The best cold-brew coffee maker of 2020: Filtron, Bialetti, Oxo, Takeya and more

Lots of people just can’t get enough cold brewed coffee no matter what time of year. This type of coffee is super strong but sweet and has loads of caffeine. It’s uniquely satisfying. Cafes and chic coffee shops understand its appeal. Therefore they ask for an arm and a leg for it. The regular and frozen coffees are also expensive, so brewing your own joe is likely in your wallet’s best interests.

The good news is that it’s done with the right coffee beans and a little time cold brewed coffee can be as simple as adding room temperature or colder water ground coffee and let it steep. And, thanks to a growing number of home cold brew appliances, you can start cold brewing coffee in style. It’s way better than a traditional coffee pot.

Some cold brew machine options can whip up a batch in a fraction of the time it normally takes. The Gourmia Cold Brew Coffee Machine is an excellent example. The counting machine completes the process in minutes instead of hours.

The Bialetti Cold Brew coffee machine.

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When speed is not a priority, there are plenty of alternatives. Oxo’s cold brewer is affordable and easy to use, and makes excellent cold brew coffee concentrate. Likewise the Takeya and Bialetti Jugs also have prices that are easy to swallow. Traditional cold brew machines like this one take at least 12 hours of brewing time, but followers will tell you the wait for the cold brew method is worth it.

Anyway, you’re here because you’re after the best cold brew coffee maker out there. No matter how you prefer your chilled coffee – Beans or reasons to be ultra focused, done yesterday or with minimal effort – this list will help you find the best machine that suits your needs as a coffee lover without getting involved hot water. We are updating this list with new products.

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The Oxo Good Grips cold brew coffee maker is a breeze and provides an easy way to soak and sift floors at room temperature when cold brewing coffee. The cold brew of Oxo Good Grips is consistently strong, sweet, and deliciously low in acidity. To add an extra layer of filtration, Oxo Good Grips bundles paper filters that can support the brewer’s reusable fine mesh stainless steel filter. If you want to make hot tea, the Good Grips can also be used as a teapot to fill your cup or glass.

Not only is this filter coffee maker useful, but it also comes in a stylish glass carafe and the brew container looks fantastic on your table when serving guests.

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The affordable Bialetti Cold Brew mug was designed for the refrigerator and can be filled directly into glasses. The internal stainless steel mesh filter basket on this coffee maker has a wide opening that easily accommodates the coffee grinders, while the airtight lid keeps the flavor fresh when you crave iced coffee. The concentrated brew is strong, rich, and packaged with a pleasant coffee flavor. The main disadvantage of this cold brew machine is that you have to manually drain the filter into the carafe. Read our Bialetti Cold Brew Coffee Maker review.

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A proven brewing method for making cold brews is to use a French press, which soaks the coffee overnight. However, a disadvantage of the brewing process of these simple devices is that they tend to have poor filters. The result is often a gritty drink – solid coffee grounds suspended in a water solution, especially if you don’t have a coarse grind for your coffee beans. The Espro Press P5 solves the problem of coffee grounds with two filter baskets made of stainless steel mesh. The extra stage of filtration helps the P5 create a cold (or hot) brew that is wonderfully smooth and aromatic. However, the drink that Espro brews is not as concentrated as other products. The nice thing is that you can brew tea just as easily with the Espro. Read our Espro Press P5 review.

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Are you looking for an affordable way to make cold brew in bulk? The Filtron Cold Water Coffee Brewer makes a 36-ounce carafe of strong coffee concentrate that you can keep in your refrigerator. The coffee you pour from the Filtron is rich and tasty and of excellent quality. Be warned: this Filtron brewer has a relatively complex structure and, due to its size, requires a lot of storage space. Read our Filtron Cold Water Coffee Brewer Review.

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Do you need your tall glass of cold brew quick? Then the Gourmia Cold Brew coffee machine is just right for you. The vacuum pump powered electrical device can brew your drink flat in 4 minutes. That’s a ridiculously short amount of time to make cold brew, but as you’d expect, the taste of this 4-minute broth is faint. Fortunately, a maximum brew time of 15 minutes makes a much stronger drink. And that’s still not long to wait compared to the 12 hours soaking that cold brewing typically takes. Read Tips Clear’s full review on the Gourmia Cold Brew Coffee Makers.

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Outside of an old-school mason jar, the low price of this Takeya cold coffee maker is hard to beat. The dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic jug is hermetically sealed and has a slim profile that can be pushed into refrigerator door shelves. With its fine mesh reusable filter, it’s easy to clean and makes for a satisfying cold brew. However, if you want strong, concentrated coffee, this product is not your best choice as it makes a weaker drink than similar products. Read our review of the Takeya Cold Brew coffee machine.

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If you want the convenience of Oxo’s larger cold coffee machine in a more compact size, this kitchen appliance is for you. The pint-sized Oxo Compact Cold Brew coffee maker puts horns in tight spots throughout the home. Despite its petite stature, the coffee machine brews drinks that are just as concentrated as those of its bigger siblings.

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