The Best Grocery List Apps for Android and iOS

There are two types of people in the world: organized listers… and everyone. Kidding aside, lists make everything easy to remember, and with the advent of digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, you can add your digital butler to your list anytime. When it comes to shopping for groceries, having a list helps you stay organized and stay on budget. These are among the best.

If you have a favorite grocery list app that we haven’t mentioned here, be sure to add it in the comments. And if you really want to get organized, read the best iPad Pro productivity apps, too.

Apple notes

The easiest way to start, manage, and manage a list is to use what your phone provides for you. IPhone’s Notes app lets you ask Siri to create and add topic-specific lists. “Hey Siri, add milk to my grocery list” couldn’t be an easier way to jot down something you’re running out of before you forget. It syncs with Apple’s iCloud, so it stays up to date on different iOS devices, and you can even take photos of any handwritten grocery lists you have to keep them readily available.


Google keep

Google’s Keep app lets you create lists by store or by subject and add them using the Google Assistant. It syncs with Google’s cloud services and also has a desktop app, making it incredibly useful for jotting down quick lists before you go out in the morning or evening. You can even share notes with certain people to create a collaborative grocery list for your household. It’s all free.



This productivity app can be adapted for errands, to-do lists and collaborative tasks, so it’s a real workhorse. Todoist lets you customize themes and comes with animated movements that give you a little boost when you check something off. Due dates mean you’ll get a reminder on the same day if you need to pick up bananas, and you can set repeat tasks too – perfect for regular errands.

iOS Android

Our grocery store

This app has been around for some time. With both a premium paid version and a free app, Our Groceries lets you pair your Google Assistant so you can add articles by voice with any Google smart speaker or the Google Assistant app. You can use the barcode scanner to easily add specific items to your grocery store, and when you cross off items, it places them in a separate list so you can always see them until you choose to delete them. definitely.

iOS Android


Take the functionality of a basic grocery list app, add the ability to include a photo of what’s on the list, and you have AnyList. While you will need an updated account to access this feature, the photos mean you can share your list with someone else (perfect for pandemic shopping) while still getting the exact brands. and the sizes you want.

AnyList also organizes your groceries for you based on the location of the items in the store, and it has a large database of items already in the app so you can add food quickly with just one click. . Need to add more information to your list? AnyList has the ability to paste notes on individual items which is another remarkable feature. There is also a built-in recipe storage that allows you to post items to the grocery list from the recipe itself. Of course, your shopping lists can also be shared.

iOS Android

Without milk

The best feature of this app is the ability to scan barcodes. Do that, and it will automatically add them to a list, with no typing required. During testing, we opened up the pantry and scanned anything we missed. It took a few seconds to make the whole shopping list. You can also add prices to each item to see what your invoice will be – before you arrive at the checkout. Out of Milk also lets you create a dedicated shopping list of the things you need right away and a pantry list for things to pick up on the go or when they’re on sale. A built-in basic to-do list completes this handy app.

iOS Android


This app is a personal favorite simply for its ease of use and gift status. ShopShop makes it easy for you to add items to your list and cross them off when you’re done. You can then keep those items in view or delete them for a cleaner, shorter list as you browse the store. ShopShop will also store your foods in its memory, so you can quickly add repeatedly purchased items to your shopping list with fewer taps. Also create several lists and color code for each of them. ShopShop Lists can be sent via SMS or email, so you can pass along what needs to be picked up as well.


To bring!

Are you more of a visual person? The Bring! The app uses small boxed pictograms to populate a list of line drawn icons to create more of a match-match grid. You can also add your own items and bring! will create a custom icon. All of the lists can be shared, and the Inspiration tab in the app lets you surf recipes if you don’t know what to cook for dinner this week. You can also manage your lists from your Apple Watch and ask Siri to add items to your list. This one is one of our favorites, thanks to its unique layout and visualization.

iOS Android

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