The Best Google Pixel 5 Screen Protectors

The Pixel 5 is officially here, and with this generation, there’s only one standard model to choose from. In theory, this can make it easier to choose the screen protector for your new Pixel, but there are still plenty of options available – and it can be hard to tell which one works the best.

This is where our guide comes in! Our list of the most trusted screen protectors should make your buying decision easier while preventing that dazzling new screen from cracking. So be sure to get one of these accessories when you order the Pixel 5.

Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Made of 9H high voltage tempered glass with enhanced impact protection, this screen protector from Olixar will protect your Pixel 5’s screen from most trauma that can occur. The glass has been chemically reinforced, while there is an underlying anti-shatter film, which will prevent it from shattering if dropped in the worst case, for example, in a multi-story parking lot. Besides being strong, the protector is only 0.27mm thick, giving it a light penetration rate of 95%, so you can continue to enjoy the bright screen of the phone exactly. like before.

Spigen AlignMaster GLAS.tR Screen Protector

We all know applying screen protectors can be, well, a complete nightmare. However, while some protectors are a problem, this issue of Spigen is designed to be as straightforward as possible. It comes with a unique intuitive self-aligning installation tray that helps you attach it to your Pixel 5 without the need for a lot of effort or concentration. Apart from that, it is made of tempered glass with maximum hardness of 9H, so you can have it with your car keys. It’s also been treated with an oleophobic coating, so you shouldn’t see a lot of fingerprint marks. Another cool feature is that it’s designed to be compatible with all Spigen cases for the Pixel 5.

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 Pack

If you want great clarity and high protection without spending a lot of money, this protector from Supershieldz is a great option. Its high quality tempered glass construction gives it 9H hardness, so you can rest assured that most household items will not inadvertently scratch it. It also provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, reducing any residue or sticky fingerprints that might otherwise remain on the surface of your phone. Lastly, it promises 99.99% clarity, while 2.5D rounded edges make it easier to install and more comfortable to handle.

Zagg Glass Elite VisionGuard for Pixel 5

Google has previously favored Zagg shields for its Pixel products (here’s one designed for the Pixel 4a), and it’s easy to see why: this screen protector packs as many useful features as possible so users know they are get the most out of it. The tempered glass shield uses durable aluminosilicate materials to prevent scratches, and Zagg says it’s the strongest shape ever. There’s antimicrobial technology to help kill most of the bacteria that gets on your screen, and it’s built into the glass so it won’t wear out over time. Then we have the latest anti-fingerprint films to disperse annoying fingerprint oils, and even VisionGuard technology to help reduce your phone’s high-energy visible light spectra.

It’s the full package when it comes to screen protection, but this Zagg shield is also the most expensive on our list. However, this is definitely the protector to beat and an easy choice if you want the more useful option.

Otterbox Pixel 5 Alpha Glass Screen Protector

Otterbox was another Pixel 5 ready brand with an updated high-quality screen protector. Again, it’s a bit pricey, but the toughened toughened glass will protect the screen from scratches, and it’s designed to be as thin and responsive as possible so you don’t lose any touchscreen responsiveness when using. your Pixel.

The protector sports a sleek, contoured design to ensure that the very edges of the Pixel 5 receive full protection without awkward spaces. Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty is also nice to have in case something goes wrong.

i-Blades Best Google Pixel 5 Screen Protector

i-Blades focused on creating the clearest screen protector possible, with an Asahi glass screen tempered for four hours to provide 92% or better transmission – in other words, that’s very, very clear. It’s also designed to repel fingerprints and rainwater so the screen stays clear. Plus, installation is incredibly easy thanks to the optical silicone adhesive layer designed to reduce accidental bubbles and allow for smooth application.

Oh, and we know the product page is a little confusing on that point, but it’s alone for the purchase of the screen protector, while the Smartcase is a separate purchase – although a potential accompaniment if you want to get it all at once.

Pack of 3 protectors for LK camera and lens

If you’re looking for something significantly cheaper than our cases so far, you’ll be a fan of this very affordable LK model, a basic tempered glass screen that’s designed to resist scratches and shatters. It also leaves a bit of room around the edges, so if you’ve got a well-fitting case in mind for your Pixel 5, you won’t have to worry about how both work. There’s also a separate small screen for the camera on the back, if you’re worried about the camera lenses getting dusty or scratched over time.

Finally, if you are wondering if you really need a three-pack for a single phone, it is definitely possible. Since these glass protectors tend to take the brunt of drops or other accidents on their own, they can sometimes crack over time, in which case a replacement is ideal.

Omoton Screen Protectors Pack of 3

Omoton’s screen protector is another specially designed to fit the curved edges of the Pixel 5 and is only 0.3mm thick, so the touch sensitivity remains fully intact. This is an ideal feature if you plan on playing lots of games or texting on the Pixel’s responsive screen. 9H tempered glass includes a protective film and an oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprints as well.

Qitayo Screen and Camera Protector 3-Pack

This is another protection pack that also includes mini protectors for the rear camera (although in this case there are only two camera protectors versus three full screen protectors). It’s even thinner than Omoton’s 0.15mm version, but still has fingerprint resistant layers to protect against oil, water, and dust. It’s also a great deal if you want to save some money while still enjoying that sweet screen security!

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