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The Best Google Pixel 3 Screen Protectors for 2021

When you have a beautiful phone like the Google Pixel 3, you want to protect it from damage. Since you can’t buy a new Google Pixel 3 anymore, high-quality screen protectors aren’t easy to find. Fortunately, manufacturers still support Google’s flagship phone.

The best screen protectors for 2021 are thin and durable. They help prevent the screens from cracking if you drop the phone and they protect the screen from dirt and grime due to daily use. If you don’t know how to apply a screen protector, we have created a screen protector application guide to help you.

Omnifense Privacy Screen Protector

Worried that spy eyes might catch a glimpse of your private messages, banking information, or just that embarrassing book you’re reading? A privacy screen protector protects your screen from prying eyes by turning it black when viewed from an angle. The thin film won’t protect as well as hard glass, but it will still protect against scratches and dirt, and most importantly, it will protect your valuable data. The price is pretty steep for a protective film, but it comes in a two-pack, and the privacy protection can be worth the price as well.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Protector

Attaching a screen protector can be a tedious process, and sloppy work can leave your protector off-center, or worse, with air bubbles or dust trapped underneath. If this idea triggers feelings of anxiety in your stomach, check out our Ringke’s Dual Easy Film protector. The multi-tab system used by Ringke removes dust and dander trapped between the screen protector and the screen, and the included squeegee ensures that air bubbles are expelled. There is also a spare protector in the box, in case of any errors. Although the film is not as protective as glass, the easy application method and the protection against dirt and grease are excellent.

Glass Protector Peel

Peel’s case is one of the thinnest you can get, and if you want to maintain your device’s sleek form factor, Peel’s screen protector is the perfect addition to complete your protection. Unsurprisingly, it’s designed to perfectly match Peel’s Pixel 3 case and it extends to the edge of the case. As such, the case can be used as an alignment aid to ensure that the screen protector is perfectly aligned. It’s slim and has a color bezel to match your device, and it’s made from durable glass that protects against scratches and smudged fingerprints. It’s a bit pricey for a single screen protector, but it’s a perfect match for a Peel case.

Otterbox Amplify

Otterbox is one of the biggest names in device protection, so it makes sense that it offers excellent screen protection for the Pixel 3. The Amplify screen protector is the result of a collaboration between Otterbox and Corning, the company that makes the Gorilla Glass that covers most smartphone screens. As such, the Amplify is super strong and resistant to most damage, and makes a great shield for your Pixel 3 screen. It’s so strong, Otterbox claims it offers five times the resistance to damage. scratches than other competitors. It’s a bit pricey, even for glass, but it’s a great way to finish off your protection if you’re also using an Otterbox case.

Whitestone domed glass

Whitestone Dome Glass is not your usual glass screen protector, and it uses a special installation method that applies a layer of liquid adhesive underneath the screen protector. This adhesive is then cured with the UV lamp, ensuring a tight fit and complete retention of touch sensitivity. The liquid installation method means the protector will stay together if it cracks, and it can even be used on an already cracked screen – the glue will flow into the cracks and harden, preventing further damage. The protector itself is strong and scratch resistant. It’s one of the best protectors you can get.

InvisibleShield + VisionGuard Glass

Did you know that the blue light on your phone can trick your body into thinking it is daylight and that it may be harder to fall asleep at night? While staying away from devices before bed is a great idea, this screen protector from InvisibleShield means you don’t have to. It’s made from tempered glass, so it will offer great resistance to bumps and scratches, and will protect well from drops and the like – but the main feature here is the Eyesafe protective layer which InvisibleShield claims will keep blue light out. ‘reach your eyes. Unlike software solutions, it doesn’t tint the screen a different color while doing so either, which means your experience is uninterrupted. It’s expensive but potentially useful.

Pack of two anti-glare pairs Skinomi Matteskin

Skinomi’s protective film won’t be as protective against bumps and scratches as a glass protector, but the film still offers good protection against everyday wear and tear, dirt and marks. It has a non-reflective matte finish which gives it anti-glare properties, making the screen easier to see in direct sunlight. It’s fully compatible with the case, so it won’t interfere with a Pixel 3 case, and it even comes with self-healing properties that mean small scratches will repair themselves over time. . It won’t turn yellow over time like some screen protectors do, and it comes with a spare, making it great value for money.

Complete shield IQ Shield LiQuid

Another great film option, this protector from IQ Shield comes with a wet installation method, which applies a layer of solution between the protector and the Pixel 3’s screen. This adhesive layer ensures a tight fit with the apparatus. It is made of a tough film and comes with a multi-layered structure, including an anti-UV layer that prevents yellowing and a firm protective liner. It won’t protect as well as glass against drops and other strong impacts, but it will provide excellent protection against scratches and everyday wear and tear. Best of all, this protector also comes with a protector for the back of the phone, especially useful if you’re happy to go without a case, but still want protection from scratches and fingerprints.

BodyGuardz Pure 2

BodyGuardz is increasingly known for its high-quality screen protection options, and the Pure 2 is one of its best. It is made from tempered aluminosilicate glass, and BodyGuardz claims that this material provides thinner but more durable protection than regular soda-lime glass used in other glass protectors. BodyGuardz also states that the Pure 2 is a premium protector that offers up to five times more scratch protection than the competition. There is also a shock absorbing adhesive layer which should provide good drop protection. There is an easy to align tray included for simple installation, and it comes with BodyGuardz Lifetime Replacement Policy.

Protector compatible with ArmorSuit cases

ArmorSuit claims to have created a film to compete with tempered glass protectors. According to ArmorSuit, the film used in its protective films is also used to protect military planes, helicopters and space shuttles and provides military-grade protection and great durability. ArmorSuit protectors resist nicks and cuts, thanks to their self-healing abilities, and are also great for reducing smudges and fingerprints on your phone screen. It uses a wet installation method, which ensures a tight fit, and it is not difficult to apply. If you need decent protection at an affordable price, the ArmorSuit Protector is certainly worth considering.

$ 14 at ArmorSuit

SuperShieldz Full Coverage Protector

SuperShieldz is a great choice for people looking for heavy-duty protection without spending a fortune. The protector comes in a 2-pack, increasing its value and giving you greater peace of mind. SuperShieldz guarantees that its full protectors deliver 99.99% HD clarity and superior tactile sensitivity. They are made of 9H tempered glass. This glass construction allows the shields to guard against scratches and other damage. SuperShieldz is a fantastic product that covers even the farthest edges of your screen, all at an affordable price.

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