but you shouldn’t have to do that too often, anyway.

Casetify Impact Case

Casetify seeks to set new eco-friendly standards for the materials it uses to build its iPhone cases and packaging. With six feet of drop protection and all-around impact protection, Casetify also feels good in the hand and looks fairly typical from the front. Its real stock in trade is an astounding selection of customizable iPhone cases in numerous colors and patterns, so hop on the Casetify site to preview and purchase them. We tried out the personalized Impact case, which comes in an assortment of 34 different colors and clear shades where you can emboss a name or a message in various colors and fonts. An anti-microbial coating that the company says eliminates 99% of bacteria is built in, as is wireless charging.

Moment Thin Case

Moment, famous for add-on iPhone lenses, has specialty cases designed for use with them — or just by itself. The Thin Case body a minimalist case that hugs the body of the phone, is made with compostable bio-plastic TPU that protects your handset from drops and scratches up to six feet through internal ribs that direct force away from the phone. Its 0.1-inch thick textured back provides some extra grip. It works with Qi wireless charging and has a built-in attachment for a wrist strap and screen protectors — both sold separately.

Spigen Thin Fit

How can an iPhone case be buttery smooth and grippy at the same time? Spigen seems to have figured it out. While black is not necessarily our favorite color for an iPhone case, we were loathe to remove the case once it was applied because it feels so good. Its scratch-resistant exterior keeps the phone lightweight and pocket-friendly with protective covered buttons that ensure excellent click response and quick accessibility. Its slim-fit design makes the cover easy to apply and remove without worrying about damaging your phone.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

The ESR case is a brilliant crystal clear cover for your Mini, where the only thing you actually see — besides the shine — is the tiny metal two-way kickstand, which is great for watching videos, hands-free reading, and FaceTime. The kickstand is small but solid, and clicks into the back of the cover when you’re not using it. It’s freely adjustable up to 60 degrees, giving you the right angle for any activity. Raised bezels protect your iPhone 12 Mini’s screen and camera from scratches. ESR says that the stand is so durable that it retains over 80% hinge strength after 3,000 uses. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

Smartish iPhone 12 Mini Crossbody Case Dancing Queen

You may have thought disco was dead and gone, but ABBA is back, and with the Smartish Dancing Queen glittery iPhone shoulder case, you would be right at home on the set of Saturday Night Fever — or your local dance joint. With a shimmering but subdued exterior, you can tote your phone with the Queen’s hand strap or cross-body adjustable strap. Feel free to leave your purse at home because in addition to your phone, the case holds three credit cards plus cash, and you can even secure your lip gloss case on the strap. The card case is secured with magnets and closes shut. What more do you need?  If a night on the town is on your calendar, this stylish iPhone 12 Mini case has all the right moves in Rosé All Day, Stiletto Black-Gold, Stiletto Black-Silver, or Flavor of the Month.

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe for iPhone 12 Mini

You already have an Apple smartphone, so why not go the whole hog and buy an official Apple case to go with it? In true Apple fashion, this particular number benefits from a minimalistic design that complements the form of the iPhone 12 Mini, while it also throws in a nice Apple logo on the rear so passersby know you mean business. It’s built from a hard PC interior and a softer silicone exterior, providing you with a nice soft texture to grip onto and prevent slips. Its main selling point (aside from being official Apple merchandise) is that it has been designed to be fully MagSafe compatible, so you can use your MagSafe charger and go crazy.

Ringke Fusion X Design Case

Rinke Fusion for iPhone 12 mini

If you’re looking for the ultimate in stylish protection for your iPhone Mini, look no further than the cool, tough, semi-transparent camo style of the Ringke Fusion X. The rugged exterior features MIL-STD 810G-516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection despite its slim profile. Phones were drop tested 26 times from a height of 4 feet on an impact surface. The back TPU and polycarbonate material allow the original color of your phone to show through. Upgraded durable thermoplastic urethane bumper tech resists impact, aided by reinforced corners. It supports wireless charging and is screen protector compatible. Active Touch Technology buttons offer a natural and responsive feeling when pushing the volume and power buttons.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini

OtterBox is one of the go-to brands if you want comprehensive protection and a nicely designed case. Its commuter series case for the iPhone 12 Mini is no exception, featuring a thin, lightweight profile and sturdy, dual-layer construction. It’s very snappily designed, while the use of a soft inner and hard outer layer means that it can withstand all manner of drops and impacts. Helpfully, it has been treated with a silver-based coating that will retard the vast majority of microbial growth, so it’s great for anyone paying more attention to their hygiene. The case also includes raised lips and grips on its sides, so you can be sure that your chances of dropping it accidentally are fairly minimal.

ESR Premium Real Leather Case

ESR for iPhone 12 mini case

Have a look at this genuine, soft, premium leather case that sports a unique look for each phone. The ESR provides thin, lightweight protection for your handset, with a leather exterior that is augmented by a microfiber lining to keep your phone safe and looking new. The raised bezels around the screen and camera guard against dings, scratches, and drops.

Casejoly iPhone 12 Case

Casejolie iPhone 12 mini case

This slim and protective phone case offers a simple and clean design that fits snugly without adding bulk. Its scratch-resistant texture is made from a durable PC with a TPU bumper and precise cutouts and lined with soft PC material. The matte styling is soft and grippy while protecting from scratches, wear and tear, and accidental drops. The slim fit features high edges to lift the screen and camera off of flat surfaces.

Anemat Clear Case

Anemat iPhone 12 mini case

A lovely clear case for the iPhone12 Mini lets the beauty of the phone shine through and ships with a two-pack of screen protectors. Made of high-quality materials to extend the life of your phone case, the hard PC backplate and soft TPU edges provide anti-scratch and anti-drop damage resistance, while the cushion design helps corners absorb shock and impact. Raised camera and screen edges help prevent scratches from rough surfaces, while precise cutouts let you access ports, speakers, cameras, buttons, and other features.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Case

Ghostek Atomic Slim Case for iPhone 12 Mini

This case represents probably the most stylish way you can wrap your iPhone 12 Mini in military-grade protection. It has been drop-tested to a military standard, with its use of a dual-layer design and lightweight aluminum making it one of the most rugged covers on the market. At the same time, its design is attractively minimal and sleek, with the scratch-resistant transparent back showing off your iPhone’s Apple logo. If that weren’t enough, there are shock-absorbing corners, raised bezels, and it supports wireless charging and MagSafe.

Totallee iPhone 12 Mini Case

Totalee case for iPhone 12 mini

The Totalee minimalist case keeps your phone looking like new by protecting it from scratches and bumps, despite its slim, unobtrusive profile. The case is matte plastic — tough yet flexible — and feels good in the hand. A raised lip around the camera shields the lenses from damage. It’s not going to be the most protective case, but if you want something unobtrusive, this is going to be perfect.

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