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If you own a Kindle (the most popular ebook reader on the market) by Amazon, then you know that having a book all the time to dive into reading yourself has never been so easy. There is no excuse to read. Through your Kindle, you are lucky to have thousands of free Kindle books in Amazon, Google Play and a wide range of other s. To help you distinguish Relevant from the rest, we’ve put together some of the best free options for Kindle in Spanish.

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To keep in mind…

You should consider that Google Play does not offer books in Kindle format as do Amazon and Project Gutenberg. Instead of files in AZW and KF8 formats, you should download them as PDF files. To do this, you have to navigate from your computer to your Google Play Books Library, click on the three squares in the top right corner of any title and choose “Download PDF” from the drop-down list. Then, select the saved file, drag and drop it to your device.

in Spanish

El rincón de las torrentas [The Corner of the Storms]- Cesar Garcia Muñoz

If you are looking for a story about a murder, El rincón de las torrentas Has something to offer What’s more, splashes of blood around the Solo brothers, two very different twins. However, they have something in common: They both hide a gift or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

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Mercury responsible [Forever Is a Long Time] – Patricia Morange

In the e-book Mercury responsible, Jochline, Davis returns to New York after a terrible family incident five years after leaving without saying goodbye to his best childhood friend, Jake Johnson. He should now start high school with no friends, a broken soul, a broken home and a dream of becoming an insecure writer.

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Cafe y Cigarillos Para un Funeral [Coffee and Cigarettes for the Funeral]- Roberto Martinez Gazman

How would you feel if you knew you were going to die on your birthday? Dr. Delene Sanchez entered our police station in the early morning on Friday, 19 July, to report that for a month now, every month she received a letter announcing her death. But the last month’s countdown begins in which he already receives a daily letter with a deadline of 20 July at seven in the evening, the date of his birthday and the time of birth. In addition, he has started wreaths for his burial.

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Heroínas [Heroines]- Various authors

Heroínas There is a book that brings together fourteen stories by Spanish authors that address issues related to women. The original stories deal with tension and conflicting emotions, starring women with real and tangible conflict. The work was developed and edited by Spanish writer and journalist Juan Gómez-Jurado

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El Amore Hule A Cafe [Love Smells Like Coffee]- Nis Garcia Butista

If you like love stories, then you’ll like El Amor Hule, a café. In its pages, you will find a small cafeteria and a gypsy, with turbulent green eyes carrying the stories of a misfit college student, two professionals in their thirties who achieved personal success, and one retired a Loss, about which they still have much. Discover These are intimate stories about the pursuit of happiness that slips between every day, frustration, broken dreams and everyday routines.

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Gabriel García Márquez – Maria dos Prerez

Maria dos Prerez was edited and edited in 1979 by writer, screenwriter, editor and journalist Gabriel García Márquez, the seventh compilation of twelve stories written in 18 years that together produced a book called Doce Luentos Peregrinos. [Twelve Pilgrim Stories]. The story is about Maria dos Progerus, a 66-year-old woman waiting for death after a dream. This situation led her to think that she would die before Christmas, living various positions within the story before finding the true meaning of her dream.

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Don Quixote (Spanish version)

Don Quixote de la Mancha is a quintessential Spanish-language novel that cannot disappear from a collection. Written by Spaniard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and published in early 1605, it is one of the most outstanding works of Spanish literature, considered a seminal piece in universal literature. It represents polyphonic as well as one of the first modern works, having a broad impact on all European fiction that emerged after its launch.

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Horacio Cuiroga – cuentos de amor de locura y de muerthe [Tales of Love and Craziness and Death]

Launched by Uruguay playwright Horacio Cuiroga, this 20th century classic can be found for Kindle completely free. Published in 1917, the title consists of 18 stories (initially) where the main theme of each is drama and death. As an anecdote, in the following editions, Quiroga himself made some modifications to the stories and eliminated three stories from the original version: El infierno artificial [Artificial Hell], Los ojos sombrios [Dark Eyes], And El pero rubioso [The Rabid Dog]. On the other hand, by the sole decision of the author, the title of the book does not include a comma.

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Top 20 D Poem de Pablo Neruda [Top 20 Pablo Neruda’s poems]P

This special edition for Kindle collects a total of 20 poems full of romanticism written by Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda. This blend of various poems composed by Neruda is aimed primarily at lovers of this genre, both women and men who enjoy romanticism in literature.


Discorso Premios Nobel: Tomo 1 [Nobel Prize Winner Speeches: Volume 1]

This interesting collection of Kindle includes famous speeches by various winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, including Octavio Paz, Pablo Neruda and Gabriel García Márquez. Written and authorized by the Nobel Foundation, this book / tribute reflects the insights of eleven different and great contemporary creators awarded with this award.


Federico Garcia Lorca – Libro de Poem [Book of Poems]

This special edition contains the best poems of the Spanish writer Federico García Lorca, known for his expertise in various artistic expressions parallel to literature. Belonging to the generation of 27, he became the most influential and popular poet of Spanish literature in the last century. His controversial personal history and the tragic end of his life (executed in the Spanish Civil War for his social thinking and sexual choice), make this free edition a must for Kindle lovers of Spanish literature.

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Law Humanid Futura: Antolia Politica de Gabriella Mistral [For Future Humanity: Politic Anthology]

The book by poet, Nobel Prize literature winner, diplomat, and Chilean teacher Gabriella Mistral (Lucilla Godoy Alkega 1889–1957) is available for free on Kindle. Throughout his life, he resided in many different countries. There, she managed to immerse herself in her culture, children and people and wrote hundreds of articles that address issues of various nature, including social and political as well as areas of teaching and pedagogy. The selection by Diego Del Pozzo brings together various unpublished texts written after Mistral, published in various media, and all of the author’s works during his travels through the Americas and Europe, over 20 years. Let’s collect.

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Audio books in spanish

Historia de Chronopios y de Famas [Cronopios and Famas]- Julio Cortazar

Written by an Argentinian writer and published in 1962, the work is a series of fragments and micro-stories, full of surrealism, aiming at leading the reader to the development of imagination. Considered as one of the author’s seminal works, the theme that Corteraj developed in this delivery was a description of social actors of his time, with particular emphasis on the Argentine upper class (bourgeoisie) of the fifties and sixties. gave.

If you are interested in getting a free audiobook of this classic of Spanish speaking literature, we leave the for download.


Response to tiye [Fierce Times] – Mario Vargas Llosa

The audiobook of Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel is available for free through Amazon Kindle. The story of political conspiracies and diverse interests in the Cold War era, Tiempos Recios There is a story of international conspiracies during the world conflict, the results of which still affect us. Famous Peruvian authors make this story based on two narratives: that of the narrator who independently creates the characters and situations against which the continual politics and economy of a continent manipulated its history during those years wanted to do.


To find other sites

Apart from Amazon, there are a growing number of online sites that allow you to download books in Spanish, all of which have a large and interesting list. You only need to be aware of one thing: you will not find the latest bestsellers, nor the best-known titles of authors who are still alive. But if you are a lover of reading beyond fashion, then it does not matter to you.

Project Gutenberg

Probably the most famous book download site of all. This is a list of over 60,000 books to download completely free. In addition, you will find books not only in Spanish but in many other languages.

Project Gutenberg

Open library

One of our favorites, as it gathers in one place an infinity of classic literature books. If you do not have a Kindle, you can read it in other formats as well. All books are listed, and it also has the best search engine for titles and authors.

Open library

Casa del Libro (Book House)

The crisis caused by Coronavirus has made many companies “free” their products for free use, and what La Casa del Libro has done has made all of us happy. Just one thing: You can only download books in ePub format, but in its extensive list you will find many interesting things to read.

Casa del libro

Open culture

More than a site, we should list Open Culture as a blog that shows you and redirects you to websites that have books to offer, all for free and in eBook format with over 800 titles.

Open culture

As we know, Kindle can support various file formats. Of those available, PDF is one of them. While this is not an e-book format and the Kindle may have some problems reading them, you can convert them to another format. The site has over 3500 books available for downloading PDF (for free), which can be useful in case you do not find the book in other available stores.


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