The Best Cheap Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals for September 2020

Although it was recently pushed out of the spotlight with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy S20 is still one of the Android flagships to beat in 2020. It’s pricey, however – the premium Galaxy S20 Ultra costs a cool $ 1,400 – so if you’re looking for one of the latest Samsung flagship smartphones for (relatively) cheap prices, it’s a good idea to look for discounts and those Use offers from providers.

It can be difficult to sort through all of the smartphone deals available at any given time. To save you the headache, we have already summarized the best cheap offers for the Samsung Galaxy S20 here. We’ve also made a quick guide that explains the differences between the Galaxy S20, S20 +, and S20 Ultra, as well as some answers to other common questions about these beefy Android phones. Continue reading:

The best deals for today’s Galaxy S20

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (AT&T) – – $ 450 ($ 15 / month) with unlimited plan, was $ 1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (unlocked) – – Starting at $ 500 with eligible trade-ins was $ 1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (unlocked, Amazon renewed) – – $ 659, was $ 1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 + (unlocked) – – $ 770, was $ 1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 + (Verizon) – – Up to USD 700 discount for eligible trade-ins (USD 300 discount without), was $ 1,200
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, & Galaxy S20 Ultra (T-Mobile) – Return up to $ 1,000 in billing credit when you buy two with new lines
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra – – Up to $ 1,000 off with qualified activation

Samsung Galaxy S20

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The Galaxy S20 is the 11th iteration of Samsung’s flagship phone line. Samsung has broken with previous naming conventions for this new version, with the S20 nickname referring to 2020 rather than generation. The smallest of the three flagship S20s (though not exactly tiny with its 6.2-inch touchscreen), it has a gorgeous 120Hz display, a great camera module, and, perhaps most importantly, 5G -Network connectivity.

The standard Galaxy S20 was our least preferred new flagship from Samsung, but it’s still a solid phone (as you’d expect from the biggest name in Android mobile). It is also the cheapest and smallest device in the S20 stable. So, if size and / or price ruled out the S20 + and S20 Ultra, finding a good Samsung Galaxy S20 deal is obvious.

Samsung Galaxy S20 +

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In keeping with tradition, Samsung has released an oversized version of its latest flagship in the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 +. It’s only half an inch larger than the Galaxy S20, but the S20 + offers more than just extra screen space: our review team found that the larger device looked better, ran longer, and took better pictures than the standard S20 in the 11th generation of Samsung’s flagship when it comes to price and performance.

In short, if you don’t mind the modern trend towards larger phones, the Galaxy S20 + is in many ways a clear upgrade over the standard Galaxy S20. Better still, the oversized Galaxy S20 isn’t much more expensive than its smaller sibling, and since these devices are often put up for sale together, the instant availability of Galaxy S20 + deals makes our top picks even more attractive.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Phone manufacturers typically release two flagships a year – a standard device along with a larger model – and in recent years brands like Apple and Google have also been offering cheaper midrange phones as alternatives to their more expensive flagships. Samsung bucked this trend by releasing an even higher quality flagship in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which offers some improvements over the S20 and S20 Plus (already standalone high-end phones). The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a larger 6.9-inch display, the best hardware you’ll likely find on a modern smartphone, a great camera module, and industry-leading battery life.

Of the three flagships, we recommend that most of those looking to upgrade the standard Galaxy S20 keep taking advantage of whatever Galaxy S20 + offers they come across. However, if you want (and are willing to pay for) the largest, most cutting-edge Samsung smartphone, the S20 Ultra’s extra juice is worth the pressure – just take advantage of whatever Galaxy S20 Ultra deals you can find. Because these more expensive devices often produce the greatest savings.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G?

If you’re looking for a phone that can run on the new 5G data networks, you’ll be delighted to know that the Galaxy S20 devices are one such line to join a growing list of 5G-enabled cell phones. Remember, 5G is a new technology that is still being rolled out across the country right now. The availability of these next generation networks depends on both your location and your chosen service provider. Even if 5G is not currently offered in your immediate area, it likely will at some point. So buying a smartphone like the Galaxy S20 is not a bad idea if you want to take advantage of those improved data speeds in the near future.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof?

You probably already know this, but a good rule of thumb is that floating your phone is a bad idea. The Samsung Galaxy S20 family in general is no exception. However, the Galaxy S20 devices have IP68 water resistance. This means that these handsets are designed to withstand immersion in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. However, if you need serious moisture protection (e.g. for extended outdoor adventures), you should invest in something a good waterproof case This can better protect your Galaxy S20 from the elements.

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